LS-Swapped Chevy C10 Is A Slammed Patina Smoke Show: Video

In this YouTube video uploaded by AutotopiaLA, we get a close look at Joe’s LS-swapped 1962 Chevy C10 pickup truck, which he modified himself in his own garage. The truck might have a tired appearance, with its original bodywork and patina appearance, but the cammed 6.0-liter LQ4 Vortec V8 breaths plenty of life into it.

The V8 is then bolted to a 4L80E with a shift kit and 3,000-stall converter, allowing it to quickly climb through the RPM range. The budget-built truck is simple yet plenty of fun, and all of the components are either OEM or custom-made by Joe.

For starters, the front crossmember and a Chevrolet 12-bolt rear end were pulled from a newer, ’74 C10, which allows him to equip the truck with disc brakes, power steering, and a 5-lug conversion. Joe also revamped the rear-end, installing a Posi-Track limited differential and shorter 4.11 gears.

Another big ticket item – next to the beefy 6.0-liter – is the airbag suspension, which Joe pieced together himself. Altogether, the system is comprised of AirMaxxx air bags, a manual air jack valve, and half-inch lines. Joe says the average price of the kits he found was about $2,500 while the cost of making his own was about $800.

Standard Height

Lowered Height

Other tasteful touches include the 20-inch by 8-inch Ridler 645 matte black wheels with a polished lip, wife-selected turquoise accenting, and a custom-made wooden bed floor. To give the wood its eye-catching finish, Joe torched the surface and applied linseed oil. The truck also used to be a long bed, but Joe painstakingly shortened it himself by hacking off 12 inches from the front and 8 inches from the rear of both the bed and the frame.

Impressively, Joe says the total cost of the entire build is a mere $15,000, which includes the cost of the truck itself as well as the donor truck. He was able to mitigate most of the costs by completing nearly all of the work himself, including his home-made exhaust system, which sounds incredible.

Hit play on the embedded video to see and hear this badass Chevy C10 in action.

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  • I think that the time is right to bring back the 65'-69' style Corvair. With it's sleek body style,
    low profile, 4 wheel independent suspension and the peppy rear air cooled 6 cylinder engine , this car was( is) a FUN car to drive. With it's 4 wheel independent suspension, this car handled like a Ferrari. It's time for GM owners to have some fun again. Bring this car back .

  • Patina is terrible. I don’t understand why people flaunt bad bodywork, pretending it looks great.. Fix the rust, dents, and give it a paint job.