Mary Barra Says GM Can Catch Up To Tesla In EV Sales By 2025

General Motors CEO Mary Barra recently stated that The General could catch up to Tesla in terms of U.S. electric vehicles sales by the 2025 calendar year.

During a recent interview with CNBC, Mary Barra addressed General Motors’ latest EV efforts, indicating that customers will respond positively to the upcoming deluge of new battery-powered vehicles. During the interview, Barra said that customers are “wowed” when they step into the latest GM EVs, adding that the automaker will continue to roll out new models and work towards securing the number-one market share in EVs.

As Mary Barra has stated before, General Motors has plans to launch 30 new EV models globally by the 2025 calendar year. What’s more, the automaker stated in its second-quarter 2021 financial results report that it had committed to achieving the number-one electric vehicle market share in North America, a position currently held by EV rival Tesla.

At the moment, the Tesla Model Y crossover and Tesla Model 3 sedan lead the EV market. According to IHS Markit, Tesla held 79 percent of the EV market in 2020. However, that commanding position is beginning to deteriorate, with the latest predictions indicating that Tesla’s share could drop to 56 percent this year as major automakers, including General Motors, ramp up rival product offerings.

According to LMC Automotive, General Motors is expected to outpace Tesla as the biggest EV seller in the U.S. by mid-decade. GM’s EV revenue is also expected to grow from $10 billion in 2023 to roughly $90 billion annually by 2030 as it launches its latest all-electric models.

Some of GM’s new electric vehicle models include the Cadillac Lyriq crossover, the luxury brand’s very first production EV, as well as the GMC Hummer Pickup and SUV, a reimagining of the legendary off-roader nameplate. General Motors has previously stated that it plans to invest $35 billion into new electric and autonomous vehicle technology between now and 2025.

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  • Barra also said GM would get customers from Ford after they decided to stop building sedans. Turns out she built too many, dumped them on rental lots, drove down resale value and told shareholders that sedan sales were up.

    • The last time I check Honda, Toyota, and Kia/Hyundai sedan sales are down as well. Also, Ford stopped selling sedans before GM. GM at least still has Cadillacs, Spark, and Malibu available for sale.

      • 🤦‍♂️You basically just proved my point. Why would you invest in building more sedans when that segment is shrinking? If you weren't so hung up on the brand versus brand thing, you see my comment is about over building not "who" still builds them.

        • Jesse
          Sedans are dying. 2 + 2. is 4, and the earth is the 3rd planet from the sun.
          But how is any of that relevant in an electric vehicle discussion?

          • GM is still making a ton of cash in the gasoline world. They only need to prove they can successfully transition into the electric world.
            The real pressure is on Tesla. They have a trillion dollar stock price to justify on a company the size of Mazda.

          • Many Cowboys here keep forgetting GM sells many sedans at profit, just not in America, same with Ford.

          • Peter
            GM’s Wuling brand has quickly become Indonesia’s 6th best selling brand. In only 3 years on the market.

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            That was low enough for that type of unnecessary response, I'll leave it at that..

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          • I don’t take credit for work that is not mine. “Life is unfair” and “Russia pays all trump’s business debts” isn’t my work

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  • GM absolutely has the means to catch Tesla although Tesla has a big pocketbook, GM still has capacity and expertise.

    • Ya, its possible, but Tesla is not standing still. Where GM has an advantage is the ability to bring different models to market to gain volume, I think Tesla will eventually hit a wall due to lack of choice.

      • @Donavan
        I somewhat agree with you. GM in my opinion can definitely have the upper hand in Brands and more choices for their customers. But Tesla is working on a Hatchback, a Van/Cargo, and some think maybe an even smaller Cybertruck. Tesla has stated they will compete in the main Segments.

        Having said that I think GM will sell more cars annually thank Tesla but maybe not for forever. But most likely they will be.
        The issue that most still do not understand is the perception aspect. Tesla is Apple in the Industry and all others Makers are now fighting for that Google Spot in the Market. Remember, Apple doesn't sell the most Smartphones they are just the most coveted by extremely loyal Base. I do not see anyone any time soon dethroning Tesla in that aspect. I as a GM fan just want them to be better than the rest.

        • Ya, right now Tesla is a big fish in a very small pond. Whether the general public will accept Tesla's lack of style and features remains to be seen on a broad level. I have a Model Y, and like it for what it is, but it's by no means a car I aspire to own, and I laugh at the crappy quality often. I think GM has work to do, and for me it's just hard to believe the same company that makes the Hummer EV, Lyriq, and the C8 Z06 can make the Bolt and think that is a compelling car? I mean it's compelling on price, but not much else. I understand the cost to make cars, it is no more expensive to make a good looking car than a less good looking car, and GM has good designers, they just failed to execute on the Bolt.

          On Apple I disagree with you, in many ways their hardware-software integration is the best, and their fans have reason to be loyal, Apple offers a good experience, and therefore customers do not even look outside for the most part. It's like GM or Ford truck customers, most don't even know what the other company offers or care, because they are happy with what they have.

          • Dear Donavan, I agree with you on the Bolt EV, however, the 2021 Bolt EUV is a much more attractive and compelling electric car. And my test drive in it several months ago was a much better and more comfortable experience compared to my test drive in the 2021 Bolt EV on the same day. It's only drawback is it's max charging speed of only 50kW which in today's world should be around 100kW. However, it's charging curve is faster than my old 2017 Bolt EV based on YouTube reviews.

