Five Things We Love About The C8 Corvette Stingray

Demand for the C8 Corvette continues to run sky high, with fans around the world clamoring to get the mid-engine sports car in their garage. In fact, in a recent interview with GM Authority, Chevrolet director of car and crossover marketing, Tony Johnson, admitted that GM was “not even close” to meeting demand. Meanwhile, the Corvette was the fastest-selling car in July in the United States. But beyond the hype, specs and photos, what’s it like to actually drive this thing, and more importantly, what makes it good? GM Authority recently spent a few weeks with various versions of the C8 Stingray, and now, we’re listing to the top five things we love about it.

1. Luxury-Like Refinement & NVH Levels

The Chevy Corvette is a sports car, first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean it has to leave passengers battered and bruised at the end of the journey. As such, we found the refinement offered by the C8 Corvette C8 Stingray to be quite impressive, even approaching those found in luxury cars. Compared to its predecessors, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) levels were all quite low, even at highway speeds, making it a great choice for extended driving. Better still, driving around town doesn’t sap the life out of the C8’s occupants with a harsh ride, which is quite a bit more refined than that of prior Vettes.

“On the highway, the C8 Stingray is as refined as a modern sport-luxury car,” commented GM Authority Executive Editor, Alex Luft. “The Magnetic Ride Control suspension soaks up the bumps and imperfections with ease when in Tour mode, while the wind and road noise are also remarkably low. All that takes place while the driver still feels completely in control of the car. A blip of the throttle thrusts this exotic-looking Chevy forward at a break-neck pace. The end result is a calmer and more enjoyable ride that should be appreciated on longer trips.”

2. Driving Dynamics

Don’t let the quiet ride and higher refinement fool you – the C8 Corvette Stingray is still an absolutely thrilling thing to drive. With a 0-60 time as fast as 2.8 seconds with the optional Z51 performance package, the ease with which the new mid-engine Vette builds speed is intoxicating. Insanely high levels of grip and handling complement the acceleration nicely, making for an attractive combo that even GM technicians can take advantage of.

“The C6 and C7 were fast, but the C8 is an entirely different league,” Luft writes. “For starters, it enables even the least skilled driver to become good at driving fast. Better yet, that benefit also extends to experienced drivers, who will be able to drive faster and more confidently in the C8 than they could in the car’s front-engined predecessors.”

3. The Exterior Styling

Not only does the C8 Corvette Stingray’s mid-engine layout enable it to raise its performance envelope, but it also lends the nameplate new proportions, giving the Chevy an exotic aura that was simply non-existent in previous generations.

“During my time with the C8 Stingray, two people complemented me on my ‘new Ferrari,’” Luft writes. “Others, who are more informed, couldn’t stop looking at the C8 and complementing how awesome it looks. And I couldn’t even count the amount of second-takes and thumbs up from other motorists and onlookers. The C8 turns heads everywhere it goes. Having a bright yellow color certainly doesn’t hurt.”

4. The Cabin

Along with the new styling, the C8 Corvette Stingray also introduces an all-new cabin that cocoons the driver with a fighter-jet-esque layout. An all-digital instrument cluster sits behind the steering wheel, while a long strip of hard buttons is located between the driver and passenger on what’s essentially a massive center console. We also loved the quality of the cockpit, both in terms of the actual materials as well as the build quality.

“I like the interior of my C7 Grand Sport, which is my daily driver. But the cabin of the C8 is on a whole different level,” Luft writes. “Quite literally everything, from the materials to all the touch points and details, is elevated to a whole other level. The added customization in colorways makes those higher-quality materials pop even more.”

5. In-Vehicle Technology

In addition to quality materials and driver-oriented layout, the interior of the C8 Corvette Stingray also offers the latest in infotainment technology, including a standard 8-inch diagonal HD color touchscreen, the latest Bluetooth connectivity, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (the wireless piece is new for 2021, as 2020s were wired only), and a Bose Premium 10-speaker sound system.

