C8 Corvette On Rohana Wheels Evades The Police For Ad Shoot: Video

Appleton, Wisconsin-based wheel manufacturer Rohana Wheels has found a unique way to market its new aftermarket wheels: by staging a fake police chase in Los Angeles with a customized C8 Corvette Stingray.

This wheel commercial is a lot different than the ones we usually see. Most YouTube ads for aftermarket alloys that we come across feature a custom car riding through a graffitied city and are set to some hip hop or electronic music, but Rohana’s trades the cityscape for the 110 freeway in Los Angeles, and the beats for a police siren. The brief police chase scene even features a fake police radio overlay proclaiming the driver to be “armed and dangerous.” Thankfully, no one has been involved in an actual, filmed police chase in the C8 Corvette yet, but we get the feeling it’s only a matter of time before someone tries to evade law enforcement in the mid-engine sports car.

The car featured in this ad is an Arctic White example equipped with 19-inch Rohana RFG13 monoblock wheels and a Pandem rear wing. It’s also equipped with an aftermarket air suspension kit for adjusting the ride height on the fly. This allows the owner to get the desired stance they want for the vehicle while also being able to go over speed bumps and other obstacles without scraping the car’s entire underbody on the ground. We’re not sure if oversized wheels and air suspension is a great setup for evading the police, so it’s a good thing the chase was only staged.

Check out the video embedded below to see more of this custom C8 Corvette.

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  • I hate to be a wet blanket here, but could this be the most inappropriate time to glorify running from law enforcement? Hopefully GM gets in front of this with some strong PSA.

  • I can assure you I won't be buying any products from a company that "implies" running from law enforcement is OK.

  • Lame commercial. The C8 could vaporize the pavement and leave the Tahoe sitting like a Xmas tree! Lack of imagination is rampant!

  • Terrible , I will not remember the name of this wheel. In this time of high road speed, this is not the message any responsible company should promote . I drive a c-8.

  • Could have ended video pulled over with flashers on, window open after putting paperwork on dash and hands on the wheel. Then saying: sorry officer I was just checking for a bad spark plug, coil or cable.
    Many years ago that went over like a lead ballon stepping it down on a clear RT 66 after changing plugs and points - good old days for maintenance.

  • Stupid, they should have spike stripped him and make in more realistic. Dumb ass adds for dumb ass people.

  • You guys need to get out more. I can't believe you guys are so hyped-up over a video ad. There are way more important things in this world to be concerned about.

  • It should have ended more realistically, with the cop pulling over an 80 year old white haired dude for driving too slow in the left lane.