Lincoln To Rival Cadillac With Fully Electric Model Range By 2030

American luxury automaker Lincoln has announced it will electrify its entire vehicle portfolio by the end of the decade – echoing the strategy previously set forth by its crosstown rivals at Cadillac.

Lincoln will unveil its first fully electric model next year, kicking off a product onslaught that will see half of its global volume consist of battery-electric vehicle sales by 2025. By the end of the decade, every single one of Lincoln’s products will be electric.

Facilitating this transformation will be a new electric rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive flexible architecture, which will underpin four distinct Lincoln EV models. The automaker also outlined its new ‘Quiet Flight’ product approach this week, which references the silent running operation and torque-filled nature of EV powertrains.

“As we accelerate Lincoln’s transformation in North America and China, there is no better time to propel the Lincoln brand forward with electrification,” said Lincoln president Joy Falotico. “Electrification will take Quiet Flight to a new level with the smooth, exhilarating take-off feel and serene quietness our clients expect from a Lincoln.”

Cadillac previously said it would eventually offer electric vehicles only, with half of the luxury marque’s portfolio set to be driven by battery power alone by 2025, if not sooner. The first Cadillac EV out the gates will be the Cadillac Lyriq crossover, which will hit dealerships early next year.

In another move rivalling Cadillac’s strategy, Lincoln has also outlined plans to introduce a hands-free highway driving assistant akin to Cadillac Super Cruise called Lincoln ActiveGlide. Just like Super Cruise, ActiveGlide will enable Lincoln drivers to operate the vehicle hands-free on certain sections of divided highways, which Lincoln calls “Hands-Free Blue Zones.”

In addition to Lincoln and Cadillac, Jaguar and Volvo have also both committed to electrifying their entire vehicle portfolios over the next decade.

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    • Lincoln needs to add this Zephyr sedan AWD to the 2022 lineup ASAP, then add a entry level and Flagship Continental EV. A Aviator EV Navigator EV, Blackwood EV SuperChief pickup. If Lincoln want to be America’s Luxury EV Brand this model that’s showing up next year, should have been on the market before the Ford Mach E that would leapfrog Cadillac

      • Lincoln says they’re bringing out a whole portfolio and Farley says the Aviator EV is being worked on along with the Explorer but I doubt that they wouldn’t have a sedan since sedans usally have better range and performance but it’s Lincoln so it could go either way but in the press release it did say that they would have a wide verity.

    • Well it’s going to be here (on sale) before the Lyriq so that’s going to be a major factor. Except the Lincoln brand name has been damage and right now you you can tell that they’re doing damage control where as Cadillac it still has an ok reputation but it’s just not comparable to theirs in the 60s. But Lincoln has been getting very positive press lately and it’s definitely going to benefit the Lincoln EV and Cadillac I feel like the Lyriq could not has as much press when it officially goes on sale as much as the Lincoln EV due to the Lyriq being released 3+ years early so I think the Lyriq won’t be just as exciting as the new Lincoln electric SUV that was unveiled whenever it’s being unveiled. The Lyriq is still going to be successful but depending on how good the Lincoln SUV is I have no doubt that the Lincoln SUV could possibly be more successful (unless it’s based on the Mach-E)

  • Lincoln has already demonstrated that they know how to design excellent vehicles, including outstanding interiors. It comes down to battery technoloy. They are a little behind Cadillac but are catching up fast. It should be excellent competition for Cadillac which will make both companies better and more choices for consumers.

      • Not junk but because they are both damaged undefined brands many people will think like you. Ford should have purchased Lucid and wound down Lincoln

    • Lincoln technically didn’t release anything about their battery technology but the F-150 Lightning has pretty good range since it’s estimated at 460 miles.
      The only real way to know how good something really is is to bring it out on the road since usually automakers put some catch on their on-paper-specs like Tesla and the Model S 0-60 time which is proven to be fake.

  • Torch and pitchfork people punching the air! If your rivals are mimicking your actions you are on the right track.

  • Haha, So Lincoln will catch up to Lyriq 2022 specs by 2030? Lyriq will be launching its 2nd refresh by that time, specs likely to get better...

    • Remember, Lincoln leapfrogged Cadillac with some of their SUV's. I believe they will be very competitive long before 2030; I'd say by 2025-2026.

      • Haha, a little behind? You call buying tech from Rivian catching up?
        Wana buy some real-estate in Florida? 😄😄😄

        Rivian's going to make billions off of FUDMOCO!

