Pinky Randall Has Passed Away At Age 94

Well-known Chevrolet enthusiast Murl G. “Pinky” Randall, also known as Mr. Chevy, has passed away in Pensacola, Florida at the age of 94. Pinky Randall was a lifelong car collector, having owned nearly 200 cars, most of which were Chevys.

Pinky Randall’s fascination with Chevy cars began at a very young age. At four years old, on his way to and from school, Randall would stop to check out a local 1932 Chevrolet coupe. Something drew him to the vehicle, which eventually sold, but in 1948, Randall tracked it down and bought it for $30.

Throughout his life, Pinky Randall, along with wife Joyce, would collect anything and everything associated with the Chevrolet brand. The collection included emblems, toys, license plate frames, models, and patches. It didn’t matter what it was, if it was associated with Chevy, Pinky Randall would track it down and add it to his collection.

Of course, Pinky Randall’s collection included plenty of cars as well. It was estimated that he had upwards of 53 cars in his collection at one point, with many more coming and going over the years.

Just one standout example includes a rare 1912 Little Roadster, a product of William C. Durant’s consortium between the Republic, Little, and Mason automakers. Randall would eventually donate his Little Roadster to the Alfred P. Sloan Museum.

Other notable vehicles in his collection include a 1914 Baby Grand, a 1930 roadster pickup truck, and one of the last Chevy Corvairs ever produced, a green 1969 convertible.

As GM Authority reported in 2020, Pinky Randall also bought the final Chevy Impala every built, finished in Cajun Red.

“By golly, the car made it alright,” Pinky Randall said after acquiring the last Impala. “It handles nice. I like it.”

Pinky Randall also served as National Director at The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) between 1980 to 1994, Director of the AACA Library and Research Center from 1988 to 1992, and president of the AACA in 1985.

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Jonathan Lopez: Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  • Sad to hear and prayer go out to his family. Got to meet him at a Dream Cruise Chevy Triangle and he was extremely nice and has some very cool stories.

  • I worked with Pinky a lot of years in AACA, he was a good friend and I will miss him. Things won't be the same at National Meets especially Hershey.

  • I think it is great that we can celebrate people for their love of automobiles and preserving the history. And what a blessing to be able to do it for 94 years.

    • The Mr. Chevy title should now go to Mr. Dennis Albaugh of Ankeny Iowa. Unbelievable collection of Chevrolets.

  • Pinky Randall RIP.

    Too bad he was never in GM or Chevrolet Motor Division executive management. Truly a car guy with a passion for the product.

    Now GM auto executives are thirty / forty somethings with a passion for Infotainment centers, chip performance and anything high tech electric - satellite linked, anything with electron movement. Hence the new gm plug in logo. Mary Barra is even a double E.

    When all this electric stuff is said and done. Thirty years from now when they measure air quality it will be the same as today and perhaps even worse.

    Please bring back the industrial design of the machine age in automobiles versus the digital flavor of the moment we are now enmeshed in.

  • David you've apparently never worked in a UPS center like in do smelling and choking on exhaust fumes from dirty gas a diesel trucks... It has been proven that carbon is produced by gas and diesel no matter how clean they burn and cause cancer but the oil companies made sure cigarettes got the grunt of blame even though less people smoke these days. I welcome the day when I don't have to smell and inhale dirty exhaust and EV trucks become common place. And if you don't like EV cars then don't buy one no one has a gun to your head saying YOU MUST BY EV! Because this is all political as soon as we get another president who supports oil guess where everyone else will follow it's a game.

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    In the fifties the popular adage was " What's good for General Motors is good for America".

    In Asia the biggest part of their current GNP are tangible goods, not health care.

    Japanese and Koreans don't eat tons of prepared franchise foods like Americans. Now you know why the likes of Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai, LG, Hitachi, etc., are eating our lunch. Why are the automakers going to the Asians for battery design and manufacturing collaboration? Tesla with Panasonic and GM with LG as examples.

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  • Anyone else come here because of dazed n confused? Randall "pink floyd" 🤣🤣🤣 jk RIP MR CHEVY

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