2024 Chevy Malibu Loses Standard Spare Wheel And Tire Combo

The 2024 Chevy Malibu represents the ninth model year of the current-generation model, for which it receives a few minor changes (see 2024 Chevy Malibu changes). One of these is the deletion of the spare wheel and tire as standard equipment. In its stead, the 2024 Malibu now features GM’s tire inflator kit.

The good news is that Chevy still offers a compact spare as an option, priced at $250. It includes the compact wheel and tire, along with the road emergency tool kit, which includes 300-amp jumper cables, warning triangle, gas siphon, Mylar blanket for staying warm, two bungee cords, two glow sticks, a pair of gloves with rubber grips, flashlight (two AAA batteries included), 50 PSI tire gauge, plus a carrying case with organizational pockets for securing the contents.

For 2023 model year, the Chevy Malibu featured a 16-inch spare wheel and compact spare tire as standard equipment, along with the aforementioned road emergency toolkit.

It’s (probably) safe to say that the compact spare wheel and tire is a more convenient option when dealing with a flat, although it does weigh more than the tire inflator kit, known as the “goop kit” amongst many gear heads. That weight, in turn, has a somewhat unfavorable (yet minuscule) impact on fuel economy. Many will likely never known the difference, as they will never deal with their own flat, instead resorting either to OnStar or their preferred emergency road service (or relative). However one choses to handle a flat, the Malibu is the latest in a long line of GM models to swap a spare for goop.

In any event, the current Chevy Malibu is offered with a single drivetrain configuration, namely the turbocharged 1.5L I4 LFV gasoline engine, rated at 163 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque, and a continuously variable automatic transmission. Under the skin, the midsize sedan rides on the GM E2 platform, while production takes place at the GM Fairfax plant in Kansas City.

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  • 100% unacceptable. Every single manufacturer that has done this in the last 5 years has been taken to task, so welcome to the party GM. Here we go with product decontenting thanks to the UAW. Ford is about to hop on the express train to disaster as well. First, Super Bowl ads get trashed and now spare tires, Not looking good.

    • Beachy, GM has to cut/slash/burn/and delete everything they can think of, so the high priced Executives will continue to receive big pay cheques, gold pensions and million dollar bonuses. A company where the main purpose is to increase prices, while still raking in the billions. One day they will be surprised when they price them selves out of the market of the loyal customers who have kept with GM for 50-60 yrs. Head Office doesn't think it will ever happen, but the Automotive Buyer today is not the Loyal Customer of yesterday.

    • Instead of basics like a spare tire and jack combo that has been used in the automotive world 100's of millions of times over the decades, GM offers silly stuff like Supercruise, OnStar, Cruise AVs, and 6-figure EV Hummers.

      Little guy with the Malibu doesn't matter to GM. Who on this board can't recognize this?

  • This is more about weight vs money.

    Unless they change the regulations you may find more things missing and made lighter. M

    • Statements like "90% of the time that inflator will not get you going again" just make you look silly. You obviously pulled that number out of the air, or more likely someplace much darker and smellier. Why not try to see if there is any data on how often the goop kits work? My bet is they work as intended the vast majority of the time.

      • Maybe, many flats today are due to low profile tires hitting potholes not a simple nail puncture, which is all that goop kit is good for. A spare works 100% of the time.

      • If my tire has a leak that isn't in the sidewall, every single time I can just drive it in without needing to even put on a spare. The only time I've need to actually put a spare tire on has been due to a catastrophic sidewall blow out... usually from hitting a pot hole. A goop kit isn't going to fix that.

        I use to pull over for people who had a flat to help them put the spare on, only to find out they don't have one and their run flat kit won't be capable of getting them going again, and they're waiting for AAA.

        • I have a plug kit, which is good only tread repairs. And in over 25 years of carrying, I've might have used a half dozen times. But when I was trailering, that kit was a time saver.

      • I guess Bruce really wants to find out for himself on a dark, busy Interstate.....or a high crime part of town.
        More power to you, pal. Have at it.

    • Evo69
      Well it's a gimmick. GM knows that the Malibu is a very popular car. So as a profit strategy they start removing standard options from the car. First if you noticed GM changed the trim of the car and color patterns. Now they take the spare tire kit and charge customers for a $250 emergency kit called " goop "! For 2025 the design of the car will completely be changed. GM is making money.

      • Gimmick, I don't know. Check this out, the Malibu's no.1 competitor sells 3x as many units and has long ago deleted spare tires. I'm going to miss coupes & sedans, and maybe Malibu's

        • Radggs
          Let me clarify what I meant using the word “ gimmick”. It’s a polite synonym meaning marketing strategic techniques. The Malibu car sales are enormous, I agree 3X but the way to make more money is remove some of the standard features from the car. GM marketing specialists know people are going to buy the car so to get more bucks they start changing the color trim, remove the spare tire and make the traffic system alert optional. Get it, more bucks not more bang ❗️

  • You can still opt for one just not standard. Honestly how often do you get flats now? Not very often. Most flats are from people not paying attention to air pressure and running tires to low. If your worried carry a plug kit, they even make ones that are rubber/plastic screws with sealant on them to easily plug a hole.

  • "Many will likely never known the difference, as they will never deal with their own flat, instead resorting either to OnStar or their preferred emergency road service (or relative). "

    This is not correct since OnStar or AAA will only mount your spare, not fix a flat tire. You could get a tow to a garage to fix the tire, but that is about all.

      • True (Chevy Malibu Spare)
        I would not take the spare out. You never know what you need and if you don’t have what you need when you need it, well you finish that sentence.

  • Look flats are rare today as if you get something in the tire it is a slow leak and the inflation pump will get you home or to a shop.

    Years ago with Bias tires flats were common. Most drivers today have never had a flat.

    If you should get a total flat you have a cell phone and you can easily get help this way.

    The real problem today is to find a place that can even fix a tire after 5 PM in most areas as the shops close and many are not open on weekends.

    I have had one tire flat since 1990 and it was a slow leak. My compressor pumped it up till I could find a shop open. I had a spare but there was no need to change it.

    To be honest most of you could not get the tire off the hub. Many of these new models are hub centric and the wheels are sticking to them if they have been on more than 6 months. To get them off you need a large rubber mallet or dead blow hammer and most of you lack these.

  • Wonder what the markup is on a generic black "mini-wheel and tire" you'd find on a cheesy utility trailer and the $250 asking price ?
    ... and they take away the goop package.
    btw, GM gets the railroad boxcar volume discount.

  • Often, emergency service companies have to make you wait a long time for a tow, but if it's just a tire change, they can squeeze you in sooner. My flats have always been from picking up a nail, so an inflated kit does me no good. I will be paying the extra for peace of mind, especially when I don't have anyone to pick me up.

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