          • Dear Jeff, I agree with you, the revised Bolt is better, but it's not GM's best work, and that is frustrating to me as a shareholder. GM needs each one of their upcoming EV's to be best in class in some ways. The Bolt only sells on price and loyalty to Chevrolet, I do not see kids hanging a picture in their bedroom with the Bolt on it. Z06 yes, Hummer Yes, Bolt no.

            Now I will give GM a mulligan on the Bolt and EUV as it was a legacy platform that had limitations. I truly feel EUV is not that bad looking, having seen a few of them recently, it is surprisingly good looking from some angles.

            The upcoming Equinox sized EV on the Ultium platform though, there are no excuses, its needs to have 300 miles of range, charge fast (150kW) be descent looking from all angles, have thoughtful storage, be primarily RWD or AWD, and do + or - 4 miles per kWh on efficiency. Then price it under 40K fully equipped with supercruise .

          • @Donavan
            The Tesla Model Y has so many Pre Orders that it is insane. Tesla is predicting by 2023 it will surpass the Toyota Corolla in World Wide annual sales. Lets say they are wrong, just the notion that Tesla thinks they can come close is simply insane. There is waaaaaay more Tesla demand than people can possibly imagine.
            My next vehicle will most likely be a 4680 Cell Model Y and I use my Frunk ALL the time and Cadillac decided not to add one on the upcoming Lyriq. Makes Zero sense.

            Not sure how anyone can Disagree that Tesla is basically Apple in the Automotive Industry. Makes no sense to think otherwise.

          • Tesla says lots of things that do not prove to be true. Model Y though is the perfect car for many families, and I like mine. If Hyundai Ioniq 5 was available when I bought I might have made a different decision.

            Tesla frunk on 3 and Y suck, the aluminum hood is so flimsy, you have to be super careful with it. I put the charging cord in mine, delicately closed it, and never opened it again.

            I cannot call Tesla the Apple of the auto industry when they have less than 1% of the global marketshare, maybe Apple in 2008? But Apple in 2008 had more revenue and higher profit than Tesla does today. Apple has more cash in the bank today than Tesla has had revenue in their existence. Think about that for a second. Imagine if Apple was not spending hundreds of billions of dollars buying shares back how much cash they would have? WOW... Nope that's not Tesla.

          • @Donavan
            What does Market share have anything to do with Tesla basically holding the Apple position in the Market?
            You do realize that Apple does not sell the most correct?
            They just have the most loyal so called Superfans that will never and I do mean never even think of buying anything else. Tell me that Tesla doesn't have that?

    • That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard just stop with the fanboy crap for once. No they do not have the means to catch Tesla. Here’s what gm will be remembered for as far as ev go at least with the Chevrolet division fire.

      • Time will tell, but I think GM has a lot to prove... Tesla on the other hand continues to make unforced errors and give competitors a chance to catch up.

  • gm’s EV’s are too damn expensive, where’s the 30k EV with 400 mile range? Prices have to drop sooner rather then later. Enough of the 100k Hummers and when the SilvERado comes out it’ll cost 80k where as Ford Lightning starts at 43k.

    • The Lyriq is under $60k and I don't think GM is going to price the Silverado out of the market. Why do that when they have the Sierra and Hummer EV taken care of the high-end?

  • Impossible to catch up to Tesla, of course the CEO of GM would say that, the same company who built Bolts that you cant park in your garage or risk a fire and had to recall every one of them.. Look how long it takes them to get updates on the EV the have now..People have been complaining about Bolt fires for over 5 years and nothing was done, as were Volt drives over problems and nothing was done..GM just doesn't stand behind their products and never will.

    • You can’t say that on here the nuthuggers will get angry on this website. Nebula and C8.R won’t like you now.

  • The scale of GM alone will overcome Tesla’s ability to increase the number of models or production of these models in this time frame.

    GM will introduce 30 EV models between 23-25 while Tesla still struggles to bring out their truck, Semi and sports car.

    Add in that most other mfgs will be introducing a large number of EV product at the same time.

    Tesla has thrived as the only viable fish in the small pond but things will be different in the large pond.

    • Agree with everything you said.... GM though has to get past the Bolt fiasco, and then execute well on every model, no room for mistakes. If GM put as much heart and soul in each EV as they do in the new Z06, Tesla is in serious trouble.

  • I think Gm has the capabilities to catch up to tesla but that would take a lot of effort, I don't think Gm ev sales are going to surpass tesla sales considering how popular tesla is. I guess time will tell, nothing is certain at this point I think.

    • Considering how popular Tesla is worldwide, I don't know if gm is ever going to catch up. Time will tell.

      • Mary did not talk about catching Tesla globally, her statement was they will work until they catch Tesla in the USA. Phil LeBeau was looking for a soundbite, but Mary stuck to the script. I think it's possible, GM has to beat Tesla to volume production on EV trucks and dominate that segment then work backwards to cars. I see Tesla USA growth coming under pressure near the end of 2022 as competition really starts racing up, and in 2023 I see GM making a big step forward. If Tesla keeps going USA sales GM has tough sledding to catch them, but if they can slow Tesla's USA growth, that will change the odds dramatically.

        • @ Donavan
          Who cares if GM catches Tesla in US Sales? I want GM to sell more than Tesla around the World.
          The Auto Sector is Global and Tesla sells in China and in Europe.
          GM like idiots as I stated years ago left Europe because they didn't want to compete. Now BEV's are selling like Hotcakes and Tesla is eating VW, Mercedes, and BMW's lunch over there. They keep grasping at straws to not gibe Tesla the Final Permit to start producing Cars in Berlin because they know once that Floodgate opens it is Good Night.

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