What Should General Motors Call The Electric Chevy Silverado: Poll

Earlier this week, General Motors confirmed that it was developing a new all-electric iteration of the Chevy Silverado pickup truck, resulting in a flurry of interest among fans. The question is – what will it be called?

As GM Authority covered previously, one possible name for the upcoming all-electric Chevy Silverado is “Silverado E.” Along with confirmation of the all-electric pickup’s development, General Motors also released a new teaser video that shows the Silverado nameplate against a shadowy background. As the camera pulls back to reveal the entire nameplate, the “E” in the name is isolated with a blue glint. As the rest of the background fades, the “E” remains highlighted in blue.

Further evidence that General Motors may call the all-electric Chevy Silverado the Silverado E comes from the teaser image file name – “Chevrolet-Silverado-E-Teaser.”

However, Silverado E isn’t the only possibility here. A few others include Silverado EV, or possibly even Silverado Electric.

At this point it’s unclear what General Motors will end up naming the all-electric Chevy Silverado. Details on the battery-driven pickup are still few and far between, although we do know that it will offer upwards of 400 miles of range per charge, with GM’s Ultium technology under the skin. We also know it will boast a ground-up design specifically built for all-electric power, with both retail and fleet versions offered to customers.

When it finally hits production, the new all-electric Chevy Silverado will be built at GM’s Factory Zero facility in Michigan. The plant was previously known as Detroit-Hamtramck, and received $2.2 billion in upgrades earlier this year. Factory Zero will also produce the new GMC Hummer EV pickup, the GMC Hummer EV SUV, and the Cruise Origin autonomous taxi.

We want to know – what do you think General Motors should call the new all-electric Chevy Silverado? Let us know by voting in the poll below and posting in the comments, and make sure to subscribe to GM Authority for more Chevrolet Silverado news, Chevrolet news, and around-the-clock GM news coverage.

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  • I think they could drop the Silverado name and just go back to the alphanumeric like it was in the older days, (C/K1500) and just call it the E1500, E2500, etc.

      • There is a Silverado 1500, 2500,3500,so let's call that Silverado that can go 400 miles on a single charge The Silverado 400E .When that comes out, you bet I'm going to buy one..I dont tow, but Love my Silverados. GOOD BYE GAS STATIONS..GOOD BYE...

        • I've been driving an EV for almost 3 years, you'll love it. I plan on getting a nicely used hummer ev

        • Until you run out of electricity stranded on the side of the road wishing you had a regular, normal gas engine like everybody else who isn't into these goofy electric cars.

          • Those who own a Chevy Bolt or Tesla Electric Vehicles pretty much have the resources and references as to where to recharge their vehicles during long distance commutes and towards the end of this decade, the Charging Stations will become much more convenient nationwide, we got to stop having doubts about different approaches towards driving a car or truck when it comes to powertrain technology, we got until 2050 at least in most areas before the ICE will officially be a thing of the past, so there is still time to enjoy it.

          • There are hardly any charging stations. Those that exist are more expensive than gas. Anything else you'd like debunked?

          • The only point of merit that you bring up, is the cost of using a charging station (I assume you mean DC fast charge). Yes, they cost about the same as gas...but what fool would buy an electric car if they didn't have an easy and cheap way to charge it (at home...for example) a majority of the time. Fast charging is used for convenience and speed, which for some is worth the extra money. I DC fast-charged my Bolt approximately 6 times in the 3 years that I owned it. Of those, only 1 or 2 of those weren't free. The other 99.9% of the time I charged for free at work (Level 2) or for $0.04/kWh in my garage (also Level 2 and nearly free).

          • People fuel at gas stations for speed and convenience. Without oppressive gas taxes that pay for welfare limos (public transportation) gas would be cheaper than electricity.

          • Would be and actuality are 2 totally different things and to answer your question every charge station has DC fast charging it takes about 30 minutes and my car had 80% charge, but EV owners like gas owners have to be responsible for themselves, if you low on gas you go get gas if your low on charge you go to a charge station or simply charge at home like most owners do, this is a non issue

          • I drove a Volt for 5 years and a Bolt for 3. If you run out of charge in an EV it's operator error, just like in a gas powered car. Since I turned in my Bolt lease I've seen dozens of new DC fast charging stations popping up (in Michigan)...literally in the last 6 months. Charging is becoming easier by the day. Melania - I think you're projecting.

          • Um, yeah....there's a little app called Plugshare, which everybody uses. If you filter by DC CSS charging stations, you can see how many show up on the map. The last time I looked at the map was probably in November 2020. I just checked it a week ago and there are literally dozens more DC fast charging stations in my immediate region than there was just a ~6 months ago. Not anecdotal evidence, not talking points...just experience and observations from a prior EV owner.

          • First of all that website is not "official" and it's worse than wikipedia, not only can anybody edit it, anybody can ADD fake stations! Just like bidens magical surge!

          • So go to chargpoint then that's official been around since the beginning. I use it to charge my car easy app and connected to Google navigation. To easy!!!

          • Don't recommend feeding the trolls around here. All your points are valid but some folks are just too far gone into the alternative facts cult.

  • How about anything but Silverado xyz! If it is not built using a Silverado as it's basis, how about something old brought back or something entirely new; like Cameo, 3100 ET, Sonoma or Fleetside EV, Lonestar EUT, etc... At least be original and not derivative.

  • No No No it needs a dammmn name!!! Like Effusion, Elixir, THUNDER, Cronix, Thunderbolt, Striker, Riptide, Electrode, TENSION, ELECSTRIDE

  • I think they should just call it the Cheyenne. That’s what they call Silverado in other markets and it use to be a trim level for many years back in the 60-80s. A different name would set the truck apart so it isn’t just the “EV version” of the Silverado. Just a thought.

    • I like this idea but am not sure if Cheyenne is the right fit. I'd like to see a real sports truck and called the Cheyenne.

  • I think the 3 names to vote on are generic. The name should be similar yet new. A name doesn’t have to have background it doesn’t have to an old meaning. It’s a new name it’s a new word. Say the name “Erado” a few times its catchy short and its in the word Silverado. Also with the new teaser it works with the highlight of the E. My vote is on option 4. “Erado”

    • Don't bother with some "electrified" version of the Silverado name at all. Silverado is a terrific truck name, but it's not worth it. Time to hop back into the WayBack machine and dust off the Avalanche nameplate...because that's what the "Silverado EV" looks like anyway. Big C-pillar sails.

      Carscoops did a near-perfect render of it already. Check it our if you want a good look at the truck before it's revealed fully.

  • Actually you don't have to change anything with the name here is why; Silverado is a portmanteau of the words “Silver” in English and “El Dorado” in Spanish which refers to “a place of silver” or just “the silver.” And guess what; silver is the most electrically conductive element in the universe. Jackpot!

    • »silver is the most electrically conductive element in the universe« ????

      I think that is gold.
      You see a lot of gold coated contacts etc, but never of silver.

      • No, silver is more conductive but it is also the easiest element to oxidize in the open environment, so gold is used instead for contacts.

      • Silver in it's true form is far to brittle and only slightly better than copper for conductivity. Then there are the corrosive reasons as to why they gold plate.

  • Probably will retain Silverado in there somewhere to be able to add it to current Silverado sales numbers to make the EV look like it’s selling.

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