Wisconsin Man Wraps His Chevy Camaro In Christmas Lights, Gets Pulled Over

A Wisconsin man who affixed Christmas lights to his Chevy Camaro in a bid to spread holiday cheer has been forced to switch them off after he was pulled over by the police.

According to Wisconsin FOX affiliate WLUK, Tyler Kamholz was pulled over by a state trooper while driving through a parking lot in Grand Chute. The police officer kindly informed young 18-year-old Tyler that motor vehicles can only have white, amber or red-colored lights affixed to them, making his multi-colored Christmas lights illegal. The maximum fine for a violation of this law is $200, but the officer must have been feeling a bit generous with the holidays approaching, as she decided to let the teenager off with a warning.

“She pretty much said she really liked the lights, but she’s pulling me over for the lights,” Tyler Kamholz told WLUK. “She asked for a picture and took a picture. It ended up on Facebook everywhere.”

While Kamholz is allowed to keep the Christmas lights on his car, he has to keep them switched off when he is traveling on public roads. He admitted to WLUK that he’ll probably still drive his Chevy Camaro with them on, but “only on backroads where I’m only going like 20,” he told the news outlet with a laugh.

So where did Tyler get the idea to attach Christmas lights to his car? He said he first saw a tutorial about it YouTube a few years ago, so this year he decided to go out and buy $30 worth of Christmas lights and try it himself. His dad, a retired police officer, warned him that the lights would be illegal if he drove around with them turned on, but as teenagers are known to do, he didn’t listen. It seems Tyler had to learn this lesson the hard way, but at least he was able to avoid getting a ticket.

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  • A. He didn't listen to his Dad.

    B. He openly admitted that he will continue to drive around with them turned on.

    C. Best of luck, Junior.

    • You act like there’s vehicles out there that don’t ever have a part go bad whether it’s mild or severe. What kind of world do you live in. Can’t just drive a car and do no maintenance on it, and even with maintenance parts don’t last forever your expectations seem pretty unrealistic, you should fix that. You can get aftermarket parts that may last a longer time or the stock parts which can still last a long time if it’s built good. It’d be really cool if parts did last forever. But what kind of money does that cut into for the company?

    • What should be illegal is all these new car high powered lights! Even NOT ON BRIGHT they hurt. Anyone with a T.B.I. like me is sensitive to bright lights to the point I turn I to incredible HULK! I'll take these low 12-volt multi colors over anything! Don't get me started on the COPS "SO BRIGHT YOU HAVE TO CLOSE YOUR EYES AND WISH FOR THE BEST" as you drive by with someone pulled over! TIMES HAVE CHANGED. Laws need to too! Let the kid have some fun in the messed up world we're living in now these days.

      • Other countries have active LCD matrixes or mems scanning lasers and the car just shuts off the lights where an oncoming vehicle is, so it illuminates everything for you, but appears off to them.

        But NHTSA is a laggard, so we can't have nice headlights.

    • White facing forward, red and amber back, amber on the sides. Green allowed in some states.

      That's the lighting rule in a nutshell.

  • Merry Xmas and happy new year keep the lights on before the chrinch stills ur SlayCamaro keep up the spirit my friend, keep on Trucking,,,

  • It was great he didn’t get a ticket. Let’s face it, every one of us that was a teenager did something stupid in their youth.

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