GM Rear Seat Media System Loses Features For 2022

GM has made some adjustments to its Rear Seat Media System for the 2022 model year, electing to drop some features from the entertainment center.

The GM Rear Seat Media System debuted on the automaker’s T1-generation full-size SUVs, with the feature offered as optional equipment on the 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe, 2021 Chevrolet Suburban, 2021 GMC Yukon, and 2021 Cadillac Escalade. It will continue to be offered on these models for the 2022 model year, officially referred to as the Rear Seat Media System and carrying RPO code UW9. Just as before, this option includes dual rear seat-mounted 12.6-inch diagonal color LCD touchscreens with Wi-Fi wireless projection capability, two Bluetooth headphones and two HDMI ports embedded in the rear of the center console.

GM Rear-Seat Media System Availability - 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe
LS LT LTZ Z71 Premier High Country
- A A A A A
GM Rear-Seat Media System Availability - 2022 Chevrolet Suburban
LS LT LTZ Z71 Premier High Country
- A A A A A
GM Rear-Seat Media System Availability - 2022 GMC Yukon
SLE SLT AT4 Denali
- A A1 A2
1. Included with (PEH) AT4 Premium Plus Package and (RGM) AT4 Premium Package.
2. Included with (PEC) Denali Ultimate Package.
GM Rear-Seat Media System Availability - 2022 Cadillac Escalade
Luxury Premium Luxury Sport Premium Luxury Platinum Sport Platinum
- A A S S

While the Rear Seat Media System will continue to be offered for 2022, it will offer fewer features. The biggest change is the deletion of the Navigation feature, which allowed users to view the vehicle’s location on a 2D, top-down map, search points of interest and push a navigation/location request to the central infotainment screen in the front of the vehicle. Additionally, the second-row USB-C ports are now charge only, meaning users cannot plug their phone in to stream music via a wired connection. Miracast screen mirroring is gone, too, removing the ability to mirror content from another phone or tablet screen onto the rear seat display.

While not a feature removal, there is one last somewhat interesting change for the Rear Seat Media System for 2022. The included pair of Bluetooth headphones will no longer come paired to the system, with users forced to pair the headphones manually using the on-screen menus. Directions on how to pair are included in the Rear Seat Infotainment section of the GM Owner’s Manual.

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  • The hardware is similar, but it's a new system for 2022. GM moved to an Android based infotainment system for 2022. We had a 2021 and now have a 2022. Both with RSE.

    I much prefer the 2022 system. The headphones that came with the 2021 model were not Bluetooth, they were IR. It takes about 10 seconds to pair the new Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth provides much better audio and reliability, so it's a definite upgrade.

    The only thing that I miss, and the article doesn't mention it, is the ability to play movies from a USB plugged into the vehicle. We had a usb drive with a couple hundred movies on it that my boys could queue up on demand, but that is no longer available.

    This all may be moot as it appears RSE is going on restriction for the remainder of the model year.

    • A lot of these features besides the USBC port seem to be OTA updateable for the new android based system. That is, unless there are some semiconductor shortage issues that forced them to also de-content controls for the rear systems.

  • Last I heard, they were going to have parts for RSE in March. Is that still the case? I've been waiting for a Tahoe diesel w/ max tow and RSE since Thanksgiving. I'm not going to hold my breath that I'll get it before the end of the 2022 model year...

  • So what the actual fu** are these screens good for then? Can't stream music, can't watch movies via mirroring, can't see navigation.....what a bunch of worthless tools these clowns are at GM!!! That's like them saying, "We're selling you a vehicle, but you can't use reverse, you can't use the windshield wipers, the A/C now just blows room temperature air, and you have to use your feet for brakes." Are the screens just for show so that friends and family are awed by the fact that there are tv screens back there? I'm convinced that GM truly has the worse leadership running this company in the history of the automotive industry. So many stupid changes and ideas coming from GM that I'm just done with them. And yes, I have a 2022 Yukon in the order bank (for about 6 weeks now) with this chosen option for my daughters to enjoy on trips. I was never informed of this change and had I known about it, I would NOT have ordered it. What a useless and worthless option to give your customers! GM, pull your heads out of your a$$es!!!

    • Think of the screens as TVs (not smart TVs). Plug in a device and it displays a picture and emits audio (via Bluetooth). We have two Chromecasts in ours. Our boys can load up whatever they want to watch on whatever app. The built in data service works great for that.

      Our 2021 would play movies from a USB drive, which our 2022 does not. That's our only complaint with the system.

      • We just got out 2022 suburban Tuesday and the rear infotainment won't turn on at all.

        • Double tap the screen? Try to turn them on from the front screen? If neither works, call support. They should be able to help you troubleshoot and maybe do a remote reset and/or fix.

  • Who the hell needs GM in the first place - The only thing GM is great at making is garbage…low quality garbage at that. And now they discontinue feature availability on a weekly basis.

  • I also have a 2022 suburban with the rear seat entertainment system and was hugely disappointed that I couldn’t use the USB ports to play movies. Big waste of money and nobody mentioned this.

    Does anyone know how to set up the chrome cast on the vehicle so that it doesn’t have to stream by using the internet. If so please post so I can make use of these screens.

  • Agreed, still basically a useless interface and cant control for kids from up front like you could on previous years. This needs to be resolved or we all deserve money back

  • We bought our 2022 Suburban with the media package. $3000 for the upgrade and we were showed how to use it using the 2021 system video. You can imagine my suprise when after 6 months of asking GM why my system wasnt working it turns out that this wasnt a design issue. When I informed them I wanted to be able to plug in phone, they just said plug in Xbox or laptop!!! Also they didnt inform me that the Sat Nav was google maps and was dependent on a $40 per month data plan! Shocking! Funny that now you cannot buy that infotainment package for the Suburban or Tahoe now online, wonder why?