GM Currently Holding 95,000 Incomplete Vehicles Due To Parts Shortage

Supply chain disruptions continue to hurt automakers’ where it hurts and there’s little relief in sight, as many experts predict the new vehicle shortage will last through to 2024 at the earliest. GM has not been spared from these parts shortages, with the American automaker currently holding 95,000 incomplete vehicles in its inventory awaiting various components.

In its second-quarter earnings results published Friday, GM said it continued to grapple with supply shortages over the past three months, negatively impacting its wholesale numbers. While parts shortages have been a running theme in the auto industry since early last year, GM had been managing the situation throughout 2022, but once again began experiencing snags in June.

“GM’s second quarter vehicle wholesale volumes were impacted by the ongoing semiconductor supply shortage and other supply chain disruptions mostly in June,” the automaker said. “As a result, GM will hold about 95,000 vehicles manufactured without certain components in company inventory until they are completed and will recognize revenue when they are sold to dealers, which is expected to happen throughout the second half of 2022.”

GM began stockpiling finished pickups in storage lots around its Oshawa Assembly plant in southern Ontario earlier this year. This backlog was mainly due to GM’s “build shy” strategy, which entails building vehicles without chip-intensive features or components, then fitting those missing features or components once additional microchips were sourced. While this is faster than idling plants and restarting them once chip supply returns, it can leave the automaker with a large backlog of vehicles that it needs to ship out once they are complete.

The automaker’s Q2 earnings report acknowledged there was “significant pent-up demand for GM vehicles amid low inventories,” with Steve Carlisle, GM executive vice president and president, North America, vowing to address the problem as quickly as possible.

“We appreciate the patience and loyalty of our dealers and customers as we strive to meet significant pent-up demand for our products, and we will work with our suppliers and manufacturing and logistics teams to deliver all the units held at our plants as quickly as possible,” he said.

In addition to microchips, automakers are also experiencing a shortage of other components, including plastics and seat foam made from petroleum-based materials.

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    • Best comment of the day you said it all here I want everybody to read this, I wish I was as eloquent as you just tells it all and if you don't know that you're ready for trouble and your future

    • GM already has marginal paint finishes on their vehicles. They will need a clay bar for sure after sitting that long in parking lots, fields, etc.. You pay $50,000.00 large for a pickup-contaminated paint is not charge.

      • Gm has spent several billion dollars in the last 4 years for new paint buildings with the latest and greatest painting and production processes in all its full size truck pants. I know because I work in Fort Wayne assembly. The paint department is state of the art!

    • And what, exactly, has he done to make any of it better? The bumbling moron has made everything 20x worse.

    • Glad I bought a new 2019 Silverado LD in Jan 2020. At least it came with all its parts, perfect paint
      and runs like a Rolex . Hell, it may be paid off by the time GM sorts out their part shortages. :)

    • Trump is Satan himself and should be locked up for all the injustices he have caused. I think he is the reason behind all of this that this country is facing but we can all just stop looking for someone to blame because it must come to pass because God is still in control!!

    • Glad you brought up the "shortages" in all things plastic. I've noticed one thing, kid's toys, no real price changes. All the idiot liberals are failing to comprehend that "plastic" makes up most of their world, and their world is falling apart.

    • Another deep thinker who lacks even a basic understanding of supply and demand, let alone economics. Might as well blame Bigfoot for all your problems.

    • Bill, A little sensitive, are we? Is witttle Billy-Willy all shook up because his mommy did not wash his "Skooby-Doo" undies today?

  • Oh boy this pushed my button into the red. Pulp Fiction. A good friend ordered a CT4-V Blackwing Last October, came in last week. $15K over. Take it or leave it he was told. He took it. I'm gonna try to articulate this the best I can buy your car used to be so much fun go around looking at cars have these guys try to get your business grind him down now take a leave it we only have one of these I guess my car days are over. The GM at my Cadillac dealership who I know well great guy said he rather sell cars like this than before they're making their money they don't have to wheel and deal old people are paying the price this is it gonna change Joe Biden cursed this country with his stupidity. This is not a political space I understand I just have to get that off my chest cars of all things septic we all could share and have a good time with you spell taken away two with six dollar gas in California. Thanks for listening

      • Well though not true he's a really nice guy but I agree I think would you wait for something that long and you've wanted it that bad and can't afford it let them do it I would never do it never had told him so but nice car beautiful car . He probably would like you though you don't even know if you call him an idiot he can afford it trust me

        • *Really nice guy*
          In other words a gullible person that can be taken advantage of & is an enabler to these crazy car prices.
          Recession can’t get here soon enough.

          • Hey Evan what are you Canadian you are one douche bag where do you get to spill hate Jesus Christ you don't even know the guy I'm done answering your crap I just want to give an example and your character assassinating somebody go back to your igloo man

          • What a wonderful human you are. Canadians are douche bags???
            Ignorant !!!! What a way to look at Canada

          • Trapper, Don't worry about Bob... His mommy did not wash his Skooby-Doo undies... He is sad...

        • Being able to afford something is not the issue. Being extorted by the dealership is. If your friend is that weak, more power to him. As for me, I would have told them to go to hell.

        • Ever hear the parable of a Fool and His money are soon parted? Your friend appears to be beyond fool?
          We have a 2022 Blazer stuck in Mexico somewhere ordered 1st wk Jan, maybe built maybe delivered when? The area dealer isn't talking to me, so I figure they will try to steal our GMC and play the U ordered this, take it or leave it scenario.......GM Employee disc. isn't worth squat today, on their OVERPRICED units! Forgot to mention, GM demanded HUGE deposit to order?

        • By now one would think they would have wised up in real life they can't keep utilizing obsolete processors and the time has come to advance to state-of-the-art processors and get their businesses back up and running. Why they haven't is an interesting interesting question. Who's benefiting and how from this debacle?

