President Biden To Visit GM’s Factory Zero Plant

General Motors is gearing up to welcome President Biden to the grand opening of its new all-electric vehicle production facility in Detroit, Michigan, otherwise known as Factory Zero. President Biden is slated to visit the facility on Wednesday, November 17th, at which time the facility will officially ramp up production.

“Factory ZERO is the culmination of GM’s multibillion-dollar U.S. investment in people, product and process,” the automaker recent stated. “The electric trucks, SUVs and autonomous vehicles built at Factory ZERO will transform GM and the automotive industry.”

The grand opening of Factory Zero follows a rather tumultuous history, with General Motors previously designating the facility (previously known as Detroit-Hamtramck) for permanent closure. However, following negotiations with the United Auto Workers labor union (UAW) in 2019, General Motors instead opted to retool the facility for exclusive electric vehicle production, investing some $2.2 billion and renaming the facility as Factory Zero.

The facility is now expected to employ some 2,200 workers when running at full capacity, roughly double the employees that worked at the facility prior to retooling. The first vehicle to be produced at Factory Zero will be the 2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup truck. Further products include Cruise Origin, GM’s upcoming all-electric, autonomous ride sharing vehicle, as well as the upcoming all-electric variant of the Chevy Silverado.

The name is a nod towards GM’s goal of achieving zero emissions from its light-duty vehicle lineus in the next several decades thanks to a pivot to all-electric vehicles. GM has also stated that it hopes to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040. In order to cut emissions, General Motors has announced plans to release 30 new EVs globally by 2025.

Meanwhile, President Biden has voiced his strong support for the mass-adoption of electric vehicles as a means of combating the effects of anthropogenic climate change. President Biden has previously proposed new EV tax credits and incentives and expansions to the EV charging infrastructure.

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  • Hopefully they have changing stations in the bathrooms just in case he has another accident like he did at the Vatican.

  • I don't know if I can divorce my comment from politics, but doesn't it seem a little strange how much attention GM gets? Dozens of automakers in the US are making advances in technology, yet most of them don't get a fraction of the government attention that GM gets. Just an observation. Not making a political statement.

    • Ford got the last Biden visit to Detroit, and they made the most of it for publicity to launch the F150 lightning. Now its GM's turn.

      Dozens of American automakers making advances in technology? I can only think of 5 USA automakers off the top of my head (GM, Ford, Tesla, Rivian, and Lucid), and President Biden will have visited the 2 biggest by next week.

      A presidential visit is a big deal for any business, and its not about politics. I do not care if the president is the one I voted for or not, to host a presidential visit is a great honor no company should take lightly. Ultimately my respect is for the office, and what it means much more then the person sitting in it.

      • I didn't say American automakers, just automakers in the US (i.e. companies that employ Americans), but I misspoke when I wrote "dozens." Surely a dozen, but not more. It's true Ford has gotten recognition too, but I just noticed that GM gets a lot of political buzz. There was a promo video earlier this year using GM and the Chevrolet Bolt to tout EVs in general and EV legislation. It just seems like GM is the go-to company for anything auto-related when it comes to politics.

        • Ya, the current administration favors American owned and organized labor companies, no doubt about that. I am not sure there is anything wrong with that? Should they be trying to boost the Japanese, Korean, or European owned automakers first? How about laying out the welcome mat for Chinese automakers? I mean these are delicate issues, to which I am not sure there is a right or wrong answer. Democrats seem to be trying to push a bill that gives bigger incentives to EV's made in America by union workers, but I think Democrats know that will not stick, so they are just pushing it to pander to their voting base. Thats politics, again not right or wrong.

          That Bolt video was not an official government video, but Biden did retweet it.

          • I thought the video was at least semi-official. It involved a cabinet member touting pending legislation and the vehicle was owned by the US Treasury. But in any case, I don't want to make this about politics. I just wondered if anyone else noticed that GM receives extra attention. It could be because of unions and the nationality, but I get the sense they get more attention compared to Ford. I say this as a GM fan. Just seems out of place to me and I can't explain it or put my finger on why.

          • Ya, not sure? I think both Ford and GM get plenty of government attention. As a shareholder of both companies and a fan of EV's I think it's great that the president draws attention to their EV programs. It helps my investments making more profit, so I pay more taxes.

            Both GM and Ford need all the help they can get, getting the word out about their EV programs. Tesla, Rivian and Lucid dominate EV news and most EV discussions.

        • Who do you think supplies the majority of vehicles for the government in DC. New presidential limo is supposed to be electric and produced by G M with no visible badging.

  • Good on the old fart (😄) to pass through! I am actually happy with this, I hope gm pulls out all the stops for his visit with future EV plans and hands on products. Get him into the upcoming E Ray and let him drive the new Hummer, only this time do not have a guy using secondary controls, let him really drive the thing lol.

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