C8 Corvette ‘Tron’ Looks Like It Came From The Future

A C8 Corvette Stingray owner has applied bright reflective vinyl decals to the exterior of the vehicle to create a Tron-inspired take on the sports car that glows in the dark at night.

The owner of the vehicle, Tim Gundrum, goes by @C8_Tron on Instagram and frequently shares photos of his sci-fi-inspired Vette on the social media network. This car was ordered from the factory in the bright Rapid Blue exterior color, which remains on the vehicle now, as well as a matching Tension Blue interior. The modifications began with a series of highlighter yellow outline decals, which were applied to the front fascia, lower part of the headlamps, side mirror stalks, side intake vents, rear wing and rear fascia. A set of highlighter yellow inserts for the intake vents were also installed at this time, as indicated by his Instagram posts.

The C8 “Tron” took on its current look last month, when it received full Tron-style decals that outline all of the body creases and edges, along with a set of matching highlighter yellow alloy wheels and repainted highlighter yellow brake calipers. These vinyl decals also glow in the dark, giving the vehicle a true Tron exterior appearance as it drives down the road at night. A “C8 Tron” Ohio state vanity plate completes the build, signaling to approaching cars that this is no run-of-the-mill C8 Corvette.

While this sci-fi inspired theme is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, cars like the C8 Corvette are all about having fun, so it’s hard to fault this owner for enjoying his car the way he wants to. Let us know what you think of this rather odd modified Corvette in the comments below.

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