2022 Chevy Silverado Receives New 13.4-Inch Infotainment Screen

The fully refreshed 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 is here, introducing a host of changes and updates over the preceding 2021 model year and 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 Limited. Chief among these changes is a completely overhauled interior featuring a new 13.4-inch infotainment screen.

The new 13.4-inch infotainment screen is equipped as standard on 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT, RST, LT Trail Boss, ZR2, LTZ, and High Country trim levels. The larger screen arrives as a replacement for the 8-inch screen previously equipped on 2019 through 2022-interim (Silverado 1500 Limited) models. The new infotainment setup also includes wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, as well as built-in tech features from Google, such as Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play.

The layout for the large 13.4-inch screen stretches horizontally across the dash and split in half, with the left side of the screen occupied by user interface “buttons,” and the right side incorporating things like the directions and map. There’s also a physical Home button located to the left of the volume knob, as well as a pair of USB ports (including one USB-C port) on the center stack to the right of to the climate controls.

The screen itself is mounted with a “floating” design that lifts it out of the center stack, while also incorporating an air vent on the left for the driver, and a storage bin above and behind the screen.

For now, nothing has been announced yet for WT, Custom, and Custom Trail Boss models. As a reminder, these trim levels were previously equipped as standard with a 7-inch screen for the 2022-interim Chevy Silverado 1500 Limited.

Other notable updates for the 2022 model-year refresh include a new 12.3-inch configurable instrument cluster, which is equipped as standard on all refreshed 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 models equipped with the overhauled interior design. Customers will also have access to GM’s semi-autonomous Super Cruise driver assist system with the High Country trim level, which will come with assisted trailering capabilities.

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  • It’s a shame the 13.4” screen is not fully utilized when viewing the cameras. Looks like even CarPlay doesn’t use the whole real estate. Maybe a screen ratio similar to what’s in the ‘21 F-150 and new Tundra would have been better?

    • That screen is a joke, when you measure the total square inch area, it’s 1/3 the size as Ford and RAM, another gm failure all to save money for the crappy Lectrics.

      • Personally I like this screen layout better than the F-150, new Tundra and yes, even Ram. IMO the screen is the perfect size and actually flows with the interior. I can't stand the look of some of these oversized screens that create huge humps in the dash (f-150) or the screen itself sticking way above the dash (new Tundra). I honestly think Chevy got it right.

  • WHYYYYY would Chevy nix the physical buttons for the audio controls?! Did they not learn their lesson with CUE?

    I drive an 18 LT now, I'd probably replace it with another LT or RST. I can honestly say I will not be buying another Chevy. I test drove the new 19 models, wasn't a fan of the interior then, not really a fan of the looks now. Why is the digital DIC standard?? Why can't I get physical audio buttons?? and why the hell is there paddle shifters in a truck?! Where are the steering wheel audio controls? Where's the pano-roof? c'mon GM.

    Also, this really never bothered me, but did they re-off-center the steering wheel? Didn't a lot of drivers complain about that, so Chevy made a big deal about fixing it on the new trucks in 19? No longer looks centered to me.

    • The physical buttons for the radio are on the wheel for the driver, you also have full voice control over the unit if you so like. The passenger will be fine using the touch screen if they like.

      • I prefer knobs, dials, switches and levers. I don't like crap on my steering wheel getting in the way when I'm steering. And voice control? Pfft. My phone can't even understand me. What makes anyone think my truck will?

        Please, GM, start offering some trucks that are TRUCKS. Not shiny farkle-laden luxury sedans with a box no one will use. Give me back my manual transfer case, steam gauges, and the third pedal on the floor so I can shift gears the old fashioned way. And a solid front axle, too.

        • Buy the custom trim. The 2022 custom has the carryover design, which if the make it the carryover from the LT instead of the custom/wt is a really tough usable and “decent looking” interior.

          • If my local dealers had any, I'd consider one. Those clowns only bring in top of the line trucks that I don't want.

          • They asked the cheap boomers last time for the 2019-2021 truck on how they could improve from the last gen. You saw the result, so no we don’t need more people like him unless it’s the actual mechanical issues then sure

          • Boomer? Nah. Gen-X. Cheap? If I'm dropping the equivalent of a year's wages on a truck, it bloody well better last me 20 years. I've never liked autos. I learned to drive on a 5 speed, and spent most of my professional career shifting gears by hand. I just plain prefer it that way. All my trucks save one had manual transfer cases. Guess which one gave me the most grief? The one with a stupid button.

            What the hell is your beef with someone wanting a simple, basic truck that has no screens, crap on the steering wheel, and manual transmission, & t-case? Hell, I can even do without a stereo system. Just keep the heated seat (preferably with a toggle switch) and a/c. I can do without the rest.

    • The paddle shifters are easier to use than the old rocker switch on the column stalk of the past.

      I agree on the audio controls: knobs and buttons, please.

    • The '19 has almost the exact same interior as your '18. You must not be a fan of your current trucks interior either. I have had a '12, '14, '16, '17, '18 and now a '20. I know of what I speak.

      The wheel is still centered. The offset wheel was introduced in '05 and continued until the new body in '19. Yes, they had some complaints. The offset was so small that I never notice until someone pointed it out to me. It never made any different at all to me.

  • It looks to me like there is (thankfully) a volume dial just to the left of the screen. All of the cabin and seat climate controls are still on the dash which is infinitely more convenient than the Ram setup. It would be nice for the surround camera view to fill a little more of the screen, but it appears larger than what we have now. The Google platform and over the air updates will be great and a large screen flows with the dash which can’t be said about many/all of the competitors. Overall they nailed this design in my opinion. A screen/tech improvement and better materials with the useful functionality and general layout we had before.

  • Yes volume is on the left on a knob and it also will turn it on and off wit a button in the center.

    Travis get the award for paying attention to detail.

  • Looks much better than the '20 model year interior. I agree with the need to maintain as many physical knobs as possible for climate control and the radio power, volume, and tuner. It looks like they have all of this except for the tuner. Still such an improvement over what they came out with a couple of years ago, that interior was such an embarrassment for GM.

    • Tuner is on the steering wheel left side on the back.

      I am also not sure if that Volume knob is 'Just Volume" it seems to have some odd bumps on it like you can push it down.

    • Yes it has Volume controls on the back of the steering wheel on the right and tuner/seek buttons on the back of the steering wheel on the left.

      There is a video on youtube that has very good pictures on and around the steering wheel.

    • Yes, the ZR2 has a front a rear diff lock aux style switch fright under the screen. Best feature here though is the screen is tilted towards the driver so everything is easier to see and more accessible.

  • What’s that non-symmetrical funky shape behind the “floating” screen? Is there a compartment back there? Also what about HUD?

  • Biggest disappointment for me is not have it the LT4 available in the RST. The 6.2 is perfect for the ZR2, as many trucks have a hard time with traction putting down 400 horses on pavement, less 600 on dirt, but a slightly lowered AWD RST with all seasons would be a blast with the LT4

  • When we look at the new infotainment screen setup for the 2022 Expedition, we can appreciate what GM did with designing the new infotainment screen/dash layout on the 2022 Silverado.

    GM did a masterful job with the whole dash/infotainment setup.

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