General Motors Employed 155,000 People Worldwide In 2020

General Motors is an enormous enterprise, spanning six continents with hundreds of facilities and millions of vehicles produced annually. Now, thanks to the 2020 General Motors Sustainability Report, we’re gaining further insight into GM’s size and scope, which included some 155,000 employees during the 2020 calendar year.

Per to the 2020 General Motors Sustainability Report, GM employed 155,000 people at 322 facilities around the world, including 88 manufacturing plants in 29 countries. GM also lists affiliations with 12,358 locally owned dealerships worldwide.

Those 155,000 employees include 112,000 workers employed by GM North America, or 72.26 percent of the total workforce, 34,000 workers employed by GM International, or 21.94 percent of the total workforce, and 9,000 workers employed by GM Financial, or 5.8 percent of the total workforce.

The General Motors 2020 Global Workforce was predominantly male, with 77.7 percent of Total Regular Employees (107,622 employees) being male and 22.3 percent (30,847 employees) being female. Among temporary workers, 58.1 percent (3,031 temp workers) were male and 41.9 percent (2,184 temp workers) were female. Among managers, 79.2 percent (7,464 managers) were male and 20.8 percent (1,961 managers) were female, while among non-managers, 76.9 percent (103,189 non-managers) were male and 23.1 percent (31,070 non-managers) were female.

The breakdown also lists 45,803 hourly employees and 36,048 salary employees in the U.S. GM workforce.

With regard to production, General Motors sold 6.829 million vehicles globally last year, with roughly 2,924,000 units sold in North America, 470,000 units sold in South America, 3,434,000 units sold in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa, and 1,000 units sold in Europe. Worldwide, GM supported 12,358 dealers, including 4,697 dealers under GM North America, and 7,661 dealers under GM International. GM also sold products in some 83 countries, with 12.4 percent of global sales being fleet sales.

Interestingly, GM’s EV portfolio last year included 10 models with some form of electrification, with an estimated 953,729 metric tons of CO2 emissions “avoided” and 2.3 billion gasoline miles “displaced.” The automaker states that there were 151,579 GM electric vehicles on the road in the U.S. in 2020.

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  • i'm sure gm like every other company is working as hard as possible to bring that number down.

  • It seems like it was just over 600,000 around 2001, or was it 800,000? Anyway, they then shed and split to 250,000, before dwindling to this new low.

    • In 1980 GM had 853,000 employees worldwide. My own hometown of Flint, MI, with about 200k living in the city, had over 77,000 hourly GM employees at that time. I was a child then. Today, this is now somewhere around 7000 hourly employees in Flint, dozens of closed brown fields around town and the cities population is closer to half of what it was. I'd assume I don't need to mention what the loss of tax revenue has done to the area, as it has made national headlines pretty much my entire life; from nation leading unemployment numbers to lead poisoning, can all be traced back to the huge loss in local revenues. Extensive economic research was done to show that up to 7 local jobs were created for every high wage worker. I have personally witnessed many of those opportunities going away permanently. It is especially sad given the significance of Flint in GM's first 50 years, including being where it, and a lot of early industry people (like Durant, Chrysler, Sloan, CS Mott, Kettering, etc), earned their reputations. Walter Chrysler took the money he made running Buick, in Flint, for Durant, and purchased a small car company that eventually wore his own name. Even after that history, and much more, we are just a red headed pariah now. ;)

  • I Heard that GM has paid out more money to North America pensions then any other company in history by a large margin.....can anyone here verify that?

  • with robots and computers doing a lot of the work now if you want a top paying job you better learn how to work on them or have a trade.