Tesla Cybertruck Drag Races GMC Hummer EV In All-Electric Pickup Showdown: Video

Late last month, Tesla celebrated the initial customer deliveries of the new Telsa Cybertruck, four years after the all-electric pickup was first unveiled. Naturally, when it comes to the EV utility segment, the Tesla Cybertruck is a solid rival to the GMC Hummer EV. Now, we’re watching these two machines line up for a drag race in the following video.

Before we get into this, it’s worth taking a moment to quickly reflect on how crazy it is that there’s some genuinely exciting performance on offer in the all-electric truck segment, with power numbers and acceleration times rivaling some of the world’s top sports cars – from battery-powered trucks! Wild times, indeed.

Anyway, back to the video. In terms of specs, there are some pretty clear advantages in both camps. Let’s start with a quick refreshed on the GMC Hummer EV Pickup.

This particular model is the range-topping three-motor variant, which is equipped with a triplet of GM Ultium Drive motors and a 24-module, 212 kWh GM Ultium battery pack. Output is estimated at 1,014 horsepower and 1,095 pound-feet of torque. Weight is a pavement-crushing 9,060 pounds.

Over in the other lane, we have the Tesla Cybertruck, specifically the range-topping Cyberbeast trim. As one might expect from the name, this trim is the quickest of the Cybertruck lineup, doling out a maximum of 845 horsepower and 686 pound-feet of torque thanks to its three-motor powertrain setup.

Straight away, it’s obvious the GMC Hummer EV has a huge advantage in terms of power and torque, but here’s the kicker – the Tesla weighs “just” 6,800 pounds, a full 2,260 pounds less than the Hummer.

Rest assured that weight difference will make a huge difference when it comes to straight-line acceleration.

But the question remains – which of these all-electric pickups will walk away victorious? Hit play to see for yourself:

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GMC Hummer EV Pickup Photos
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  • Elon Musk is the MAN!!!!

    Proves that he knows how to make electric vehicles with less weight and battery size

    That Hummer is just too big and massive

    • It's not really apples to apples at alll. The Hummer has massive tires, quadrasteer, folding midgate, a boat load of heavy offroad kit, can raise itself like a foot. The whole size of the Hummer is bigger. This would be like comparing the Hummer H2 to a Chevy Equinox.

      • I think you can chalk up most of the Hummer's extra weight to batteries and frame. The Cybertruck also has 4-wheel steering and a very robust tonneau cover that's retractable (vs. mid-gate), so those are significant, The better comparison would be with the Silverado EV, in which case the extra battery weight translates into range benefits...crazy-fast acceleration be damned.

        The off-road capabilities of the Hummer definitely count for something in the weight department, as does the 'fully-loaded' interior. If the Hummer's interior is akin to an Escalade's, the Cybertruck's is closer to what you'd get if you mounted a computer in the trunk and flat-screen monitor on the dash of your base '95 Corolla (with PW/PL/AC).

    • The Hummer's brakes don't start smoking with an extra 500lbs. We know where Elon skimped now unsurprisingly safety.

  • What a joke. Two totally ugly and useless machines. Way over priced and just what we (don't) need: 6 to 9,000 pounds of truck flying down the road as us.

    Want to make a useful EV truck? Put this power and speed into a true HD truck that can actually be used by farmers and construction people. Then show a video of them towing the most.

    • Until any manufacturer can come out with an Electric Powertrain for a HD Truck that will allow a total of 20,000lbs or more of Towing and will not lose a significant amount of range while doing so (won't happen), your better off wishing for a Diesel-Hybrid Powertrain instead.

      • Raymond J.: Funny you mention a diesel hybrid. I was asking why they didn't do that years ago and I feel it would be the best combo out there. I can imagine someone towing for a living would LOVE a powertrain like that if it saved them a lot on fuel costs.

        • To bad the person that designed the Tesla doesn't have any taste buds! Designed with a ruler and a crayon!

  • I suspected that the Cybertruck would be faster than the Hummer EV, the only downfall is the Cybertruck's Off Road capabilities truly needs some improvements.

  • We need hybrid trucks, half ton three-quarter ton, and one ton. More impactful fuel saving gains of any vehicle class is with pick up trucks. More torque and power for towing, regen braking to help with heavy loads, greatly improved city MPG. The battery can be one-tenth the size of an EV and is better for the environment on day one driving off the lot and day 4000 10 years later.

  • Both of these should be licensed as commercial vehicles and the owners should be made to get a commercial licenses and forced to carry commercial vehicle insurance with a minimum of $1MCSL in coverage, the same goes for every dually pick up being used as a family car too.....

  • I don't plan on buying a Cybertruck however it's tech, namely 48 volt system and drive by wire, has me very interested! I don't think legacy auto is doomed but I'm pretty sure they are very nervous about their near term future.

  • I'm more interested in the aftermarket and how they will make the powertrain and frame avaliable. Think of the possibilities, such as a true RV Camper EV for example.

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