Poll: What Will The 2023 Corvette Z06 Price Be?

In case you missed it, General Motors recently unveiled the new 2023 Chevy Corvette Z06, a mid-engine performance machine sporting a long list of go-faster equipment and track-ready features. Although the recent reveal gave us plenty of specs and info to chew on, one very important tidbit is still unknown, namely the 2023 Corvette Z06 price.

Indeed, if Corvette Z06 models of the past are any indication, the new 2023 Corvette Z06 price will undoubtedly be a bargain for the performance on offer. For reference, the 2019 Corvette Z06 retailed from $80,900, giving us something of a baseline from which to build our expectations.

Of course, it should be said that the new Z06 is quite the departure from the preceding seventh generation, and that will no doubt be reflected in the 2023 Corvette Z06 price. It all starts with the mid-mounted, naturally aspirated 5.5L V8 LT6 gasoline engine, offered as the highest-horsepower, all-atmosphere V8 engine ever offered in a production vehicle, rated at 670 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque. Sixty mph arrives in a mere 2.6 seconds.

All that muscle is the product of several impressive features, such as a lightweight rotating assembly with a flat-plane crank. Put your foot down, and the LT6 will spin up to 8,600 rpm, creating an exotic howl that may or may not be out of step with the 2023 Corvette Z06 price.

A dual-clutch eight-speed automatic transmission is onboard to send the go to the rear axle, with a shortened 5.56 final drive ratio giving the 2023 Corvette Z06 even crisper acceleration. The new Z06 also has a wider stance, riding on 275/30ZR20 tires in front, and 345/25ZR21 tires in back. Magnetic Ride Control suspension is standard, as are 14.6-inch-diameter front and 15-inch-diameter rear Brembo brake rotors, squeezed by six-piston and rear four-piston Brembo calipers, respectively.

Inside the cabin, a head-up display is standard. Three trim levels will be offered, including 1LZ, 2LZ and 3LZ.

Now, the question is this – what is the 2023 Corvette Z06 price? Let us know what you think by voting in the poll below, and remember to subscribe to GM Authority for more mid-engine Corvette news, Corvette C8 news, Corvette news, Chevy news, and around-the-clock GM news coverage.

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    • I guessed $99k to start, the C7 Zo6 started in the 80's and was not nearly the car, adjusted for inflation, and capability. GM might throw a $95 K number out there but you will never see a base base model Z06 ordered .

      The Top Z07 Convertible with everything will run in the high 130's to low 140's.

      Right now C8 ATP's are $89K so no reason to sell this masterpiece for less, GM will sell all they can make in the 6 figure ranges.

      • I disagree respectfully, and it might be wishful thinking. I think that the base will stay under that crucial $90k for a couple reasons. Though this is a master piece, it really isn't new, the engine has been in use for 3 years not, so not a lot spent there in R&D (very smart move). Second GM has been delaying this for 2 years not. It would be a terrible look to come out with a price that disappoints everyone. My guess is, base msrp is $87k-ish, most orders will be in the $98-$105 range, plus mark ups. So I would guess most are leaving show room at $110k-$120k. Some reaching the $140k number. The other thing to keep in mind is the zr1. If the z06 is reaching the $140k point consistently then that would indicate the zr1 (c7 was $40k more) would be reaching $180k?? That doesn't make sense for GM. That would make them direct competitors to Mclaren, Lambo, R8 and I don't think they want that. They want to be competitive with the performance of those but not price.

        • Huh? Where has the engine been in use other than C8-R? This is not the Blackwing DOHC and does not share any pieces or parts with the Blackwing. Blackwing was a Hot V design, and taller deck height engine. LT6 is conventional flow, with a completely different configuration top to bottom. Cosworth built a brand new factory in Shelby Township, MI where the cool parts of the LT6 are made, and yes the entire C8 program is behind schedule from original release due to engineering problems, and later Covid.

          As for pricing you are setting yourself up for disappointment. There is a reason GM did not throw out a price with the unveil, because they want the narrative about the car and its capabilities and not the price. Base C8 was the opposite, they wanted the narrative about the value, so they quickly through the price out there during the unveil. They have since raised the price of the base C8 twice, and ATP's are running at $89K now.

          C7 Z06 ATP's were $118K and C7 ZR1 ATP's were $138K This car is not going to be cheaper, just like C8 base is not cheaper. C7 Zo6 base price was $84K add 5K typical C7 to C8 markup gets you to $89K, before you account for cost of materials inflation which has hit hard the last 6 months per GM on the earrings call yesterday. We can wait and see... but I think the prices are going to be much higher then you think. GM is moving C8 to a more Porsche like custom configurations so each customers can build the car exactly how that want. This slows production and adds cost and complexity to the supply chain. They said during the unveil video there are 11000 possible configurations of the Z06, GM has never done anything like this before.

        • This new LT6 engine has been in use for 3 years? Nope.

          Though I do agree with you that the MSRP for a base trim level (1LZ) C8 Z will be under $90K & then go up from there just based on past pricing history of prior Vette generations.

      • Try about $15K lower.

        Hilarious that you speak as if you have any inside info, which we all know that you don't.

  • For any C7 owner who currently own the past Z06 should tell a massive difference between the cars' behavior when they purchase or anyone cross shopping the Z06 with Porsche and some exotic.

