See The Cadillac Celestiq With The Spoiler Deployed: Photos

The Cadillac Celestiq presents a striking piece of design, dropping cover in October of 2022 as Cadillac’s all-new, all-electric, four-door flagship. With a station like that, it’s no surprise General Motors made the sure the Celestiq looked utterly unique, with several interesting exterior features to catch the eye. One of those features is a deployable rear spoiler, as seen in the following GM Authority photos.

Captured on the public streets of Michigan, these photos show the Cadillac Celestiq dressed in crisp white paint. The clean, almost antiseptic white body panels are contrasted by black trim and polished bits, but it’s the rear end that we’re primarily focused on today.

Checking out the tail section of this particular Cadillac Celestiq, we can see a small, subtle spoiler element raised off the trailing edge of the hatch. This spoiler is curved and follows the lines of the rear, sitting flush with the body and roofline when it isn’t deployed. However, when it is deployed, this subtle spoiler lifts up to create a modest amount of downforce at higher speeds.

While the spoiler obviously doesn’t create wild amounts of track-oriented rear-end grip, it should help the four-door stay planted and stable during highway cruising.

The rest of the design includes a black roof, black lower body pieces, and gray-silver wheels with a technical-looking design. Silver trim underscores the roofline, the rear lighting, and the side skirts. Of course, the Celestiq offers an extreme level of customizability, which means customers have access to just about any color they can imagine, as highlighted previously.

Cadillac has announced that Celestiq production has begun as of January of this year, with each unit hand-built at the GM Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. Pricing starts around $340,000, and according to GM Authority sources, the automaker will produce roughly 100 to 150 units annually.

The GM BEV3 platform provides the underpinnings, with a 111 kWh GM Ultium battery and a pair of GM Ultium Drive motors on tap for motivation.

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Jonathan Lopez: Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  • Looks striking in white, i see some K body Seville in the profile/rear design and I'm here for it. hope this isn't a customer car however as that charge door isn't closed flush with the body and would be an unacceptable fit and finish issue on a 340K car.

  • I love this car but where is the Chevy bel air or Buick park avenue cheap counterpart ? Gm can’t expect every Cadillac enthusiast to cough up 350k easily right ?

    • That misses the point of this car. This car is for the Bentley, Rolls Royce crowd. They are only making at most 150 a year. The whole point is luxury and exclusivity. Having a Chevy or Buick that’s basically the same car greatly diminishes that brand identify. It’s taken GM a long time to get away from the blatant badge engineering that plagued them for decades. To throw it away on there flagship would be ridiculous.

        • I don’t think people care if the Escalade shares platforms with the Tahoe or Yukon, no need to re-invent something that has been selling well for decades. It separates itself with it’s big bold luxury and you can’t miss an Escalade on the road, it works!
          This EV Caddy is going after people with allot of expendable money.
          Besides….the Escalade separates itself even more from Chev with the supercharged V.

      • Bentley and Rolls do not also produce cars for the working man. The only company that has done this successfully is Mecedes. I think this just another pie in the sky idea from Cadillac. They have shot themselves in the foot before. You dont just wake up one day and say lets build a $350,000 electric car and see if we can get any fool to buy it. Especially when the electric car market seems to be in the downturn.

    • Only a fool would spend that kind of cash for this! Just give me a new Corvette and I’ll keep the rest in the bank. Oh, wait, I’m dreaming! I don’t even have the down payment for the Vette! I am like most Americans. I probably will never even see one of these in person! It’s a non car to over 99% of the population.

  • These critics suffer from tbe "Sour Grapes" syndrome, based on the Aesop "The Fox and thr Grapes" story. Look this up and learn!

    • I've been a GM guy since I was in the womb. I was brought home from hospital in my 19-year old dad's 13 year old '51 Chevy. So I feel it is my duty to armchair quarterback gm when I believe they've misstepped. Some of us are their biggest cheerleaders and, by necessity, their biggest critics. That is why forums exist.

      This EV deep dive was delusional. It was never going to work. I've been crying about it since it first came up in conversation at another forum I frequented for 15 years, and I was told I was wrong. Vindication feels good, but it is a bit bittersweet.

  • No matter how hard I try (squinting sometimes, even) I don't see almost $350,000 worth of super luxury EV here! Whether you think that amount of money is crazy or not that bad a figure, you've got to realize that this is a "CADILLAC", not a Rolls Royce, not a Bently, or a Maybach ect. ect. A Cadillac, no matter what model is a GM product, and any GM product has a certain stigma about it, and within a certain price catagory (high and low) if you stay within that catagory depending on make and model chosen, you stand to come up with a viable product that competes fairly well, however might be somewhat below the level of respective vehicles in that price class. However, once you attempt to exceed your boundries (say with GM vehicles exceeding $100,000 to $150,000) you haveput yourself into a class of products that have a long history of being worth that amount of money (from $200,000 to say $400,000 or a little bit more) to everyone who'd consider laying out that kind of money for a vehicle. Throwing a GM product into this ultra high class of ultra luxury vehicles is asking for trouble, and then to make matters even more problematic...making that GM product, at that high of a price an "EV" which right now isn't the smartest marketplace to be putting all of your Easter Eggs into as the EV market is having it's share of problems for many reasons too numerous to mention here, just might be a huge mistake that could cost the corporation to lose millions if not billions of dollars if thing don't go right and this big gamble turns out to be a loser! GM hasn't exactly had the most successful of marketing ploys since Marry Barra took over as "Queen Bee" and I would have to assume that this new luxury EV from Cadillac "isn't going to set that segment of the market on fire" (no pun intended) especially with something that looks like (so far) an overweight, not real pretty ultra luxury EV. Maybe if it were a Hybrid (small V8 engine and two small electric motors producing about 500 HP) you might spur some interest but as an EV only...I think GM's heading for a real bad ride on a really bad dead end road and they're not going to successfully make it to their destination. The odds, are (in my opinion) totally against this Caddy being a success...wake up GM, the EV market is slowly but surely failing...I truly believe that the EV market has been saturated and it won't hold many more new EV's coming to market at this juncture in time...maybe, just maybe in the way off future sometime...maybe!

    • I see what they're trying to do with the product. In Cadillac's heyday, they truly were "Standard Of The World", check out those 1930's V-16 powered examples if you want to see greatness. Cadillac's luster as top dog aspirational brand lasted up until the 3rd round of downsizing. '77 C and D bodies and the '79 E body were great successes, but everything after that was a disaster. Half-baked powertrain engineering didn't help either. V8-6-4, Oldsmobile diesel, HT4100... all "birth defects" that absolutely decimated the public's goodwill toward Cadillac.

      Current management, in their myopic little world, thought EV would save them. Instead, it has sent them further in the hole.

      ICE Escalade and the Blackwings (both ironically powered by smallblock Chevrolet engines) are their only stabs at former glory. Moreso with the Escalade, because it is still themed as American, and does not try to chase Benz and BMW, which I believe was another misguided trajectory in gm's handling of this once-GREAT brand.

    • The Celestiq would be better as a whole line in itself. Celestcarodo sport coupe, Celestcalade Utility wagon, Celestiville Sedan and coupe, Celestiwood formal sedan and Celstiarriz convertible. Oh, and Celeste Pizza if you're hungry for something to heat up in the back seat ovenette.

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