Here’s The 2025 Buick Enclave Before You’re Supposed To See It: Photos

GM Authority has obtained photos of the all-new 2025 Buick Enclave in the flesh with no camouflage. It unsurprisingly wears the new corporate face of Buick that we’ve seen permeate throughout the brand’s smaller crossovers like the Envision, Encore GX, and Envista. The flagship Enclave is the last Buick model to adopt the new design language.

The body of the new Enclave is decidedly boxier than the soft, flowing curves of the outgoing model. It gives the Buick Enclave a closer family resemblance to the Chevy Traverse, GMC Acadia, and smaller Cadillac XT6. Another interesting touch is the spoiler integrated into the middle of the liftgate, which should help with aerodynamics and make minor improvements to efficiency and cabin noise.

Previous reports elsewhere on the web, based on camouflaged photos of the 2025 Buick Enclave, claimed that it would shrink to the size of the Cadillac XT6. However, these new photos confirm that it will remain on the long-wheelbase version of the C1 platform, which will continue to make it one of the roomiest crossovers in its class.

The relatively small wheels on this test mule tell us that this is most likely the Preferred trim. As per the Y trim level strategy that’s been making its way through Buick and GM at large, Preferred will be the base trim, while the sport-styled Sport Touring (ST) and luxurious Avenir trims will be slotted above it.

Judging by some of the updates we’ve seen in the officially unveiled, all-new 2024 Chevy Traverse and 2024 GMC Acadia, we can make a few predictions about what to expect in the 2025 Buick Enclave. One big update we’re expecting is the availability of the Super Cruise hands-free driving system. Another safe bet is an Avenir trim comparable to the GMC Acadia Denali, which has luxurious features like a unique appearance package with available 22-inch wheels, an 8-inch head-up display, leather seating for the first two rows, and power-folding third-row seats.

Power for the all-new 2025 Buick Enclave will come from the turbocharged 2.5L I4 LK0 engine mated to the GM 8-speed automatic transmission. Under the hood of the new Acadia and Traverse, this engine develops 328 horsepower and 326 pound-feet of torque. We expect the same specs for the Buick. Naturally, front-wheel drive will be standard, and all-wheel drive will be optional.

In spy shots of the new Enclave’s interior, we saw a widescreen display housing the infotainment screen and digital gauge cluster similar to those found in the Cadillac Lyriq. We were also grateful to see tactile climate control switches placed in a nice horizontal arrangement in the center stack.

Keep an eye out for an official unveiling of the 2025 Buick Enclave in the coming weeks, with availability following shortly after that.

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    • Same look as the rest of the Buick line. Generic, nothing that says "Buick", and - to me - it just looks cheap.

        • The front fascia is just disgusting, doesn’t remind of any Buick. I remember. All GM’s new designs look exactly the same from side and rear, with exceptions of taillights and there front fascia’s. They just don’t know what styling is anymore and could really care less what their customers think!

      • This. This is the face of what happens when you hand over the design reigns of an iconic American automobile brand to soulless communist Chinese “designers”. I have a vintage hat sitting on my desk that proudly features the trishield on the front with big bold serifed font that reads: “ B U I C K - Premium American Motorcars”….

      • If you leave the A pillar back unchanged, it looks good, but that front end will likely result in a MCE in a year and a half.

  • They managed to create an overall more generic looking vehicle despite the more creative front end. Although I know it's not, it looks like the current-gen Traverse with a new front end, a lazy 90's-era GM badge engineering job.

    • Badge-engineering until you sit and drive them. I sell for the brands. Enclave is a significant upgrade from the traverse (I like both vehicles personally). just depends on the preferences of the buyer.

  • That looks almost identical to the sketch they released last month......NOOOOOOOT Lol
    That is a boring Blob. Why would anyone choose that over a Traverse or Acadia?
    The Enclave was always the most daring design wise. Wow

    I will however wait to see it in High Res Pics and or in person for final judgement

  • all these friggin suv look alike, must take a lot to be a "designer" now.....2 boxes; one small one, one big one, attached...get some real cars...not this fwd crap

  • I really like the front and rear ends. But the sides have no shape to them at all, no body lines or sculpting. If I didn’t know this was going to be a Buick it could be literally any brand’s three row SUV. The previous gen was at least distinctive.

  • The new Traverse/Acadia/Enclave are nice but too large. Would have liked to see a Traverse-XL/Acadia-XL/Enclave-XL of this size, then something a little smaller to slot in between the Equinox/Terrain/Envision and these behemoths.

    • Chevy has the Blazer and Cadillac the XT5 that are both mid-sizers on this platform. I imagine either or both GMC and Buick will have a mid-sizer on this platform to come as well.

  • I cannot put my finger on it, but all the proportions seem way off. I was looking forward to the new Enclave. I am personally disappointed with the new boring look, I also feel the Acadia seems off as well.

    • It looks like the old model with a new front end they said all new so it's keeping basically the same back end, the side view is more concave then my wife's almost flat 2019, I don't know how much different can you make these SUVs? It's like the GM sedans in the 90s all the same basic shape with different grills, lights, and Minor trim...the more things change the more they stay the same. BTW I saw an new Buick encore and I fell in love with new front end pictures really don't do it justice in person it's much better and wider looking.

    • It's not just you.. the front looks too short in length and too tall. The new front end looks like a copy of the other new models, and it doesn't quite work here.

      The new "exceptional by design" ad just makes this even more of a disappointment.

    • Yup. From the profile…. Everything before the a-pillar is too narrow / thin when compared to the bulk / thickness from the b-pillar back. C-Pillar area comes-off way too hefty and bloated. (Like the GMC Envoy’s of the 1990’s that had that rear tailgate sunroof extension so you could haul something tall upright.)

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