Appeals Court Dismisses Suit Over Cracked Dashboards In GM Trucks

A judge with the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a decision to dismiss a proposed class-action lawsuit over cracked dashboards in certain GM trucks and SUVs.

This class-action suit was filed in 2017 in the Eastern District of Michigan and said that dashboards in certain full-size GM trucks and SUVs sold between 2007 and 2014 were prone to cracking. The suit also alleged there were possible safety risks associated with the cracked dashboards. Plaintiffs brought forth claims of fraudulent concealment, unjust enrichment and violation of state consumer protection laws, according to Reuters, however GM eventually moved to dismiss the suit, saying it had no knowledge of any safety risks related to the cracks.

The case then went to the court of appeals, where it has now been dismissed by Circuit Judge John Nalbandian. In dismissing the class action suit, Nalbandian said plaintiffs did not have sufficient facts to support the claim that GM knew there were any safety risks associated with the cracked dashboards. He also said many affected parts only complained of cracked dashboards in their vehicle after many miles of use, which did not support the claim that GM knew of the cracked dashboard defect at the time it sold the affected vehicles between 2007 and 2014.

As GM Authority reported last December, many vehicles affected by the cracked dashboard problem were recalled for a separate issue related to faulty Takata airbag inflators. GM’s product safety bulletin for the Takata recall specifically mentions the cracked dashboards, notifying dealers that customers may bring the condition to the dealer’s attention and instructing them to not replace the dash as part of the recall procedure.

“Due to age and environmental exposure, some vehicles may display warping or cracking around the passenger airbag opening in the upper instrument panel area,” the GM bulletin distributed to dealers says. “Inspect this area with the customer at the time of the vehicle repair order write up. If warping or cracking is found, inform the customer that the condition is not covered by this recall, nor is it caused by the airbag service procedure. This warping or cracking condition will not affect the passenger side airbag deployment.”

The following GM trucks and SUVs are affected by the Takata airbag inflator recall and may also experience warped/cracked dashboards:

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  • My 2012 Silverado just had a small crack form not long ago. 190,000km and 10 years old. It's annoying, but only noticeable when cleaning the dash.
    The amount of UV, extreme heat and cold the dash especially is exposed to its surprising it doesn't happen more.
    I can't remember the vehicles, but I remember as a kid in the 90s being in cars with cracked and warped dashes and other plastics

  • My 2010 silverado has had ceramic tinted windows (and light tint on the windshield) since i bought it new in 2010. I have had multiple cracks in the dash since 2014, so even with the UV protection, the dash still cracks.
    Such a load of crap for GM to say they had no knowledge and that it doesn't present a safety risk.
    It's things like this that make me think GM could care less about the customer. I have never considered another brand, but I am in the market this year for a new truck, and GM is no longer at the top of my list.

    • Boo hoo, it is unfortunate but something cosmetic like that they really can't plan for that well. Just because you THINK the had knowledge or in your opinion it is a safety measure in order for them to get it thrown out of a US court they had to test and show it doesn't impact safety, so I will believe engineers over a guy on the internet and his opinion. With that you are going to jump ship because of a cosmetic issue that who knows how your truck is treated when it has lasted from 2010 with I am guessing minimal issues to another brand? Good luck with that... I will take a cosmetic issues over the myriad of issues and complaints the others have had, especially if you've had mechanically good luck. The grass isn't always greener, I am not blinded by pretty bells and whistles or the appearance of a truck like many seem to be these days, I want it to work and be reliable and GM has shown time and time again to do that.

      Good luck though, I doubt you will have as trouble free experience this time around...

      • You've obviously NEVER worked in the auto industry!! I spent 25 years in the industry, mostly in service and with GM. They're quality SUCKS!!!!!

        • GM knows full well their dashboard was junk. My was replaced 3 times under warranty and always cracked at the passenger airbag. Some holes the size of a fist. They are garbage. Hell Toyota recalled there’s because it turned to glue after a few years. You can’t even get Gm to fix the chevy shake almost all 2014-2019 trucks have. My best friend has had Gm buy back 3 trucks because it vibrates so violently. The 8 speed transmission has a faulty torque converter in it and it will start shuddering and yes you can flush the transmission and it stops it for a short time but then the converters come apart the trash the whole transmission. I put a aftermarket converter in mine and fixed the shudder problem. Gm needs to be held accountable for not helping these people out that spent 65 grand on a truck that shakes and shudders. Gm can’t fix the problem.

  • GM knew there was an issue as this went on for 7 years- same nonsense with the rear window ( Tahoe) defrost plug coming away from the window- only way to fix it correctly was to replace the rear window- pissed many a customer off because of these 2 issues-

    • My rear glass was replaced under my insurance and had 5 GM rear glasses replaced after that at no charge because even the new rear glass rear window defrost tab kept falling off after just a month. NOT MUCH QUALITY THERE !

  • even the older trucks have the dash cracked problems, i own a 02 silverado since new ,my dash is destroyed like the one's I used to see with the dodge trucks, and the worst part is chevy doesn't sell a replacement dash, i had to go with a aftermarket skin dash over it that looks like crap, that you chevy

  • My 2007 Tahoe developed these cracks years ago...multiple cracks over the IPC hump and another just forward of the passenger airbag module. Brittle, cheap plastic is the reason. I also have a 2007 cobalt with zero issues with the dash cracking. Too bad the Tahoe fix would require replacement of literally the whole dashboard assembly instead of a less expensive top skin replacement.

  • I had an 07 Avalanche with a cracked dash. Took it to dealer and they wanted $400 to replace it. It almost always sat in garage, not out in the sun. I loved that truck but it had its problems. It also burned a quart of oil every 3000 miles, dealer told me that was normal. SMH

    • Dealer is completely correct, quart of oil in 3000 mi is not a problem. Parents had 2 Subarus with the 2.5l and each burned exactly a quart every 2500, since they day they were new.

  • GM has lost their way, they come up with excuses for all there poorly designed and constructed parts had an older avalanche and the dash cracked dealer knew that they had problems but wouldn't replace bought a new silverado high country with the 8 speed they refuse to even acknowledge that it had multiple problems and told me it was operating as designed have been a loyal GM man my whole life bought a new dodge ram yesterday the jury is out but after a hundred miles or so it much better than the silverado GM better wake up I have three other friends who have gone with dodge rams as well that's why I bought a Dodge they all were sick of GM dismissing complaints and love there new Dodge rams

  • Yet people still blindly pledge allegiance to gm. As always look before you leap. I have seen old farm trucks with dashes that are not cracked, along with some that are. But these farm trucks are much older. Will say that a friend bought a new F150 with the powerboost hybrid option and it is kind of awesome. Hoping gm responds with something along those lines soon as I am looking for a new truck.
    I am still happy with my 2015 Chevy Cruze but will look farther when time to buy another vehicle.

  • Typical chevy crappy dashes never had one that didn't crack thru the many years and body styles My 2011 silverado started getting cracks 2 yrs ago looks like hell but would take an arm and a leg plus several hours to replace and then it may crack again made with poor flimsy plastic

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