Dashcam Catches 2022 Chevy Bolt EV During Commercial Shoot

The 2022 Chevy Bolt EV has been spotted by a sharp-eyed YouTuber who had his dashcam running as he drove past a General Motors commercial shoot.

According to the YouTuber, Moose OBX, GM is out near North Carolina’s Outer Banks this week filming some sort of promotional video featuring the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV. He was driving near the photoshoot location in his car with his dashcam rolling when the star of the show, a lightly camouflaged 2022 Chevy Bolt EV prototype, drove right past his car.

His dashcam video only gives us a very short glimpse of the refreshed Bolt EV prototype and because the vehicle is covered in camouflage, the test vehicle in question isn’t giving away too many secrets. It appears the next-gen version of the electric hatchback will have a lower, wider and slightly more athletic stance, though, separating it from the higher-riding Chevy Bolt EUV crossover that is set to join it. The clip also gives us a look at the trapezoid-shaped faux grille opening, which is flanked by a pair of contrasting black accent pieces (or potentially DRL lenses?) and narrow LED headlights.

2022 Chevy Bolt EUV prototype with camouflage

Official details on the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV are very scarce at the moment. It will ride on the same BEV2 platform as the current Chevy Bolt EV, however, and should be quite similar from a powertrain standpoint as well. As a reminder, the current Bolt EV has a single electric motor producing 200 horsepower and a 66 kWh lithium-ion battery providing up to 259 miles of range.

The 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV is expected to be built alongside the closely related Bolt EUV crossover at GM’s Lake Orion Assembly plant in Michigan. Lake Orion already builds the current Bolt EV at the plant along with the autonomous Cruise AV, which is based on the electric hatchback.

Check out the video embedded below to get a clear glimpse of the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV well ahead of its upcoming debut.

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  • Closer to the concept, and further away from the two faux grills is an improvement, but the light housings look very Toyota.

    • Toyota? No nothing like their front ends at all.... This is very much influenced by the current Blazer frontend.,

  • According to my Bolt it only gets between 170-190 miles of range...not including the new limitations because of the battery fires.

      • @theflew Are you talking to me? I am in SoCal, def not cold most of the time. Sometimes I go up to the mountains and the range drops considerably in the cold and uphills are a chore for the battery.

  • Still pretty ugly imho. Congrats GM, you'll sell dozens of them a month. Maybe they should build the Trailblazer and Encore GX in Orion as well, or some type of vehicle most people will actually want.

  • that looks so great, I am still not the biggest fan of the Bolt name, but if it's stance is lower, this is the spiritual successor to the Sonic (and at 200hp basically is the Hot Hatch we never truly got with the Sonic)

    now if they made a similar stance BEV in the C segment, you'd have a proper Cruze/Volt successor as well

    • This will NOT feel like a hot hatch. It's actually less of a hot hatch, and more of a minivan, than the original Bolt EV. It's longer, heavier, sits higher, and uses the same drive motor as the original Bolt. So, how is this a more of a hot hatch? It's also measured in kW not Horsepower, right?

      It's like the spiritual successor to the Sonic, only it spontaneously catches on fire, leaves you stranded, and has limited range. This will not be the successor to my 2013 Sonic. Yeah, that's a no from me dawg.

      • Yeah you are confusing the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV here @h4cksaw. they will be building both.
        What you see here is the Bolt EV with the refreshed front and rear.
        Looks lower and more more streamlined so yes a hot Hatch works.

        Also we still use Horse power for output. kW is the power from the battery.

        • Yeah your definitely right about the EV and EUV mix up, but that speaks volumes about how stupid the naming of the Bolt EUV is. If a GM enthusiast like I consider myself can mix that up imagine what a typical consumer will think. Anyways, neither of them are a hot hatch just because something has 200hp and accelerates quickly in a straight line doesn't make it a hot hatch.

          I have test driven a bolt and stoplight to stoplight its pretty quick, but the handling isn't wonderful. You feel the extra 400 lbs the battery contributes. The true measure of a hot hatch imo is the GTI, which weighs substantially less than the Bolt and has comparable power numbers. A DCT equipped GTI is actually faster 0-60 than the bolt. And there are even hotter hatches out there.... just saying... the Bolt is a warm hatch... at best.

          • There have been head to head comparisons of the current Bolt vs GTI on auto cross courses where the Bolt is only just shy of the times the GTI is putting down with the same driver. It may not look as “hot” as the GTI, but if we are just going by the numbers and details the Bolt has a hatch and puts down similar times therefore it makes the cut IMO.

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