Here Are All The Upcoming GM Vehicles Confirmed By Mark Reuss

During a presentation given at the recent GM Investor Day event held this past November, GM President Mark Reuss touched on a wide variety of forthcoming vehicles from across the GM brand spectrum. Now, we’re rounding up all the upcoming GM vehicles confirmed by GM President Reuss during his Investor Day presentation.


We’ll start with Buick, which recently unveiled its new brand identity and logo, as well as plans to electrify its entire lineup by 2030. During his presentation at the GM Investor Day event, Reuss touched on the new Buick GL8, Buick Electra E4, and Buick Electra E5, all three of which are all-electric models exclusive to the Chinese market. However, Buick has yet to completely vacate the ICE segment, and as such, Reuss also indicated that the next-gen Buick Enclave will appear in 2024, while confirming that the 2024 Buick Envista will be sold in North America as well. A few new ICE-powered Buicks will also be in China, including the next-gen Buick LaCrosse.


Cadillac is also stepping into the all-electric space, but much more aggressively, with the luxury marque already selling the Lyriq EV crossover. However, during his presentation, Reuss also touched on the all-electric Celestiq, Caddy’s new flagship sedan, while hinting at a forthcoming full-size electric Cadillac SUV and smaller electric Cadillac crossover. Chinese-exclusive Cadillac products include the second-generation Cadillac CT6,  the Cadillac GT4 crossover, and the next-gen Cadillac XT5.


Some of the most attention-grabbing news to come out of Reuss’ presentation was further teasing of the upcoming Chevy Corvette E-Ray, which was confirmed to arrive next year. In addition, Reuss confirmed the forthcoming arrival of two more high-performance Corvette variants, namely the new C8 ZR1 and C8 Zora.

Reuss also touched on the Chevy Blazer EV, Chevy Equinox EV, Chevy Silverado EV, and an as-of-yet unnamed Chevy Low-Roof EV, while ICE models included the 2023 Chevy Colorado, 2024 Chevy Montana, and 2024 Chevy Trax. Reuss also confirmed that the next-gen ICE-powered Chevy Equinox was on the way for 2024, while the next-gen Traverse would arrive for 2023.


With regard to GMC, Reuss confirmed that the next-generation GMC Acadia will indeed grow in terms of exterior dimensions, while also confirming that the next-gen GMC Terrain would arrive for 2024. Reuss also touched on the 2023 GMC Canyon, 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV, and 2024 GMC Sierra EV.

Other Brands

Beyond GM’s four big U.S. brands, Reuss also talked about the BrightDrop Zevo 600 all-electric commercial van, plus the fully autonomous Cruise Origin robotaxi, the latter of which is set to “beat a bunch of people to market.”

We’ll stay on top of all these upcoming GM vehicles so stay tuned. In the meantime, remember to subscribe to GM Authority for more GM business news and around-the-clock GM news coverage.

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Jonathan Lopez: Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  • Ya, slow day at work. So when I read this headline, I perked up and clicked away. Certainly nothing earth shattering here! In fact, if you take the China only models out, there really isn't that much for the US market. What is listed for us has be covered fairly well already. Guess I was wishing for some x-mas miracle that isn't happening for those of us who prefer sedans over trucks and SUV's.

      • GM can’t even produce the Z06 Corvette ( they should have shipped thousands by now only have shipped a little over two hundred ) now that Bozo is talking about two other variants of the Vette, will they have wheels, seats, spoilers. I can’t wait for Marry Barra to eat her words when Elon Musk buys GM even after the 15 Billion (TAX PAYER MONEY ) Potato head Biden just gave them again.

        • I don’t get how some people subscribe to GM Authority and then spend the time to simply trash everything they read about the company! You would think they would be be smart enough to simply not read what they don’t like???And then for the hell of it make up ridiculous scenarios and throw some politics in for good measure. It must be hard to live like that. They should try ice cream.

          • I took and easier route. I like GM products. My family and I have owned quite a number of their pickups and automobiles. Even some Series 60s with tag axles back when we had a family business that required such a truck. Ford couldn't even come close for operating costs.

