GM-UAW Negotiations: Biden Admin No Longer Sending Duo To Detroit

The Biden administration has opted not to send two officials to Detroit to assist in the ongoing labor contract negotiations between the UAW (United Auto Workers) and Big Three automakers (GM, Ford, and Stellantis). Biden previously announced last week that he would send a team to assist in finding an equitable deal between the labor union and automakers. The UAW has threatened to expand its strike on Friday if progress towards striking a deal isn’t made.

Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su and White House Senior Adviser Gene Sperling were previously expected to arrive in Detroit early this week. However, according to a report from CNBC, White House officials and the UAW have instead agreed to speak virtually via Zoom. Su and Sperling may still travel to Detroit next week, but for now, there are no firm travel plans, per a White House official.

UAW President Shawn Fain addressed reports that the White House was poised to send a team to assist in the talks.

“This battle is not about the president,” said Fain said on Monday. “It’s not about the former president or any other person prior to that. This battle is about the workers standing up for economic and social justice and getting their fair share because they’re fed up with going backwards.”

UAW President Fain addresses workers

President Biden has frequently framed himself as pro-union, and has voiced support for the UAW strike, echoing the union’s slogan that record profits should equate to record contracts. Nevertheless, the UAW has yet to endorse Biden for re-election, with some labor leaders pointing to inadequate protection for workers in the Inflation Reduction Act with regard to the broader auto industry transition to EVs, as well as Biden’s decision to sign a bill blocking a strike by U.S. rail workers last year.

Roughly 12,700 UAW members are currently on strike across all three of the Big Detroit automakers, including workers at the GM Wentzville plant in Missouri, Ford’s Wayne Assembly Plant in Michigan, as well as the Stellantis Toledo Assembly Complex in Ohio. The UAW represents some 146,000 autoworkers across all three automakers. UAW began the current strike after the previous contract expired last Thursday. The UAW previously called for a strike against GM in 2019.

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  • Well maybe they can come to an agreement now. Let them hash it out without the governments help. This regime has bigger issues to deal with. Like mask mandates, forced vaccinations and lock downs, cause after all there is an election next year.

  • Inflation Reduction Act which is basically the New Green Deal will eliminate fossil fuel vehicles and destroy the industry and make buying out of reach for the average person.

    • You just wait until President AOC. Mandatory buyback of internal combustion engined vehicles, prohibition on the production, sale, or usage of gasoline. It's on the way.

  • Mask mandates??? Who do you think will follow that mandate. Masks don't work and everybody with a brain knows it. The vaccinations will not stop Covid either, that has been proven. Joe stay home, keep your people out of it and just continue to get all your naps in and get to bed early. Don't forget your ALWAYS ON VACATION. 370 plus days and counting.

  • Biden might have sent people but once Shawn Fain said he won't endorse Biden that was shut down. This administration is as corrupt as the manufacturers and the unions so the money laundering will happen either way

    • You are right on Dave. It's obvious why Biden sided with the workers, he wants their votes. You can bet if there were more people in management than there are in workers, he would have been on the automakers side. I'm trying to figure out how Biden can put some money into his off shore accounts with this situation. Probably son Hunter will get a position at the UAW and rake in millions. Biden cares about no one but himself. Worst president in history.

  • Analyst charts show Saudi-Russian (largest oil Exporters) joint agreement to cut Exports of oil about 4 months ago has created shortage causing current price increases.
    Do Americans want Foreign Hostile Governments to continue to MANIPULATE our political system❓

    • Well, it wasn't but 4 years ago the US was the largest exporter of oil in the world and gas prices were a whole lot cheaper.

      • It would still be that cheap if idiot Biden had not stopped the completion of the keystone pipeline and canceled many drilling leases. This woke president appeases the far left without regard to the people he has a responsibility to.

      • US just set a record for 14.2M barrels per day of production-1.6M better than you know..-The Greatest Evrrrr

  • Well if Joe's son can get a cash payout for the BIG GUY then all will be happy, Workers get their pay out, GM gets back to normal business ! lol

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