Ex-Tesla Executive Jonathan McNeill Joins GM Board Of Directors

GM has announced that Jonathan McNeill has joined its Board of Directors.

McNeill, 55, is a co-founder and CEO of DVx Ventures – a venture firm focused on creating and scaling businesses. McNeill founded DVx in 2019 after driving significant growth at Lyft, Inc. as chief operating officer and at Tesla, Inc. as president, Global Sales, Delivery and Service. McNeill has also served as CEO of software company Enservio. In addition, he has founded many successful businesses, including Midwest Cycling, Sterling Collision Centers, Inc., First Notice Systems and Before You Move.

“Jon’s passion for customers and track record driving growth in the transportation sector will be a tremendous asset to GM as we accelerate toward an all-electric future,” said GM CEO Mary Barra in a prepared statement. “His experience driving constructive disruption to grow businesses and his commitment to making a positive impact on society will be invaluable as we reimagine how our customers and communities move through the world.”

The GM board of directors is now comprised of 13 directors who have senior leadership and board experience across manufacturing, information technology, digital commerce, retail, higher education, investment management, international affairs, defense, transportation, cybersecurity and pharmaceuticals, among other fields. Six of GM’s directors are women and 12 are independent.

“I am excited to help GM unlock the opportunities enabled by its transformative investments in technology,” said McNeill. “GM is rapidly changing to meet the world’s need for cleaner and safer transportation and they’re uncovering new growth opportunities with every hardware and software innovation they’re introducing.”

With McNeill’s experience, probably in particular as chief operating officer at Tesla, GM is rapidly progressing on its stated path of an all-electric future, one that’s inclusive and accessible to all.

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  • This is a great sign! Should help GM sort out and improve their EV programs! This is a big win for GM.

  • I'm not so sure this will be a good fit. GM's sales model has been entrenched for years with dealerships doing the selling. This guy doesn't seem to be in synch with that approach, and if I were a dealer, I'd be worried he'd be pulling the carpet out from under my feet.

    • The dealer model of yesteryear will be a relic in the future. Customers hate dealers and buying direct like Tesla and as Ford is also realizing is the way of the future. Compare 2-5% margins (that might be generous) with ICE versus 30% plus margins on every vehicle sold with Tesla. Which would you choose?

    • I expect a full merger with Honda somewhere in 2028. Their partnership is already growing, especially in the EV market.

    • well... have been thinking on that... of course 2022 or 2023 GM is not the same company worked for between 1994 to 1997... In between .. almost disappeared and rescued by government... but with EV politics, it would go in a specific niche in USA, which does not guarantee the still ECE compromises with Brazil and Argentina, and it is another GM in China. Indeed, now we have 4 GM around the Globe, the 1. USA one 2. China, 3 Latin America. If Gm comes smaller, marks among Chevrolet, GMC, Buick & Cadillac would get mergers, probably GMC next, or so 1. GM Chevrolet & Cadillac Americas 2 GM Buick China