            I'd still be looking at GM but for the following:

            1. Few of them are comfortable for me.

            2. I wanted a Chevy or GMC pickup, but no dealer could commit to a delivery time, and to a vehicle that was fully assembled.

            3. The few cars they have that fit me are imports. General Motors has a dismal past history with support - or lack of it - for their captive or badged imports.

            Instead of moaning and whining, I looked at other makes, and found what I wanted. I ordered it, and it was delivered - complete - in about five weeks.

            Due to declining health and some other issues, I did not keep it, and went in search of something else that was easier to handle and park.

            Traverse? Can't get one. XT4 or XT5? Uncomfortable for me. Equinox? Not with the 1.5. It is an adequate motor and then some; I have driven them. But, even an old bear like me wants a bit of fun now and then. No 2-litre? No thanks.

            I found a dealer with sticker pricing, no add-ons, no AMVs, no nitrogen filled car wax, scotch-guard on the radio screen or other nonsense. Pick or order the car, pay the price on the sticker, tax, reg, drive it home. I did so and am pleased with my purchase.

            For some, sniveling and whining is almost a hobby. Or, sitting and waiting for well over a year for an ordered vehicle. I, for one, don't have the patience.

    • Dont worry Kia will give us the cars we want and they are building a plant in Georgia and then we will have to bail out GM.

  • Wow lots of negative comments.. why? Is there any other auto company coming out with anything close? No.. not Tesla, Toyota, Vw, ford BMW nobody period.. stop the hate, GM is putting out the most

    • I don't hate GM. Just bought a new one. But, why so much emphasis on "China?" Doesn't that put us further into dependency on them? Also, all the electric vehicles are great. But, where are they all going to be charged? Time for a US standard for charging stations, plugs, etc.

      • China is the largest auto market in the world. You don’t think an automaker should have a big presence there?

        Re chargers: mostly they will charge at home or work. There are literally millions of potential charging locations wherever there is an outlet.

        The charging infrastructure is growing rapidly and there is something like 52,498
        dedicated EV station locations and 140,897 EVSE ports in the US.

        You can get a map from apps like PlugShare or the alt fuels data center https://afdc.energy.gov/stations/#/analyze?country=US&fuel=ELEC&ev_levels=all&access=public&access=private

        • Problem is, in CA, you won’t be able to charge in summer, just like we can’t run AC in the summer. Add 15 million EV’s, we probably won’t be able to cook dinner on our mandatory electric stoves.

          • Also CA (Southern California) here... My thoughts on everything you just said: What in the hell are you talking about? None of those things are true!

            Side note, we just changed our range to Induction - voluntarily - and it was fricken fantastic to not have a heat wave from 5-burners flames charring & roasting my face while prepping up Thanksgiving.

    • One big reason of the negative comments is GM does not really give a damn what we GM fans think, they dont really respect us. Another reason is they are trying to romance a huge red fire breathing dragon in the form of CCP led Peoples Republic of China at the expense of the North American market, which many of us see will end up in utter and total disaster. Thanks to Alex Luft of this website and that other independent GM news website we have two places where we can actually know what the once great formerly awesome automaker named GM is doing.

  • Its a huge mistake for Cadillac to go to all EV so soon. The new XT5 should also be sold in NA and the XT6 needs the same interior refresh as the XT4 for 2024.

  • The facelift of the XT4 and CT5 is the last Cadillac for America. We confirm here that all new ICE Cadillacs are supplied only to China. 😢

  • It's disheartening. Is there a sedan or SUV out there, they don't like? Put them all in silhouette and you cannot tell one SUV, Pick-up, or even one sedan from the next. They need to come up with more distinctive styling, across their product line. I can understand Pickups looking the way they do, but for daily drivers they need more coupes with more panache.

    I've seen some of the concept cars, like that new Buick Electra . If they would just keep it a coupe!
    As for the four door Corvette? Can you spell Edsel? Truly gross.

    It's why I've done nothing but muscle cars since 2014, i.e. Mustang, Challenger, and now a 2023 Camaro. Those were/are my daily drivers. My true fun car is a 2003 Honda S2000. All in red, of course.

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