C1 Corvette-Inspired Kingdig-It CF1 Roadster Shown At The 2021 SEMA Show

Dave Kindig, widely known as the star of Velocity TV’s popular reality show Bitchin’ Rides, displayed his custom C1 Corvette inspired CF1 Roadster at the recent 2021 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

This creation may look like a C1 Corvette, but it’s actually a completely custom car built by Kindig’s shop, Kindig-It designs. Compared to an original C1 Corvette, the CF1 is slightly wider and has a more spacious cabin with better ergonomics, making it a nicer, more natural place for occupants to sit. It rides on a custom chassis from Roadster Shop, which hides underneath svelte custom carbon fiber body panels, and sits on custom Forgeline alloy wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires.

Under the hood of the CF1 is a 7.0L LS7 V8 built by Lignenfelter and topped off with a Borla 8-Stack injection system A GM four-speed automatic transmission sends power to the rear wheels. Output is rated at 673 horsepower and 617 pound-feet of torque – giving this relatively light 3,205-pound show car plenty of performance to go along with its head-turning appearance.

Other highlights of Kindig’s custom roadster include Wilwood ventilated brake discs, a hidden Kicker audio system, Dakota Digital gauges, a Vintage Air HVAC setup and power steering and brakes.

It’s not clear how much Kindig-It designs charges for a CF1, but with components like a Roadster Shop chassis, carbon body panels and a Lingenfelter LS7, we’re certain this package doesn’t come cheap. Kindig-It’s celebrity status in the custom car world also brings some added desirability to the CF1.

Kindig says the two CF1s on display at SEMA represent the first and second vehicles his company has built. It’s unclear how many they intend to produce, although we’re sure they’d be happy to oblige any eager paying customers.

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    • C1 is not a trademark. It's very hard to trademark a single letter and number.

      Heck, if Tesla had gone to court they probably could have sold Model 3 as Model E if they wanted to spend the millions to put up a fight over it.

      Intel sued to try and stop other CPU makers from selling 486 clones as 486. They lost. This is why 586 was sold as Pentium.

  • I like it, real Head Turner, especially for an early C-1. Kindig-It and his crew do awesome work, incredible imagination. Show & Go, what better way to cruise the roads of the USA 👍👍

  • The Show is fine, it's MOTOR TREND showing reruns constantly. They made a second car in blue I like better. Still better than a marathon of Roadkill. Ugh.

  • Kindig's shows a really good. So are most of the MT shows. Producing the shows is very expensive and being essentially free are a great asset to the auto fans everywhere, reruns and all. I only wish that they would spent more time showing the details and performance of some of the cars. The commentary can go on in the background but we don't need Kindig's or Foose's or some of the other pretty faces, except for the girls of course, in our faces in every scene. The C1 should have Powerglide or a 7 Spd manual. The simplicity of the grill intent fits Kindig Design but misses the pure Corvette look. I'd love t see roll-up windows and a hardtop or convertible top design approach but on another version.

  • I only get to watch the show after work, problem is I get the same reruns all the time, very the schedule!

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