Legends Of Chevy Trucks Features The 1962 C/K Series Pickup

Few vehicles have achieved the sort of legendary status as the Chevy truck line. For more than 100 years, Chevrolet has offered tough, work-ready vehicles to get the job done, and now, the Bow Tie brand is recognizing that history in a new series dubbed “Legends of Chevy Trucks.” This time around, the 1962 C/K Series is under the spotlight.

As a brief aside, the “Legends of Chevy Trucks” series comes from the Chevrolet New Roads Magazine and General Motors Heritage Center, the latter of which provides a blast from the past with a variety of period-correct literature and artifacts. As GM Authority covered previously, the series has also covered the 1955 Task Force line of fleet Chevy trucks, but now, we’re taking a look at the 1962 C/K Series.

First introduced for the 1960 model year, the C/K Series improved on the preceding Task Force Series in terms of performance and practicality. In addition, the line provided new exterior styling that would eventually become an iconic look for American pickups.

By 1962, the C/K Series really started to shine. With a dropped frame and lower load height, plus an independent front suspension and roomy cab, these Chevy trucks were quite attractive to consumers, with brochures from the era claiming that the improvements would provide “more money-making trips per day on even the tightest schedules,” as well as “many more work- and money-saving features.”

Under the hood, the 1962 C/K Series Chevy trucks came equipped as standard with a 235 Six producing 135 horsepower and 216 pound-feet of torque, but for a few extra bucks, buyers could upgrade to a 4.6L V8 with 160 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque.

Inside, drivers and passengers alike stayed comfortable thanks to a wide bench seat with available six-inch foam cushions, combining comfort and convenience with a strong work ethic. Customers could also add a variety of comfort and convenience features now included as standard on modern Chevy trucks, such as seat belts, sun visors, windshield washers, and a heater.

The C/K Series Chevy trucks offered either a Fleetside of Stepside configuration. A lower hood design provided enhanced visibility, while six paint options (including two-tone combos) provided customization opportunities.

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Jonathan Lopez: Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  • I still own a 62 apache. I loved this truck. It doesn't run any more but I won't part with it. I still love my Chevys.

  • Hey Guys. I'm sooo invious! Because you can buy some Pickup Truck where ever you es want. Here in Germany we Just have this little Pickup - Cars ! Can't say Truck! It's Like Play mobil !
    I've needed about 15 years to get a 93 Chevy C 2500 in good condition. I'm very proud at this Truck and I drive it every day!
    It's very difficult to get a old Truck in this condition for low price. The Tax is to high!
    Greetings from Germany! Stay healthy an enjoy the Life!

  • IMO Chevy trucks didn't look good from 55-73, it was a gargoyle contest between GM and Ford for truck ugliness then, F- Series didn't look good from 51-80' so I guess Ford won........

    • Sorry!!!!!! You are soooo wrong! Chevy trucks, '67-'72, and '73 -'87, are some of the most iconic styles EVER built. You must have been a MOPAR guy back then. And NO, Ford never won! The only thing GM did that was not so kool, was changing the body style, starting in 1988. They have not been so hot since then. If they brought back the "Square Body" look again, GM would outsell Ram and Ford together. Keep on truckin'

      • Obvious you don't think past your shoes, I did say Ford won the ugly contest and yes Dodge was ugly then too but didn't move as much trucks as GM and Ford. IMO International had the cleanest lines for half-tons back then. But just like then as it is today real men don't buy trucks on looks nor interiors either.

  • 77 Chevy C10, "Big 10" is my current daily driver. No emissions on big 10 just pcv into edelbrock 4 bbl on edelbrock intake breather cap open air cleaner manifold vacuum advance. Muncie SM 465 with the granny 1st gear and reverse 12 bolt rear dif with 3.73 gearing. I could go on and on, rebuilt front end...first.turn start year round. I'm in CO so carb is tuned for altitude. 4 bags of sand and good tires in winter weather and I've never been stuck. Bought it for $500 8 years ago did all the work myself on weekends as a hobby. Built in my home town of Janesville, WI in a plant that's not there anymore.
    My son might take it back to original when I pass but he'll gave the luxury of not having to take it to work on Monday no matter what he tore into Friday night. I love this truck.

  • I Actually Own this exact truck. My great Aunt left it to me, Which she barely drove .. less then 66 k Original miles all Matching Numbers. .. This truck by Far is the Most reliable Truck ever. It Rides Smooth an Drives even Better! Love how it Takes me back in time!

  • I was surprised at the claim in the ad that the 235 had powered more payloads than any other truck engine in history. I also noted in the ad confirmation of something I thought was the case - the 283 V8 wasn't the only available upgrade from the 235. The heavy duty 261 inline 6 provided more power and torque than the 235. I drove a 235 powered Chevy after being used to the 261 in my 55 Canadian Pontiac, and its grunt suffered by comparison.

  • Memories, by far the best of the straight body trucks. I currently own a 1960 GMC SB and a 61 SBSS. Both are cool trucks.

  • I have a 2004 Duramax has1million 222 thousand kms on it still runs great original engine body still in good shape have driven it from Edmonton to Prudoe Bay, it is a northern Canadian truck and has had many trips up the Dempster Hwy I am a confirmed Chevy girl wouldn't have anything else

  • I have an 80 GMC Sierra 3500 with a 12' dumpbed, an 89 Chevy 3500 with an 11' flatbed, 2000 Chevy 3500 crewcab with a utility bed, and a 96 GMC Suburban K1500 SLT. All of them are great trucks that are used daily for business and pleasure. Love the fact that I can work on them myself.

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