    I would not give this car away under $100K. This car is too special and should be small volume with special order only and not flooded on the market. This is the best Corvette for the time being.

    • Production of the Z06 will be low, and there are a lot of people already placed deposits. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

          • Oh yeah. What store might that be? Deposit for unpriced vapor. How are you using the money you collect while most of the folks are waiting for nothing? No allocations are public, 'market price' is simply greed, a release date hasn't been published by Chevy, etc.. So what are the 'deposits' for?

          • The deposits are for putting you in line to get one. I had to get in line for my C8 Stingray. I got it for MSRP by waiting in that line and getting my car exactly as I wanted it. As opposed to paying an extra $30k and having to accept whatever colors and options were available.

          • It may not be about deposits. It may be more about allocation. Throw in dealer mark-ups and the total cost can change dramatically.

    • Do keep in mind that, as special as this car is, the C8 Z06 is only the beginning of the ultra-high-performance story for the C8. The ZR1 and Zora will be the truly "special" cars in the rage, so those are the ones that would be substantially smaller volume than the Z06.

      • Agree totally. Just like the C7. Z06 will be fairly high volume. I think the C7/ZR1 was around 2500 copies total, while I think C7/Z06 numbers ran around 1/2 of the regular model. So am expecting similar for C8.

      • Yes, there are going to be some expensive and collectors version C8's, Going to see a lot of C8's selling over $150k by the time this story is finished

        In this generation GM is not kidding around, and these cars perform. I think the ZR1, will likely start around $130K and go well into the 150's when loaded with all the tricks and gadgets. The 2019 C7 ZR1 started at $121K and most sold for $135k or more.

        Zora, Wow, starting at $150k and going to? Will we see a $200K C8 vehicle? I would not doubt it, a collectors edition before production ends?

      • What makes us believe that all of these awesome dino-based, amazing cars won't become outlawed or made too painful to legally operate???

        • They will be a ban at some point, but right now bans are 10 + years away and written in pencil. They are talking a sales ban, not an ownership ban.

        • There outta be a ban for repeat offenders for reckless driving but that is asking too much for federal government.

    • Not my dealership in Charlotte, they value their customers and will not bilk them. I've purchased 4 new Corvettes in 10 years and have paid MSRP on my last two. Even got $1000 off on my C-8.

    • Speculators are going to reserve them try to flip there resvation or once they take delivery will flip them or exotic car dealers will be flipping them I see very few c8 s on the road so most will go into collections. C8 is a ba sports car that has not given into twin turbos awd other trends

  • I could be wrong obviously just taking a guess, but Inthibk it will be 87k-90k for the base model. It could be lower, because the base C8 started out just under 60k.
    I do see it being more than the C7 Z06 obviously. It is a completely different car, but I do think GM wants to keep it under 100k since the ZR1 would probably be in the 100-+130k range and the Zora starting around 150k.

  • I bet the price starts with an 8. Everyone/most speculated the C8 was going to start above 100 before it debuted. And here it is still starting around 60. No doubt the Z06 with Z07 will be around 120

      • I think GM will peg the MSRP that low, what dealers do and what customers are willing to pay is a different story haha

        • Nope, if GM was going to price it low, they would have shot out the price during the unveil, instead they kept the narrative to features and capability, sound, etc... this ain't gonna be cheap. GM can easily find 5K people a year globally to come up with well over $100K to own these. Not going to start with an 8, or even a low 9.

          • That's why there's an E-Ray coming, has the look but Stingray engine ... with electric boost and that lower price😁

          • Base price for coupe about $89k
            Base convertible about $97k
            Then start adding options.
            ZO7 package at least $10k.
            Carbon fiber wheels at least $2500 apiece
            Fully loaded coupe, $120k-$125k.
            Convertible, $7000k more.

          • The Z07 package includes the rims and Ceramic brakes. The rims are made by carbon revolution. That is the same company that made the carbon fiber rims for the Mustang which are smaller and MSRP'd at 7k for the rears, and 5.5k for the fronts. EACH! The package that included these rims for the mustang was $18k.

  • I enjoy my 2021 but do want overhead cams, so I will be ordering.... and am very excited to finally see this being made. Just so exciting to be able to.

  • Probably around the same price as the C7 ZR1. ~125k MSRP. Have to count for inflation, microchip shortage and supply chain issues with everything else. Add 10-30k mark up from certain dealers. Nice car but way too rich for my blood.

  • $95K. They'll want to keep it under $100K to preserve the Corvette affordability story, however none will leave the showroom for under $110-$120K. And then the dealers will add their dreaded "ADM" sticker for another $10-15K.

    • $89,995 before destination charge of $1295
      The 2LZ will add another 5k
      And most will try to add the Z07 option at about $12k even thought they’d never place a wheel on a road course track

    • The big 3 will order it any way the customer wants for MSRP. There will be copies of the Z06/1LZ model for MSRP made, just like the regular C8. But as you say, most dealers will add ADM and be ordering for stock well equipped.

  • Mello Yellow just can't help himself. When he doesn't know , he knows it all. All manufacturers sell all the cars they make.

    • You might be waiting a while, my local dealer said their list for performance C8's started in 2018 before GM even admitted a C8 was real, and has hundreds of people. The sales manager told me they already have more on the list than the total allocations they will ever get in the performance C8 run.

      I also talked to a very high volume dealership, and same story they have had huge interest long before GM even revealed the mid engine car.

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