2022 GMC Hummer EV Interior Uses Google Infotainment Services

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV has finally made its big debut, ushering in a host of new technology and features along the way. In addition to fresh tech for off-roading fun, such as CrabWalk and UltraVision, the new Hummer EV interior also comes with the latest goodies to keep passengers informed and entertained, as powered by Google Infotainment Services.

Last year, General Motors announced that it would integrate various Google services and features into new 2021 model year vehicles, with Google Voice Assistant, Google Navigation, and the Google app ecosystem replacing the automaker’s in-car voice assistant, navigation system, and app shop. The new system continues to utilize Android operating software.

However, when General Motors announced it would use Google Infotainment Services, it did not specify which models would offer the new features. Now, however, GM Authority has confirmed with GMC Hummer engineers that the Hummer EV interior uses Google Infotainment Services.

A few examples of the Google Infotainment Services features includes hands-free calling and texting, audio selection, and climate control temperature changes using Google Voice Assistant. Google Embedded Navigation also offers up-to-date route info, EV charge station location data, and other useful tidbits.

In the announcement made last year, General Motors stated that the decision to go with Google Infotainment Services was based on the fact that “many customers prefer an embedded technology experience in the vehicle, and increasingly expect seamless integration between the tech in their hands and the tech in their vehicle.”

Indeed, the GMC Hummer EV interior is already packed with innovative technology, and with Google Infotainment Services onboard, customers will no doubt have all the latest cutting-edge features right at their fingertips. Inside the GMC Hummer EV interior, the EV Edition 1 comes with a 13.4-inch diagonal infotainment screen and 12.3-inch diagonal driver information center display, while a wealth of off-road widgets produce information on various vehicle function and terrain status, such as torque output, tire pressure, differential locker engagement, pitch and roll angles, torque vectoring, and much more.

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Jonathan Lopez: Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  • So to the GM real tech want - a - bees !

    I see that now this Google system will be used also in the trucks.

    So you brilliant GM tech guru's will I be able to do a software update in my 2020 Denali, Ha, Ha, Ha !

    O the dreams of GM being real tech, that would surely be a great day !

    That was one of the main reasons I bought my 2020 Denali ---- over the air updates -

    Yet I have had to go to the dealership 4 times now for system updates !!!

    Once again GM saying things that they can not do !!!!!

  • This Eurotrash looking matchbox should only be made available as a rental on a small island. Good luck Amigos.

  • This Eurotrash looking matchbox should only be made available as a small island rental. Good luck Amigos.

  • Mid-gate, or no mid-gate? Inquiring minds, and former Avalanche owners want to know...

    The more pic's I see, the more I like it!

  • I think this is the best news out of GM in 2020 !!

    Get that $hit in everything and fast !

    Google is so, so, so, so much better !!!

      • Guess I need new glasses also as I see the same thing dave. I've always thought they should bring the Avalanche back as an eXtreme wheeler, just as a mid-size though!

  • Since GM is using Google, will the Hummer infotainment system censor what it doesn't want the owner to see?

    • Really? Lmfao. Really? Google has only been proven to censor content in China, and other eastern countries, until being blocked completely for failure to comply to government requests.

      Your argument is invalid. Also, if you’re referring to Google being biased towards Democratic Nominees, your argument, thought process is pure Vapor. I’m sick of hearing republican talking points and arguments when things don’t go their way.

      • They do choose how to aggregate search results, but that is to best predict results for the user. And they sell their own ad space.. again better business lol. People who don't like how they use user info in their G suite (GMaps, Search, etc) should consider what those services would cost if they weren't 'free'. Don't like G Maps because of how they mine your use and give personalized help, use some other crappy service that is using the same user data, just worse and worse mapping.

  • I'm curious how Alex feels about this. He's historically been pro-Apple despite Google providing better services and functionality in a more open ecosystem.
    This move by GM is a big win for consumers.

    • Yeah in return of stealing your personal information, your home address, whereabouts, sites that you visited... and selling to advertisers. yeah google is an angel who just want to give free stuff to people for no other reason than being kind!

      • Andrew - my support of Apple and its products is entirely separate from platforms/services used for embedded systems, like the one in the Hummer EV.

        Also, note that Apple (currently) does not provide a platform like the one being provided by Google, though this could change with some of the rumors of late. At the end of the day, most owners will continue to interact either with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, rather than the Google services being described here.

        Finally, an "open ecosystem" is a term thrown around a lot, but very often misunderstood. I would argue that being "open" presents little to no tangible benefits to the end user... though now I'm digressing from the point at hand. Cheers :)

        • Alex, and above peeps,

          You do know that in settings most of the stealing of info can be turned off to a point of generic info. I rarely even keep my GPS location on unless I need it to know where I am at, and then turn it on when traveling to really confuse it as to where I spend my time.

          I do love Google, as the recognition of voice is just LEAPS above what is in my 2020 Denali even. On the phone you tap the mic and say directions from X to X and you get it every time with a GO button. I tried until red in the face to get the GM $hit that is in there to do it and BLAH.

          Alex, as far as the " open ecosystem " I have spoken about and wanted for years, its like this.
          My wife's POS ATS even yesterday was dialing random contacts off her phone, as many are doctors it is not good to say the least. We have had the POS CUE replaced once already as the screen delaminated like EVERY ONE SOLD BY GM will do in the correct temp. However IF GM opened this up, we could simply use our phones to control what the POS CUE does. For those people where they go blank, your phone or I-pad or Chrome book ETC. could simply be used for a get by or whatever .Also like this CHEAP dash in my 2020 Denali HD, if I want to do my own dash customization, I would just buy a I-pad or Surface or Chrome book as large as I want to integrate.
          I look at it like this, for the boomers here its the shade tree stuff you could do in your prime. Sit around, drink some beers, put some headers on your Small Block Chevy. Its like that for GEN Z on the screens. Mix match use what you have or want, and not some POS GM system designed by REAL TECH want - a - bees !!

          Google and Apple are REAL TECH !
          GM will NEVER be REAL TECH !
          It simply cost more than cheap GM will spend, and they don't have much else in capital to sell !

  • So I was right, the Unreal Engine is being used as the UX/UI of the Google Infotainment Services/Android system underneath.

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