Chevrolet Silverado EV Max Towing Package To Feature Four-Wheel Steering

General Motors pulled the sheets on the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, revealing an all-new, all-electric variant of the popular pickup nameplate. Now, GM Authority has learned that the Chevy Silverado EV’s Max Towing Package will feature four-wheel steering.

During an interview with GM Authority Executive Editor Alex Luft, Chevy Silverado EV chief engineer Nichole Kraatz confirmed the Chevy Silverado EV WT’s 20,000-pound Max Towing Package will include the four-wheel steering feature.

The Chevy Silverado EV WT will be the first Silverado EV trim level out the gates, launching in the spring of the 2023 calendar year. The fleet-oriented WT trim level will feature an all-electric powertrain capable of producing as much as 510 horsepower and 615 pound-feet of torque, leveraging GM’s Ultium battery and Ultium drive motor technology. The WT will have a tow rating of 8,000 pounds, while payload will be 1,200 pounds.

After the initial launch, Chevy will introduce a Silverado EV fleet model capable of trailering 20,000 pounds with the upcoming max tow package. What’s more, the max towing package will feature four-wheel steering, as GM Authority has confirmed.

In addition to the WT trim level, Chevy is also launching the Chevy Silverado EV RST First Edition, which will feature a dual-motor e4WD system capable of producing 664 horsepower and 780 pound-feet of torque with the available Wide Open Watts Mode, propelling the pickup from a standstill to 60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds.

Both the Silverado EV WT and Silverado EV RST First Edition will come equipped with DC fast charging capabilities of up to 350kW. Range per charge for both vehicles is estimated at 400 miles. Under the skin, the Chevy Silverado EV rides on the GM BT1 platform. Production will begin at the GM Factory Zero plant next year.

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Jonathan Lopez: Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  • Impressive feature.
    I don’t look good but it can work good.
    Now in the future I wonder how they would extend battery life. Like battery packs or something kind of like phone cases with back up battery. Just a thought.

    • swapping packs wont work, too many factors that work against it to be effective. it will come down to battery densities and charge rates

      • Yes I understand the battery density but I was just trying to think how you could upgrade your truck in the future. It’s a long shot I know. Batteries degrade as well and that’s a problem that I have pondering. I heard a story about a guy who bought a used Tesla and the battery quit on him. And to replace it, it would have cost $20k.

        What would be ways to fix.. iPhones and androids have the same problem years down the road.

        • Travis - the batteries are supposedly designed to last the life of the vehicle...which is generally considered to be 10 years 150K miles for cars and probably 15 years, XXXK miles for truck application. That means that the battery capacity/range should be at least 80% of what it started as when the vehicle was new.
          Tesla is a different story...it's anybody's guess how long those packs will survive because Tesla squeezes every last bit of range and performance out of them. GM/Ford/others will set realistic limits on how hard the owner can abuse the battery, to insure that it will last. The idea being that you might not get the most range or acceleration but you will get a battery that will last the "life" of the vehicle.

      • That’s easy. The F-150 lightning does not have a plastic grill, the gmc hummer ev pickup does not have a plastic grill, the rivian pickup does not have a plastic grill, the Tesla cybertruck does not have a plastic grill, the bollinger b2 does not have a plastic grill, the nikola badger does not have a plastic grill, these are just a few.

        • Cut the BS.

          They are all plastic. No one makes a metal grill anymore.

          None have been metal since the early 70's,

          Don't mistake chrome for being metal chrome.

          • Sorry sir the bollinger is not plastic, the cybertruck is not plastic, the rivian is not plastic, the nikola is not plastic. I’ll tell you the same thing I told the other person do your own research if you don’t believe it or you can continue to say BS like usual and act like you know everything.

          • The Bollinger is not only unnecessarily expensive and unattractive, they decided to not market to the public and to fleet/municipal buyers only, the Rivivan is plastic and the Nikola is vaporware, so who else has the magic grill?.

          • You're a clown preaching at people to do research while you, yourself have done zero research. FOH clown.

          • Thank you Scott! And, I believe it was you who said that the Silverado EV probably would have rear wheel steering available, and you're not bragging about predicting it here.

        • @Danny
          The Ford Lightning Pro has a Huuuuuuuuuuuuuge Black Plastic Grill....what are you talking about?
          The Hummer cannot be compared with a WT or as Ford calls it Pro. Those are mainly used by Fleets and they prefer the Plastic as it is cheaper to fix.
          Tesla doesn't do Base vehicles just different Power Packages.

        • The Cybertruck is vapourware. The B2 has been postponed while Bollinger instead works on their commercial heavt truck platform, the Badger is dead and buried.

  • 20,000 lbs with an independent rear suspension, tease bumper hitch and only 600 ftlbs????? I call bull. When the crew cab 3500 duramax HD is only rated to 14500 lbs which has a fully floating 4.30 rear axle with a massive 13” diff and 7000+ lbs of payload. even Fords F550 with the 5.88 rear axle is only rated to 16600 of “conventional towing”. I’m assuming Chevy is just going to ditch SAE J2805 for EV’s? If that’s the case can we update the standard Silverado with the 2.7 to 16000 lbs towing? Cause that’s the equivalent of wha their saying.

    • The SAE standard for towing and GCWR rating on light duty vehicles is J2807. Manufacturer compliance is voluntary, even though the automakers authored it and tend to bend the rules to suit their own internal pressures.

    • The 3500 duramax is rated up to 20k lbs on the bumper for both SRW and DRW. My brother has a 2020 SRW WT. The payload rating on his is 4026 lbs.