“The thinking behind this one follows that of the interior: the tech in the C7 is pretty good, but it’s taken to a whole other level in the C8,” Luft writes. “Things are faster and more responsive, graphics are crisper, and the animations – as seen when switching drive modes – have a video-game-like quality. At the end of the day, the C8 doesn’t feature technology for the sake of technology. Instead, it offers a perfect blend of functionality and eye candy.”

Bonus Item – No Low-Speed Tire Stuttering

When equipped with the factory run-flat tires, the C7 Chevy Corvette exhibited an issue known as “tire stuttering.” Also called “tire jumping” or “tire hopping,” the front tires move longitudinally across the pavement surface when turned at (close to) the maximum wheel angle at low speeds, such as when maneuvering in a parking lot. No such issue with the C8 Corvette Stingray.

“This is an annoying quality of the C7. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I switched from the stock run-flat tires on my C7 to a set of non-run-flats. Luckily, the C8 doesn’t have that problem, run flats or not,” Luft writes.

Stay tuned, as we’ll have a list of the top five things we dislike about the new C8 Corvette Stingray soon. In the meantime, subscribe to GM Authority for more mid-engine Corvette news, Corvette C8 news, Corvette news, Chevrolet news, and around-the-clock GM news coverage.

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Jonathan Lopez: Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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    • I’m not a corvette guy. There’s been a couple models that I’ve thought were nice looking but I’ve always been partial to mid/full size muscle. I don’t see the attraction to the c8 at all. If anything it makes the c7 look good to me and I didn’t like that either. That said I’m sure it’s a blast to drive and people should spend their hard earned cash how they like.

    • Styling can be very subjective. Some people like it. Some don't. It is certainly very different from earlier generations. On average though, the new styling has been well received and a lot of people like it. Hence, the styling making it to the list.

      Personally, I like it. The C7 was a major change from the earlier generations and the C8 is a major change from the C7.

  • Merlin Balke, you should go look at a C8 convertible in person……I would bet you would change you mind on that styling comment! I had seen one in a Hendrick Chevrolet show room and it was completely stunning!

  • Graphics are at a whole new level, especially when the Cadillac emblem shows up on the infotainment screen.

  • I have no complaints. But I admit, my previous vette was a C3 and it has been many years since being in one. But my 2021 is a dream to drive. Gets a lot of attention. Has a very good build quality.
    I am curious what the list of things they do not like will look like.
    At first I complained about the tail styling, but I had not looked at a C7, then I realized the C8 tail is a perfectly expected evolution of a C7 tail.
    Another thing is the fat rear end, theMcLaren and Ferrari are more sleek.
    But a McLaren and Ferrari do not have a place to store a removable roof . The C8 storage really helps on trips to the store, or carrying overnight bags for trips away.
    The C8 sticks to the road like nothing I have ever driven, very confidence inspiring during spirited driving. I like driving this as much as a motorcycle.
    One thing Iwish it had like the C7 ? That cool hidden motorized storage compartment behind the infotainment screen, that was cool.

  • And for those who seem confused by paddle shifters, and may not have driven a modern Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren. The transmission is a manual, it clunks on take off and when slowing down and down shifting, no mistake, it has manual gears and a clutch, with paddle shifters.
    In the 2 day class at Spring Mountain Raceway and Ron Fellows driving school they teach you how to do traditional burn outs and control the clutch using the paddles. I am not missing a pedal and a stick, it is manual. And fast.

  • The C7s were great I kept one from 2014 until March 21 traded for a 2021 C8 total different car I love the drive and handling so much I ordered a 2022 exactly like the one I have now

  • I find my C8 to be a great car. It rides very smooth in tour mode and rips up the curvy mountain roads easier that my sport bikes in track mode.I get so many comments on this car, people take pictures of it going down the road. When I go to Car Club shows people flock around my car and tell me how much they love it. I'm so happy I waited for it to be produced even thought I would get frustrated at times. Seabring orange, Z51, Lt2 w/ sport seats.

  • Nothing new, a copy cat car with ideas that have been around and built for a long time, better know as a catch up car. Europe has it beat by miles. But for USA production it looks innovative guess that's good enough for what America us becoming

    • Consider the price as you compare the the Euro cars.
      The C8 is a real value.
      I know no one talks about it, but a 6 liter chevy engine
      will need much less maintenance than 4 liter engines
      in the Euro cars. Less cutting edge, but dependable.

