GM Files Patent For Infotainment System That Plays User Emotion-Based Recordings

GM has filed a patent for an infotainment system that will select entertainment based on the user’s current emotion.

The new General Motors patent application has been assigned patent number US 2023/0377601 A1 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and was published on November 23rd, 2023. The patent was originally filed on May 18th, 2022, and lists several Michigan-based engineers as the inventors, including Vikramaditya Nimmagadda, Arun Adiththan, and Aravind Gangumalla.

The patent describes an infotainment system for a vehicle that will select and play specific recordings based on the current emotion of the user, as provided via user-generated queries. The query can include one or more words from the user, which can then indicate the user’s current emotion to the infotainment system.

In order to execute this function, the infotainment system described includes one or more controllers electronically connected to one or more recording databases that store a plurality of content clusters, each of which describe a specific recording. The controllers then select a recording described by a selected content cluster that reflects the user’s emotion.

As the patent points out, while current infotainment systems provide the user with access to entertainment as intended, there is still space for an improved infotainment system that can provide the user with a more personalized experience based on their emotion. The patent includes several other technologies to personalize the experience even further, including machine learning techniques, neural network technologies, and more.

The patent provides a few examples of user-generated queries, such as “I feel doubtful about my dreams and am tense,” and “I am very happy and feel great.”

Indeed, selecting the right song or piece of content to fit the mood can prove to be hugely beneficial. Rather than scrolling through a list of possible content or trying to pick out what’s needed in the moment, an infotainment system that’s ready to go with something to fit the mood if you’re happy, sad, annoyed, or depressed could be quite helpful.

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Jonathan Lopez: Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  • Whatever, keep the TV and lower the price $2k for those of us who don’t need an infotainment system.

  • Stop it...just put a regular size screen in that will have built-in navigation (not the joke you call Google Maps which needs a data package), play the radio, XM, CarPlay/Android Auto, and bluetooth. Get rid of the Google-based crap that you have in the current systems.

  • Great! An onboard shrink. Is this supposed to cut down on road rage? Why not just put some pills in the glove box?

  • I want cartoon characters voices..
    Something like when I'm thirsty, Homer says mmmmmmm beeeeer. you know.
    Doh !!!!!

  • It’s crap like this that turns me off on buying new cars now. I just need a vehicle that will get me from point A to point B fairly comfortable and good mpg. Give me a decent radio and air conditioning, I ‘m good. You can keep your ‘infotainment system’, I have an iPhone.