1969 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe RS/SS Mecum Chattanooga Bound

1969 marked the third and final year of the first generation Chevy Camaro. It was also the acme for production with 243,085 Camaros produced, thanks to a longer than usual production that spanned from September 26th, 1968 to February 26th, 1970.

The 1969 Chevy Camaro featured a number of design changes. Front fenders, doors, rear quarter panels, the rear panel, header, and valance all had aesthetic changes. The wheel wells were flattened, giving the Camaro a more aggressive look. The grill had sharper lines and angles. The Rally Sport package hid the headlights behind vacuum operated doors. Inside, the Camaro’s instrument binnacle was more squared, but the console mounted instruments soldiered on unchanged from the previous year.

1969 also brought mechanical changes for the Chevy Camaro. Option RPO JL8 Power Front and Rear Disc Brakes were available on any Camaro. For those in the know (mainly motorsports competitors), the monstrous COPO 427 could be had, but the option code did not appear in any dealer order guides. Cowl induction hoods that were previously available exclusively on COPO cars could be ordered for any Z/28 or SS Camaro.

Another noteworthy accomplishment for the 1969 Chevy Camaro was being selected to pace the Indianapolis 500 for the second time in just three years. Chevy built 3,675 Camaro SS Rally Sport convertibles (RPO Z11) to mark the occasion. The Pace Cars were finished in Dover White with orange stripes with white soft tops over an orange and black houndstooth interior, equipped with Rally wheels, cowl induction hoods, and a fistful of other options. It is estimated between 250 and 500 coupes were built with similar appearance to the Pace Cars.

Our feature 1969 Chevy Camaro RS/SS has been the subject of a restoration by North Georgia Street Rods. It is finished in its factory hue of LeMans Blue with black stripes and a black vinyl hardtop over a black vinyl interior. Powering the Camaro is a 396 cubic inch Big Block. The Rat motor is fed by a single four-barrel carb and exhales through a chambered exhaust. The 396 is backed by a Muncie four-speed manual and correct twelve-bolt rear diff. The Camaro is equipped with a tilt column, factory air conditioning, power steering, power disc brakes, front and rear spoilers, and a proper SS hood.

This 1969 Camaro RS/SS coupe will cross the Mecum Auctions block at their Chattanooga, Tennessee event taking place October 13th and 14th.

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Brett Hatfield:

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  • Big block. Not impressed. I had a 69 Z/28 and while I was rebuilding the 302 I dropped in a big block. I did not like it. Car was too hot inside, It felt heavy in the front just not as good as the 302. I could not wait to get the 302 back in.

  • It's a beauty. For people who complain about the ride or comfort...its a hot rod. It's supposed to be felt, heard, smelled, seen, tasted. I owned a '69 Camaro along with many other hot rods and they were fun rides. I'd rather have this than any no sound smooth riding EV.

    • Love the comparison of “rather have this than a no sound smooth riding EV” You may have just “ sold” a few more EVs…people that purchase EVs never go “back”.
      The blue color is so rich on this. I think 1969 Camaro and Firebird were GMs best rendering!

      • HaHa! I think you're right about that EV sale. Oh well, that leaves more obnoxious cars for us. I do drive a new Suburban, and other late models and the wife has a Camry hybrid they are great rides but my hot rods are therapy.

        • Cars aren’t obnoxious! If you love everything cars, like I do, they are to be honored and embraced. ALL OF THEM, full stop.🤗

          • Come ride with me in my 1200 HP Blown '72 Chevy truck then tell me cars can't be obnoxious. I've owned hundreds of vehicles and they ranged from innocent to obnoxious.

  • Gorgeous vehicle, the SS RS nice combo. Hood + hideaways, great look on the best year imo. Had a 68 SS in high school, built 350, lots of goodies/mods, close to this color blue, proper hood, spoiler, not a hard top. Lots of fun, too much power perhaps for age, okay it was. While not functional, have always thought the hood was super cool. Cheers Camaro lovers.
    Sticking with ICE for now, like the quickness of refuel, and availability of stations in the sticks as an outdoor person.
    The sound of my current modded 2SS is fantastic imo, not too loud unless into it, never a ticket loud pipes minding manners. Nice deep tone Magnaflow cat back X pipe, removed the restrictive double chamber resonator, increased pipe diameter from 2.5 inches to 3. Lower smoother tone, more air flow, especially higher RPM.
    Going through the hilly twistys, country back roads western Washington, exhaust and tunes battling for supremacy, getting into it, windows sun roof open beauty warm/hot day.
    Hard to beat that with an EV for me, even tho top of line faster, enjoy my ride anyway. Up to 90 mph at least, call it 2/3 throttle and spinning, enough power. Most EVs are rather bland looking as well. People turn necks to mine all the time, without speeding, or being obnoxiously loud, however how well it sounds is a common compliment.
    That's the beauty of vehicles and differences, different piston or not strokes for folks. Just stay in your lane please. Cheers