  • Who cares if the grill is plastic!! It's a bottom basement WT model if your using the truck for work who cares what it looks like... As long as it can carry and tow stuff. I also think that blue, red or black paint would go better with the black trim and grill the silver and black in the photos doesn't look all that good. Besides if it's looks your after wait for the GMC Sierra version of the EV truck it will probably look better at least the ICE version does.

    • Darrell Bringe GM is trying to get it's dealer's to 🛑 STOP marking up prices because it's hurting their business there was a GM authority post from a while ago where GM said it would take away certain models from dealerships that mark up... This is a good thing because there is no reason to pay $60,000 for a $40,000 dollar work truck. This is happening at Ford the Bronco, mustang Mach E, and maverick are being marked up to much and hurting Ford.

      • They can try all they want but they can’t do a thing about it. Dodge tried with the demon and hellcat red eye, ford is still trying with the bronco and Mach E, Chevy is trying with the C8, Land Rover is trying with the new defender and now Chevy will try again with this but it won’t work. Sure they can threaten to take allocations away but who does that hurt in the long run? The customer. Go to any forum of those vehicles named above and look. Here’s an example the bronco for instance people put their deposit down select a dealer well if said dealer decides to mark it up and ford cuts some of their allocations well that hurts the remaining customers who chose them as a dealer because now they will wait even longer. But that’s what happens when laws get passed to protect dealers.

        • Actually they can. It is called allocations. Dealer that marks up can get zero allocations. They can mark up their zero inventory as much as they want. Dealers that sell at MSRP get all allocations. How long before gouging dealers go bk or change their policy? GM is already doing some allocation changes with the vette. They switched to ADS which for a hot car like a vette means if the car sits on your lot for even a week you get dinged. Normally at this stage vettes would be on historical allocation model. gm switched because of the gouging.

          • Did you not see I said gm has switched to ADS, not threatening to? Time will tell if it motivates dealers to back off on vette gouging. There are vette dealers who sell at msrp, and they will get all production. This may happen with silverado ev as well. Not out yet so unknown what gm will do.

        • @Daniel
          And that is exactly why I stated years ago that Legacy Automakers will have a huge problem on their hands in the Future and that will be the Dealerships. I ordered my Car from my Cell Phone. Took my less than five minutes. Then when I got my VIN it took me less than 15 minutes to finish the Financing on again my Cell Phone. When I went to Pickup my Car all the Paperwork was in the car. The Car had the AC Blasting and I signed a couple sheets and then Dropped it off in a Box and waited Five minutes to make sure I did everything correctly. Then they sent an unlock code to my car which I was sitting in with the AC Blasting and I was able to drive away. It took less than 15 minutes from them unlocking my car so I can get in to sign the paperwork to me signing the paperwork to them releasing the vehicle to me. I never walked in or spoke to anyone. It was all done remotely. There were like 40 something of us there.
          Imagine kids growing up today, you think they will want to deal with some salesperson trying to add 20K Market adjustment to their vehicle and waiting at the dealership for hours?
          The Startups will have a leg up and that needs to be corrected somehow. The Legacy Companies need to reverse these ancient Dealer laws ASAP. That has always been my opinion.

          • @Daniel
            My friend that ordered a Tesla prior to me told me how it worked and I honestly told him he was exaggerating. I did not believe him at all. I thought it was something close but he was leaving out some details. But what he told me was exactly what transpired and it blew my mind. It was the best Vehicle purchasing experience I have ever had. It would take hours for almost no reason at all at the dealership prior. I love GM and have always had a GM car (except my first car that was given to me...a Corolla) but I wanted an EV this time around and GM didn't have anything remotely close to the Model 3
            I would love to come back to the GM Family as I love GM but with the ability to purchase a vehicle this easily from my iPhone not sure what I will do next. I do want a crossover next I think. We shall see.

          • @Daniel
            I later found out that the only reason I even had to sign some papers is because by Law they need actual Pen to paper. E-Signatures are not allowed by Law. So just imagine if they get rid of that little law too. It would have taken me Five minutes or less to get out of there while not speaking to anyone. I would imagine Tesla is fighting Super Hard to get rid of that as well. It will save them time and money. We shall see.

          • Yup it makes the whole car buying experience a a pleasant trip. But people still hate on Tesla and Elon every chance they get lol.

          • E-signatures are not allowed by law? I went with my son to buy his first car last spring, and everything is done on a touchscreen now.

          • @Nate
            Online E-Signature sorry.
            They had to have actual signatures in person. Cannot wait for that to happen.

  • The current brand new half ton Silverado can tow up to only 9,700 pounds! How can the ugly electric thing tow 20,000 pounds. I literally do not believe it, maybe there was a typo, they probably meant 2,000 pounds.

    • Remember this is an EV. Once you exceed 20,000 lbs you achieve unicorn status and an horn pops out of your frunk.

    • This weighs 9000 lbs. Its not just a half ton. Might as well make use of that mass and electric power to make a good tow vehicle.

  • There's a couple of things. Chevy came up with 4 wheel steering back in the 80s. Then went away because of 2 many issues. Next thing is battery have come along way since this started look at dewalt. Back up batteries may be one you just slide on 60volt ... 120v you never know.

    • as far as battery improvement, I think they need to use the "frunk" space for a universal battery that you can pull up at a gas station pay for a charged one swap it out and leave the empty cell there to charge for the next person. This would require a standard universal battery pack and stations at every major gas station across the country with a monitoring software to determine when battery packs are beyond their use and recycle/replace them.

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