        • They have the Ford Lightning, so I'm pretty sure they will be fine; I guess we'll have to wait and see.

          • Good point Fastyle, but Ford is not the only auto company that purchases batteries from suppliers and other companies. GM essentially purchased LG Chem's battery technology and is collaborating with them to develop batteries for future EV's.

          • Sure but GM's investment in LG chem is a tech development partnership and ...ooh, let's not forget, SK Innovations stole some of that tech!

            You know, for those batteries that are going to be used in those Ford EV's.

          • Ford Lighting does not have any Rivian Tech in it... Not 1 part... Rivian uses different battery tech, and different motor and drive tech.

          • Yes right, $500 million and no tech, no software, not even the frunk lights? Look like the front vertical R1T lights to me.

            Ford is catching up fast! With their small car platforms? No, their buying that as well, from VW AG, that would be their MEB platform.

            Their catching up alright!

      • Cadillac never got their CUV and SUV models right other than the Escalade and it got stale for a little while.

        The age of re bodied corporate platforms have done a ton of damage to Cadillac and Lincoln. With Cadillac at least they had a few things better vs Ford trying to pass off as re bodied Taurus as a Lincoln. GM at least used the Alpha.

        But even like the CT6 Blackhawk they show they can get it right then the corporation pulls the rug out from under them.

        For just announced they will do a platform for the EV cars just like the one GM is about to introduce. Ford is behind!

    • To be fair american car companies are slow. Foreign car companies already have EVs on the market. The Hyundai corporation moves as fast as Beijing and gets things done. The german big 3 too. So don't roast Lincoln when lowercase gm has talked about EVs for the past few years stating how they are going all in on them lol. Meanwhile Kia is having a sporty hatchback that was shown a few months ago come to the market this year. I don't even care about EVs but find it funny how this corporation is so slow for something they have been pandering about. Besides their core competency their good trucks and top tier BOF SUVs they lack elsewhere.

      Meanwhile Cadillacs FWD CUV lineup is stale as all hands are on deck for cars that have yet to have organic demand.

    • The FIRST Lincoln EV is being realeased in 2022. In 2030 their entire line up will be fully electric. Not just one vehicle. Lincoln didn’t even realease a single hint about their specs so it’s pretty hard to judge something without any facts. Lincoln has been very surprising lately from the 494hp Aviator to creating the new standard in large luxury SUVs with the Navigator in 2018.

  • This is great news IMO. Any brand, especially luxury brands, who don't have all or nearly all electric products in the next 5 to 10 years, will be sitting by the side of the road watching the rest drive away.

    But from this article, the main thing that caught my eye was the names. Now that Lincoln has killed off the stupid MK stuff and is putting great names on really nice products with fantastic interiors, they seem to be building great momentum. Just look at the two names from the article: "Quiet flight" and "ActiveGlide" really catch attention and will give customers a good idea what they are. The Quiet Flight really goes well with the current names being used by Lincoln. ActivGlide gives a feeling of luxury compared to Super Cruise.

    Personally, I feel Cadillac still has a little better products, but they are light years behind Lincoln in too many other areas.

    • Both makes have advantages and disadvantages. I feel GM is lazy with Cadillac when it comes to marketing for as technology is concerned. IMO, Ford seems to understand branding and naming certain things that has an aura of luxury to it. Even though names like Super Cruise, stabilitrack and magnetic ride control are amazing benchmark technologies that are pretty much on Cadillac first, those names are shared with other GM brands. I like for Cadillac to have the same features shared with other brands but different names that exude luxury or aura of luxury like Lincoln is doing.

  • I'm calling it "The All New 2022 Lincoln Geely Volvo Polestar 2, by FORD" based on that teaser of the front.

    • @V: I'm assuming you are just making a joke? Ford has nothing to do with Geely/Volvo/Polestar. At one time, Ford owned Vovlo, but not any more.

  • Ford had something planned all along with Lincoln for EVs but no longer can keep it a secret. Better late than never. More than likely, it could be a CUV model being reveal in '22

    If both Lincoln and Cadillac offer benchmark vehicles in the segment starting with the EV push, there is no reason to buy the foreign competition anymore.

  • "Cadillac previously said it would eventually offer electric vehicles only, with half of the luxury marque’s portfolio set to be driven by battery power alone by 2025, if not sooner."

    Not with microchip shortage and Intel saying the industry will take 2-3 years to sort out!