GM’s Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV Gets New Upscale Trim Level

In late July 2020, SAIC-GM-Wuling first launched the Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV as the first fully electric vehicle from General Motors’ popular Chinese brand. It quickly became a bestseller in China, and today, it is the world’s best-selling EV. Following the great commercial success of the zero-emission minicar, the joint venture is preparing to add a new range-topping variant of the MINI EV to the Chinese market.

Once again, the Asian country’s authorities went ahead of SGMW and revealed the first images of the upcoming Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV variant, boasting important updates and soon arriving as a new range-topping version of the nameplate. In fact, the new MINI EV variant will introduce an updated design, Wuling’s Global Silver logo and a new powertrain with a larger battery pack.

The leaked images show that the new top-of-the-line Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV has a noticeably different appearance than the regular version of the model that has been on sale in China for more than a year. As such, the vehicle will adopt a revamped exterior design with new headlight assemblies, an updated grille, new bumpers and the brand’s new silver logo, giving it a more modern look.

In addition, the aesthetic changes to the new variant of the Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV include body-specific stampings that mark new character lines on the wheel arches, the lower part of the doors and the drop of the rear window that attaches the C-pillar to the waist line. This is joined by black wheels with contrasting accents, X-shaped taillights and a special “Game Boy” version that adds darkened headlights.

Notably, the upscale variant of the Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV will have a slightly larger body as the wheelbase grows from 76.4 to 79.1 inches. This change is because the new version will have a larger 26 kWh battery pack, almost doubling driving range from the current 170 km to 300 km (186.4 miles) on a single charge. The updated powertrain includes a 30 kW or 40-horsepower engine.

The new range-topping Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV will be launched in the coming weeks and will hit the Chinese market as the main novelty of the popular electric vehicle for the 2022 model year. Although there is no official information yet, it is expected that it will coexist with the current version, aimed at more demanding consumers, but within the same spectrum of highly popular inexpensive minicars in China.

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  • I just don't get it. Just because you have a cheap vehicle, why does it have to be so ugly?
    Upgrades and special trim can't help this thing!

    • It's a miniature version of the Hong Guang. The physical dimensions don't translate well since the Hong Guang is an MPV.

  • When was an electric motor considered an engine? I always thought electric motors are motors dri9ven by electricity and engines are fossil fueled combustion driven devices. I might be wrong but motors are motors and engines are engines in my dictionary.

  • New green tax 2027 reads Bill 101 Aoctrash
    Tax will be paid to remove your environmentaly unsafe garbage for removal as waste detrimental to human , and all living things . Tax will be paid by weight like asbestos , nuclear and all chemical products currently available at your local grocery store.
    What a joke , your 2022 car is disposable garbage!

  • This piece of crap is so small my 5,7 year old grandkids couldn't fit in it. Maybe GM should stop bending over to please CHINA.. The only thing we got from them was COVID-19.. Will the USA ever wake up

  • In Hanna Barbera style
    Who makes the #1 electric car? Tesla? No
    One of the German brands? I don’t think so
    Wuling GM/SAICs low cost Chinese brand? Could be
    Hong Gaung mini # 1 electric car
    Hong Gaung mini better than Japanese by far.
    It’s got style. A groovy smile and a bod that just won’t stop
    When gas prices go up, it like what’s through a duck.
    This electric powered cart.
    Hong Gaung mini #1 electric car
    Chick-ah chow chick-ah chow chick-ah bow wow wow
    Dong dinggly dong dinggly dong dinggly dong dong dong.

    • Lol. As many cars that are in China I guess this thing would be good for over there. I’ve seen pictures of there interstates or whatever they are called there. They put LA traffic to shame lol

  • All of you should consider the need for cheap transportation for the lower class in the world. If the U.S. went bankrupt (it probably will since China is the owner of trillions of our debt!) , how will you move about when you cannot buy gasoline anymore? At least these mini cars can be recharged by solar and wind power at homes which is cheap. That is why there will always be such a need for tiny electrics.

    Don't be so selfish! The Chinese are planning ahead at least for their people, but most here don't see that. I thank GM for being part of this and maybe we will see these small cars here in the U.S. in the future.

    • PG&E manages to turn solar into another money loser for the homeowner unless you yank out your 10-year old system and reinvest in a Tesla Powerwall.

      Americans (rich ones, poor ones and virtuous "save the planet" ones alike) won't buy tiny cars because Americans have to show everyone how important they are! Even if they aren't. And can't afford it. Not the smartest bunch. Which is why gm no longer sells economical transportation here. Nobody wants to be seen in it. Or maybe they're just too fat to climb in. At any rate, it isn't Mary's fault; it's ours. Hardly a surprise with supposedly 81 million lost souls (*and dead people*) opening the gates to tyranny by welcoming in the Build Back Better Trojan Horse. Great job, Comrades.

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