      • I paid 5k over for a 22 Yukon XL Ultimate package with air ride, advanced tech, max tow, power boards, pano roof, rear media, etc. What do you have to say about that? I could sell it, with 15k miles on it, for more than I paid for it. It's all relative.

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      • The reason it's worse in California than the rest of the country is entirely self-inflicted.

      • Lol, CA had a chance to recall their governor and they chickened out, now no whining allowed, you guys got exactly what you asked for!

    • Do any of you know about “Just in Time” supply concept, developed by Toyota in the 90’s?
      The idea of no warehousing of parts. Parts directly delivered to manufacturers in time to install into vehicles.
      Well the pandemic screwed that idea completely.
      No warehouse with parts on hand. Global shipping came to a halt. The only on to blame if any are the corporate logistics people with no “what if xxx happens” planning.
      Politicians have very little control over global issues like pandemic and senseless wars.
      Get use to the new reality of the market.

      • The "JIT" concept actually came about a decade earlier, in the 80's. GM began to utilize that concept in the late 80's and early 90's. The result eventually became quite painful economically, for GM. The "JIT" works ok in a geographically smaller nation like Japan, which is an area about the size of California. However, North America GM has component plants in the Midwest, as in Indiana, and assembly plants in California, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee etc. This vast sprawl is just waiting for a trucking disruption from a multitude of reasons. In many cases GM had to use air freight to get parts to assembly plants, paying exorbitant fees, in order to avoid an assembly plant shut down.
        Today that supply chain is much longer, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia etc. Now with southern border closings, viral pandemic and war, we have an devastating supply chain failure, not only nation wide, but world wide.

    • That can’t be true. If he put money down and had a receipt, then he had a contract that every court would uphold. He should NEVER had paid any premium!

  • There's no correct answer to this problem things have not gotten better and the supply chain it's the same old crap OK that's my last comment

  • wow. not one comment so far was on topic or worth reading. so much bad mood.
    really sad.
    the technocal issues with building semiconductor plants, the ever imcreasing use and variety of semiconductors is incredible. athe entire 5g network, the newer levels of cybersecurity have required the entire industry (not auto) to build new equipment to replace everything old, this requires more than the normal economic demand.
    Now come back around to auto truck, dealers are making good momey, not haggling.
    Ome thing disappoimts me is that chip companies, semi conductor companies, do not reflect this in their stock prices.
    After the semiconductor fabricators over build their factories and create too much capacity, there will be a crash in semi industry. I have seen it before.

    • Sooner than you think. Micron stock is crashing on poor outlook. crypto mining uses a bunch of graphics chips, and those chips (well cards) are coming back to the market via ebay now. As you say, semi is very feast/famine biz. I've seen it too. Remember when they were practically giving away memory? Good times.

  • Still waiting for my Chevy Equinox ordered on May 6th but they said it is built and in transit to train Yard in NYS.After that still waiting for delivery to dealer.What the heck is going on with GM...I blame Biden and the administration.Buying Chevy's for 60 years but never like this.

    • Hi Conrad. I don't blame Biden (I just think he has as much to do with GM's business decisions and logistics problems as my dentist), BUT I'm also waiting on an Equinox. I didn't order mine, but reserved it already In Transit. Not sure when was produced, but when I discovered it on June 15 it was on a rail car in Arkansas, having come in from Mexico the week before. It had an estimated delivery date of 6/30. On June 22 the dealer said it was outside Louisville, KY with an estimated delivery of 7/7, and on June 29 it had been checked in in Lordstown, OH with the estimated delivery date moved up to 7/5. Lordstown is about 4 hours from my dealer in north central PA. I didn't get a call today, so I'm guessing it didn't make it, but hopefully it'll be very soon since they're playing with which day it will come in now instead of which week. I was really just responding to let you know that as near as I can figure, delivery time to the northeast once it crosses into the US is about a month if all goes well.

  • Not a healthy place today on GM authority. If any of you really think that the puppet at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave has that much control over your life, you are really mistaken. I learned decades ago that the the circus in D.C. is to distract you. And has nothing to do with your daily lives. Take back control, stop being suckered into their game.
    You can be happier, live longer, have a better life, if you ignore the antics that literally have
    nothing to do with you.
    As for trucks, to get back on topic. A cleaned up new truck under full warranty is still new. And this method keeps people working. I am glad their are jobs building trucks, even incomplete ones.

  • Y 95,000 vehicul stall because there is no F........ Chip and afther that they going to put the price higher... :-(

  • Let's see, all those 2022 vehicles that have been ordered are sitting in lots waiting for parts... When those vehicles go to their new owners (who have not canceled), will GMC and the dealers credit the owners for the cost of depreciation??? (never mind, just woke up)

  • I waited 13 months for delivery of a new car. And after doing so, prefer that to being pushed into buying what i did not want from in stock inventory. I paid MSRP, but I waited, for exactly what I ordered. I want all vehicles production to be this way, order exactly what you want, have it built for You.
    I am suspicious of the shortages of so many products, it seems corporate executives and greed are more at play here. Why is there so much availability of certain things that are not necessary, like TV's, cell phones, and tons of consumer garbage , at really cheap prices?
    Maybe we are being played.

    • I don't mind paying MSRP that's more than fair but when they up it $15,000 that's when things get a little dicey. I just don't see this ever changing back to the old way I'm glad you got your car and MSRP got what you wanted

  • Don’t believe those who say it isn’t the administration’s fault.. They know the scope and ramifications of their policies and slam Americans with it. The president is a jerk and now he and the admin will suffer for it..

    • This problem began under the previous administration and we don't see the harm just over night.

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