2022 Nissan Z To Be Unveiled In August As Chevy Camaro And Corvette Rival

The 2022 Nissan Z sports car will make its official debut at the New York International Auto Show in August, the Japanese automaker confirmed this week.

The automaker has already shown images of a pre-production concept of the next-generation sports car called the Z Proto, however the version set to debut in NYC this August will be a production-ready model. Nissan shared a short teaser clip on its Twitter page this week confirming the August 17th debut date for the production model.

Rumors allege the next Nissan Z will feature a twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 engine. This will likely be a version of the twin-turbo 3.0L V6 that is currently found in the Infiniti Q50 and Q60, but with the wick turned up to produce around 400 horsepower. The current Nissan 370Z features a naturally aspirated 3.7L V6, which produces 332 horsepower and 269 pound-feet of torque.

The Z Proto model featured a six-speed manual transmission, which will almost certainly find its way into the production vehicle as well. Additionally, the Nissan 370Z is offered with a seven-speed automatic transmission, so it would stand to reason that Nissan will offer an automatic in the next-gen Z car.

“The Z represents the joy of driving in its purest form and has helped shape Nissan’s DNA as a passionate, innovative challenger,” said Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida. “Ever since the first generation, it has captured the hearts of car enthusiasts all over the world. That’s why we’re so excited today to be able to say to them: Yes, the next one is coming!”

The new Nissan Z will serve as a direct rival to the Chevy Camaro, competing in the budget-friendly sports coupe space alongside other entries like the Ford Mustang and Toyota Supra. It will also compete with the C8 Corvette in a roundabout way, likely offering similar levels of track performance as Chevy’s mid-engine sports car.

We’ll have all the details on the 2022 Nissan Z once it makes its official debut in August.

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  • The rear looks wonderfully Z. The front looks unfinished but the aftermarket will take care of this. I'm very excited for this car. Will be a Camaro fighter for sure.

  • IF it looks like the ones they have been showing going to be a flop like the Supra is. This thing is boring.

    • Yeah I should be as exciting as that Camaro which has just skyrocketed in sales.

      This thing looks awesome. If GM had some half competent designers, the Camaro would be awesome too.

  • Corvette rival!? Easy boy, you gotta get up pretty early in the morning to be rival to Camaro let alone Corvette.

    • There may be an uber version of this that competes with a C7 Corvette, but this is more of a Camaro competitor, just no back seat.

  • Need more cars like this. Like it or not, there aren't many around anymore. Can't take these for granted.

  • I dig it. I really liked the 350z, but the 370z never grew on me. This looks far more classy and desirable than the 6th gen Camaro ever did.

  • I’ll tell you what is lost. The feeling I had when I saw the first 240Z. This new one doesn’t even come close.

  • Not enough horses, maybe around 440, that will help cover up the lack of sharpness!

  • It's called hyper marketing... Use the Camaro SS and Mustang 5.0 to give it recognition like they did for the Toyota, which are not in this class based on factory HP numbers. At best on a 60" day high 13 second car if that... more of a low 14 second car even though it may weigh less, the HP/TQ isn't there. The GM 3.6 twin turbo produces around 435HP...

    IMO, I like the Z but not in yellow... IMO, the Z is more of another Japanese competitor, Subaru and Acura or the low end BMW competitor.

    • I'm not sure which car you're saying is a High 13 low 14 second car, because if this has a turbocharged 400 horsepower 6 cylinder it's doing 12s stock. The 370Z was mid to high 13s

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