How To Set Up Amazon Alexa In Cadillac Vehicles: Video

These days, tech-savvy consumers can use voice-activation software to control a multiplicity of features around the home, as provided by digital AI assistants like Amazon Alexa. However, what about accessing this same sort of convenience, but in your Cadillac? For that, users need to go through a few simple steps to get it all working properly, as outlined here.

Setting up Amazon Alexa in your Cadillac provides a bevy of benefits – for example, drivers can use the system to make phone calls, change the music or radio station, get directions, or open and close a garage door, all via simple voice commands.

To set up Amazon Alexa in a Cadillac vehicle, first create an Amazon account, or sign into an existing Amazon account. A Cadillac Connected Service plan is also required, with plans starting at $14.99 per month for access to Alexa-compatible features. From there, scroll through the Cadillac infotainment system to locate the Alexa app, or download it from the app store. Accept the terms of service to get started.

Next, users will need to link their Amazon account to their vehicle using a displayed QR or numeric code. Alexa must then be “woken up” using an on-screen button, or via a button located on the steering wheel. From there, the user will be able to use Amazon Alexa voice commands to access a variety of features.

A few other examples of the available in-vehicle Amazon Alexa features include locking and unlocking the doors, beeping the horn, starting or stopping the engine, and adjusting the headlights.

Further information on setting up Amazon Alexa in a Cadillac vehicle can be found in the brief video below.

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  • Why does one need amazon in their car? Isn't it enough that their social media accounts and amazon already follow them enough. All I want from my future Cadillac's is better audio than Bose "premium." AKG for option for all models would be nice.

    • Frankly, I really wouldn’t want something that eavesdrops on my conversations and sends them to Amazon in my home or my car. Also, I don’t like that GM gives access to unlock your car to Amazon, that sounds like a system that would easily be hacked by car thieves.

      If Cadillac is going to give away your data to Amazon, and Amazon makes money off that data, shouldn’t you get paid by Cadillac to have this “system” in your car. I mean, Alexa is a data collection tool.

      Going to the configurator, I don’t see any Alma option for Cadillac, which appears that GM is going to cram this on your car whether you like it or not. So, are you able to NOT get this data collection tool on your car? Is there a way to disable it (in all regards to make sure it’s not listening to your conversations and sending them to Amazon if you don’t want it to?’).

  • Alexa isn't exclusive for Cadillac. Buick has posted an ad using Alexa to turn on home lights . Amazon also sells an auto module to add Alexa to any car now.