GMC Acadia Rolls After Getting T-Boned At Intersection: Video

A dashcam video of a wild, near-fatal crash involving a GMC Acadia has attracted nearly 150,000 views after it was uploaded to the Viral Hog YouTube channel this week.

This dangerous multi-vehicle accident happened just after noon in Indianapolis on October 17th. According to the owner of the dashcam that captured the wreck, the GMC Acadia driver was travelling eastbound when they blew a red light, causing them to get t-boned by a fast-moving Honda Pilot that was travelling northbound on the intersecting road.

“A person driving Eastbound on 82nd street ran a red light at Hague rd,” the dashcammer said in the video description. “We were facing Westbound on 82nd, stopped at the red light as a pedestrian crossed 82nd street. An oncoming vehicle didn’t see the red light. The struck vehicle sprinkled mine with parts and the sunroof.”

The cammer says the GMC Acadia landed on a car that was parked next to their vehicle, causing it to dramatically spin on its nose before it fell back down and landed on a Jaguar SUV that was also waiting at the red light. Strangely, that Jaguar SUV can be seen attempting to drive with the Acadia on its windshield/roof toward the end of the video. A total of six vehicles were damaged in this wreck, but thankfully (and somewhat surprisingly) there were no injuries.

In addition to the half dozen vehicles that were damaged in the crash, the rolling GMC Acadia was just a few feet away from wiping out a pedestrian that was crossing the intersection at the time. If the pedestrian had started crossing moments later than he did, this wreck could have ended in tragedy.

Check out the video embedded below.

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  • For whomever may actually read this: Happy thanksgiving to all you GMA peeps. I enjoy the good-natured ribbing and disagreement and discussion in the comments. We wouldn't be here if we didn't have this common interest. Hope you all have had a peaceful safe holiday.

    • Hey BobBiggity:

      Thanks for your greeting. Safe and enjoyable travels to you and yours. The automotive industry is at it's craziest milestone anytime in it's history. We all can laugh and enjoy the high drama and chaos the auto industry is going through now and in the future on GM Authority. Henry Ford, Alfred Sloan, Walter Chrysler, Preston Tucker, and all the other pioneers are spinning in their graves. It's all in or toast for poor Mary and her team. We wish success for America, but are all wary and spooked about what's currently happening. God bless America and God help GM.

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  • That’s crazy how they stuck the landing, I give it a 6.5 out of 10. Thankfully nobody was killed. Give the Acadia driver a BAC test and check their cell phone for activity, then give them a hefty ticket.

    • I'd go further, if either texting or drunk or high, suspend the license for a year AND confiscate the car. I see so many people texting and driving. I notice them driving too slow, can't stay in their lane, waiting at a green light... How did the world survive pre cellphone?

  • All the more reason why I have my foot over the brake peddle when approaching a large intersection with a green light. I'm always looking both ways for this very same issue. That Arcadia sure looked like it was going well over the speed limit. I would say the Arcadia driver was on a suspended license, either no vehicle insurance or it was a barrowed vehicle.

  • Having spent most of my engineering career at GM involved in vehicle safety, articles and photos like this should be emphasising the ethics, and dedication GM has had and still has to making vehicle crashes more survivable. The webbing restraints are still the most effective in a crash, but now the innovative devices being installed to reduce chances of being involved in a crash should be published as well.

  • We all directly pay $$$ for this idiocy being in the insurance pool and actuarial calculations. Even on a local and national insurance rate / premium basis.

  • Hi
    This accident had to be the other drivers fault and for the record where exactly is this at i.e. what state did this incident take place at?
    Its not in california or am i wrong here?

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