General Motors Will Offer An Electric Chevy Van

General Motors will offer a new full-size Chevy electric van model. The new Chevy van EV will join an upcoming Chevy-branded medium duty truck as part of General Motors’ expanding all-electric commercial vehicle lineup.

The new electric van and electric medium truck were confirmed by GM CEO Mary Barra during a recent call with investors.

“Both will complement BrightDrop and keep our commercial fleet market share growing,” Barra said during the recent investors call. “We’ll share more details about these products as we move forward.”

Although GM is keeping details on the forthcoming Chevy-branded electric van under wraps, Barra did say that the new vehicle will “exceed expectations” of those customers who have bought a GM van in the past.

General Motors declined to provide an exact date with regard to the release of the forthcoming Chevy electric van. However, it is expected to arrive after the 2025 calendar year.

The new electric van will complement General Motors’ new BrightDrop business. First announced during the Consumer Electronics Show, BrightDrop will provide last-mile all-electric deliver solutions, software, and services to delivery and logistics companies, offering a variety of electrically motivated products. These include BrightDrop EP1, an all-electric propulsion-assisted pallet, and the EV600, an electric light commercial van.

The commercial EV market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, with Ford and Daimler both developing new products for the segment. Rivian is also part of this space.

Currently, GM’s ICE-powered van products, including the Chevy Express and GMC Savana, continue to sell well, with sales growing 27 percent during Q1 of 2021. The sales performance is in spite of the Chevy Express’ old age, with the 2022 model year marking the 26th year of production, making it one of the longest-produced automotive designs in U.S. history.

Sales Numbers - Full-Size Vans - H1 2021 - United States

FORD TRANSIT -5.60% 51,713 54,780 35% 44%
CHEVROLET EXPRESS +31.88% 29,429 22,315 20% 18%
RAM PROMASTER +65.78% 29,009 17,498 20% 14%
FORD E-SERIES +9.03% 17,335 15,900 12% 13%
GMC SAVANA +57.56% 11,291 7,166 8% 6%
NISSAN NV +41.66% 9,372 6,616 6% 5%
TOTAL +19.21% 148,149 124,275

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  • I said this under the quarterly earnings article but I’m surprised that Chevy is getting an EV replacement for the Express and it’s not going to Brightdrop. Perhaps the Chevrolet dealers want to say they have something Ford also has.

    • Brightdrop is planned for delivery/pickup services, like fedex. Maybe the Chevy version is intended for contractors as a work vehicle to haul tools/inventory to job sites.

    • The markets have been traditionally separate. Brightdrop is selling a step van. Ford doesn't sell these today, they sell a stripped chassis to a body builder like Utilimaster or Morgan Olson. These customers require extensive customization, e.g. you have shelves and a ramp for package delivery or you have the interior empty with a power liftgate for a bakery truck that uses rolling shelves.

      In contrast, a Ford Transit or Chevy Express is a full-size van which is sold mainly through their respective dealer networks.

  • What BS , I cant even get a gas powered van. I ordered 2 last year and received 1. My dealer still cant get Gm to pick up the order

  • So, 5 years from now? 6 or 7 to work the bugs out? 2023 is when they end production of the highly reliable and successful GMC Savannah or Express gas models. Giving them 2 years more to clean out inventory.

  • Does anyone know if the wentzville plant is back up and running actual production? That’s the news I want. Waiting on my new special order van. 6.6L baby.