    • "Europe has it beat by miles."

      So is that why Corvette Racing consistently beats any and all rivals from Europe, year after year after year?

      Let us know once your dreamland begin to align with reality.

      • did you read this site a few days ago, guess not. I speak from ownership of those cars and Corvettes how about you?

          • Leo - I speak from all kinds of experience, including professional (double check the name) and personal (ownership). Don't let your snobby demeanor get in the way of reality.

      • Not to mention how much a new 911 cost ?.
        I can only purchase what I can afford @ 84,150.00 brand new. As MC Hammer would say .You can touch this. Oh and American built for those who love our country like myself.

        • Leo stop you can’t afford jack $hit, stop fronting.

          Do you have any actual counter arguments to what Alex said? Which C8 do you own? Give me a VIN.

          • This is always funny when people say you can’t afford this lol. Please it’s a $60k car you aren’t buying a ferrari you act like this plastic vehicle is expensive 😂

          • Ha Leo, We all know what you are full of …because nobody has ever bought one for $60,000 not even close….you certainly do not own a C8 or any other exotic car….why are you acting like you have both?

          • Who’s fault is that if you pay more then msrp for a mass produced car? This is not a limited vehicle it’s a corvette lol. But I’m sure gm is glad there are enough tools out there to pay over sticker.

          • Hey Leo…please tell us what you really drive?
            Have ever driven in a C8…I doubt you have ever even sat in one, because if you had you certainly would not be calling them a cheap plastic mass produced car….they are a quality car….I know we all just banter back if forth in fun.
            I have actually had the opportunity to drive one….these cars are much nicer then the average person realizes….I was very impressed and loved they way the convertible top goes down…I really like the way the convertible looks compared to the targa top….and this is coming from a Porsche guy. The C8 rides smoother then any other high end performance car that I have ever been in. Please go drive one and then post what you think!

        • I, too, love the Made in America story! Sorry, but not sorry. I understand some parts come from other countries, but I am proud to “See the USA in a Chevrolet”! Great commercial! Do it again, GM. Just a thought.
          I really love my Zeus Bronze C8 3lt hard top convertible!

          • Thanks for the love of country. Wow you have a very special C8,.Zeus Bronze was the least produced color and is no longer available like the Sea bring orange color that was third least produced as I'm sure you know. Go Go C8 and enjoy 😎

          • I will say this , I was going to get the C7 for my birthday in 2019 but 3 days later the C8 came on line so I reordered on early October for a November birthday . They laughed , that’s ok I got it on my birthday to the date in 2020 November . Just what I order , C8 1Lt White, red int. It was very Worth the wait . And talking about produced it’s The unicorn . Love it !!

      • Sounds like the USA in that description. But you would have to add the strong smell of piss in all major cities then you got the good ole usa

    • I'm pretty sure Leo drives a Toyota Corolla S model which is faster than the C8. The "S" does stand for Sport after all.

    • If by "nothing new" you mean "mid-engine sports car" then you are technically correct. Mid-engine sports cars have been around for almost 100 years. Longer if you count some of the turn of the 20th century experiments. But a copy cat car? A copy of what? Catching up to what?

      I mean, but this logic, every new Ferrari, or Porsche, or Lamborghini, or, or, or, is a copy cat of some other car that had the same basic layout, right?

    • I’ve owned a C4 convertible for 30 years that I bought second hand that I got as a second car just because as a kid I always wanted a ‘Vette and I’m happy I did. I’m keeping it as long as they make gasoline.

      IF I lived in a place I could use it year round (instead of in living in Eastern Canada) I would IMMEDIATELY buy a C8 to use as my everyday car. An everyday car that can outperform 99% of the cars out there at a price that I can still call reasonable and affordable, lol.

  • I believe I have experienced Low-Speed Tire Stuttering in my 2021 C8, but it that is all I have to complain about I would say it is still a GREAT car.

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