2024 GMC Hummer EV Pickup Will Also Receive Power Station

The 2024 GMC Hummer EV pickup will offer an onboard power source called the Power Station capable of drawing up to 3 kW of power from the vehicle’s Ultium battery pack.

General Motors confirmed the Hummer EV SUV would introduce the Power Station system following its debut last weekend and we can now confirm the Hummer EV pickup truck will also offer this feature from the 2024 model year onward.

The Power Station system will be available in the Hummer EV pickup in the dual-motor EV2X trim level, as well as the more powerful tri-motor EV3X trim level. It will not be available on the entry-level EV2 trim.

GM says the Power Station system enables generator functionality at 120v/25A/3kW and also has the ability to charge other EVs at 240v/25A/6kW. The system could be handy to power tools or equipment when out on backcountry trails or when camping. It might also be useful during a power outage to power appliances or a space heater, for example.

“The new available Power Station generator offers significant external powering capabilities to power off-road adventures and more,” GMC said in a statement. “With enhanced vehicle hardware, the Hummer EV SUV can jump charge another electric vehicle at 240v/25A/6kW and power a variety of equipment and accessories at 120v/25A/3kW.”

7.2 kW Ford Pro Power Onboard generator

The Ford F-150 currently offers a similar integrated generator called the Pro Power Onboard. The Ford generator is available in either 2 kW or 2.4 kW variants, while the F-150 Hybrid has an optional 7.2 kW generator. The 2 and 2.4 kW Pro Power Onboard generators have two 120-volt outlets, while the 7.2 kW system has four 120-volt outlets and one 240-volt outlet. The Pro Power Onboard generator is a $995 option in standard F-150 models and $750 in the F-150 Hybrid.

GMC has not said how much it will charge for the Power Station system in the Hummer EV pickup and SUV. More information on the generator should become available in the lead up to its market release in two years.

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  • Lol what? There's no engine to keep the battery charged to keep providing power. Powering other equipment will just get you a dead vehicle that much faster.

    All electric is stupid. Everything should be going hybrid, with the ability to plug. And then once there is actually a charging network, then think about removing the gasoline engine.

    • I am sure there will be safeguards to not let you drain your battery pack to zero. Its a good idea for a contractor out in the sticks needs a little power. PHEV is a good option too. (engine only to charge batt) There is a fairly large charging network and once Tesla allows others to use their network that will 2x the available network. Any business that would like to to hang around for 20min will install a charge station.

  • I'd love to see this become standard for EVs in the future, but perhaps I am asking for too much.

    • Ford hybrids already have onboard inverters to generate AC power. My 2014 Fusion Hybrid can generate 1.8 kW ( 120 VAC at 15 A) from its small battery. The Hummer EV should have a 7 kW or greater inverter. The 2021 F-150 Hybrid can generate 7.2 kW ( 240 VAC at 30 A).

  • Hybrid is just a half a$$ expensive way to go. Either do ICE or EV but not both.

    I agree with Rich this feature should be standard. This way everyone. Could easily charge a car enough to get it home if they over do it or fail to charge as they should. Just look at all those who run out of gas just putting $5 in.

  • Power station is misleading. Especially for the uneducated consumer. All this is going is adding transformers that take precious potential energy already stored up in this battery car. Just like one charge their phone via their laptop while it is not plugged in. It will drain the battery faster. People should be more concerned about how they will charge this battery pack vehicle. In the case of a power outage example that people used. A generator of any type will have to used. As energy does not come from now where. Anyone who camps knows that they need to bring extra batteries which add weight.

    Maybe EVs shall be federally mandated to have a crank. When I lived on an island almost everyone had an emergency radio that took rechargeable batteries but also had a crank so that power can be generated.

  • Useless vehicle, where are they using these. Most SUV's never leave the road here. Says look how much I spent because I was an idiot with money or a great credit score and financed this for 10 or more years. LOL

  • Much ado about nothing here... Hopefully GM does not charge too much for the 3 kw inverter system - although IF it can charge another car at 240 volts alternating current- the question is why not also have the same ability to run a 240 volt table saw or 240 volt welder?

    These news items are usually less than nothing since they don't delve into practical details... Such as is 25 amperes the MAXIMUM that can be supplied while a power tool is starting and the entire system craps out when the 12 " circular saw the carpenter is using craps out when starting at 26 amperes?

    I would like to think GM engineers anticipated practical concerns such as the last paragraph - but I doubt it. Now we hear that FORD cannot get its 48 ampere wall box to work right (its just a glorified light switch after all - but customers can eschew Ford and buy one from any number of vendors that is cheaper and works just fine).

    Ford's Mach-E now has the GREAT BRAIN FEATURE that when the car is plugged in the small 12 volt accessory battery is not allowed to charge - NOR any replacement 12 volt dc power made. Since small pumps and fans must work during the charging period - anyone charging a dead BIG (traction) battery from a typical 110 volt receptacle in the garage or carport will BY DEFINITION drain the 12 volt battery over several days to the point of Sulfation, in other words - ruining it.

    Even if the Brain-"Challenged" (Dopey) engineers came up with this obviously suicidal feature, the most casual test driving by a minimum wage parking lot jockey would find this feature after plugging the car into to recharge after draining the battery all the way down 240 miles and then recharging for 3 days on the plain old plug.

    What makes matters worse with the Mach-E, is that Brain Dead Ford made all the doors have undefeatable ELECTRIC latches which run off the now missing 12 volts. So you can't even jump start the thing EVEN when its traction battery has now charged back up to 200 or so miles of range.

    Is GM a bit smarter than Ford? You would think they certainly would have to be, but I wouldn't stake my life on it. If these idiots make these kinds of easily anticipated Rube Goldberg Catastrophic Failures - you wonder what else in the vehicle will FALL OUT ONTO THE STREET at a moments notice...