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    1. Steve Nash says:

      Don Yenko’s entrance into the performance scene, and the rest is history. The Corvair was limited on what he wanted so he moved up to the Camaro, Nova, and Chevelle with the 427 cubic inch V8.

    2. The Gentle Grizzly says:

      That was one of the prettiest cars ever to be built by Chevrolet. In fact, even the four-door version of it looked good.

    3. Howard J Nielsen says:

      Always wanted one
      I owned a 66 Corsair Convertible in Black with tan Interior
      Wish I owned it today

    4. Smokefoot55 says:

      I’ve been saying for decades: People that don’t like Corvairs have never driven one.

    5. Charles Moss says:

      I currently have a very custom 1965 Corvair Corsa. It has been the talk of many car shows. This is Chevrolet’s best kept secret. AIR COOLED IS A WAY OF LIFE!!!

    6. Tony says:

      Had a 1965 Monza. 4 speed. Headers. And ran it stock at Miami Hollywood Dragway. Got a few trophies. Later modified it with a Carter AFB. Recurved distributor and Sunoco 260 fuel. Got more trophies. Glacier Grey with white interior. Keystone mags. Should not had sold it.

    7. Old Timer says:

      The Corvair was a great car. I never saw a Yenko Stinger but I did see quite a few Spyders on the street and they were very cool. My family had a’63 coupe, 102 hp, power glide, a blast to drive.
      Screw Ralph Nader.

    8. Marty Roth says:

      Now driving our 5th Corvair, a 23,xxx mile1965 Monza 4-speed 110-hp Marina Blue Metallic convertible with white top and interior-
      I started off with Dad’s 1960 Power-glide sedan but years later enjoyed a pair of Corsa 140 hp 4-speed models a 1965 convertible and a 1966 coupe – and another 1966 convertible , but this one a Power-glide Positraction 2-carb 110 hp model

    9. Donnie T Rump says:

      I need one to ride around Mar a lago (sans Melania).
      Maybe Ivanka would like a ride….just sayin’

    10. Kenneth Baker says:

      Yenko #4 is silver.

    11. MikE says:

      Dona Mae mims 1927-2009the pink lady”worked for don yenko one who the first female a s c c a championship,she also raced a stinger and other sport s cars ” think pink ” pink outfit she had a 1979 pink corvette

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