Holden Cruze Driver Loses It After Side Swiping Fellow Motorist: Video

With the number of bad drivers on today’s roads, it’s never a bad idea to have a dashcam rolling when commuting to and from work or going out to the store. Even if you get into some sort of accident or mishap that isn’t your fault, the dashcam will always ensure that it isn’t just your word against someone else if the police get involved. Just take this recent incident involving a Holden Cruze, for example, which was captured on a dashcam by a motorist in Victoria, Australia.

The video begins with the cammer’s vehicle, seemingly a silver SUV or small pickup truck of some sort, traveling on the far left side of a one-way street with three lanes. As the cammer approaches a first-generation Voodoo Blue Holden Cruze traveling in the middle lane, the driver of the affordable compact car puts their left turn signal on and prepares to make a lane change.

The cammer continues traveling in the same lane, seemingly unaware the Cruze driver has turned their left-hand signal on, as the Cruze begins to drift into the left-hand lane and sideswipes the cammer’s vehicle. The two cars then pull off to the side of the road to assess the damage when the driver of the Cruze gets out from the driver’s seat, seemingly irate, and storms to the other side of the vehicle. He then appears to yell obscenities at the cammer before attempting to get back into his vehicle.

At this point, the victim of the Cruze’s careless driving takes a photograph of the vehicle’s license plate to ensure the driver can’t escape. The Cruze driver then charges at the victim, raising his fist at her and seemingly preparing to assault her in some fashion. As the altercation continues off-camera, sirens can be heard in the distance. The police then arrive on the scene shortly after to de-escalate the situation and (hopefully) teach the Holden driver the importance of making safe lane changes and treating his fellow motorists with courtesy and respect.

Check it out in the video below.

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  • The Guy in the Holden is an idiot for sure but the white car clearly saw what they were doing and could have avoided the problem and just backed off.

    When you see an idiot you can't just assume they are going to stop or back off.

    This is a case where two wrongs don't make a left.

  • This is a case where the blue car driver thinks that by turning on his directional, he now owns the road. That was not what i was taught. I was taught that I had the responsibility to make changes ONLY when safe to do so.

    In this example, the driver of the blue car should have slowed down to allow the silver vehicle to pass before moving into the lane occupied by the silver vehicle.

    TL:DR - Driver of blue car completely at fault...and he needs to take a course in anger management, to boot!

    • For sure the driver in the blue cars is at fault just from Turing from the wrong lane.

      I suspect the older driver did not look well and the blind spot did not help. He should have gone around the block.

      But the white car could have backed off just for self preservation from the idiot in the blue car.

  • The blue car guy is an idiot but so is the other guy. Clearly he didn't see you. You could have let him over instead you have two messed up vehicles. This is why my damn insurance is so high.

  • Yes, the blue car is technically in the wrong, but the driver of the white car could have prevented the whole thing by just being the adult and backing off. It looked to me she made no attempt to avoid the collision. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Ha ha.. Because... We all idiots always back off and let other bigger idiots like the blue holden guy to do these sort of lane change... It will never resolve the issue... So great to see that the white car guy decided to hold his position to give the bigger idiot a lesson.. Also others who are commenting here hoping they will get away with similar situation by calling both of them idiots... Best of luck😜

  • The cops where driving the Holden Colorado, if you notice the perp pod on the back is completely seperate from the front compartment, the perp can take a dump and the cops won’t know till their back at the station, then it’s breakout the fire hose for a wash.