2021 Colorado ZR2 Bison vs. 2020 Colorado ZR2 Bison: Comparison

The off-roader segment is red-hot these days, and the Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison does it right with a variety of dirty-ready upgrades. Now, the latest 2021 Colorado ZR2 Bison looks to introduce a few small changes and updates over the preceding 2020 model year, as seen in the following GM Authority Comparison.

Compared to the 2020 model year, the 2021 Colorado ZR2 Bison introduces just a few small aesthetic differences, as seen in this first photo obtained by GM Authority.

It all starts with a set of red tow hooks in the front fascia. The new tow hook treatment helps to offset the unique front fascia with a little extra color, and further emphasize the truck’s off-road attitude.

2020 Colorado ZR2 Bison

2021 Colorado ZR2 Bison

Additionally, the 2021 Colorado ZR2 Bison gets a new tailgate treatment, with “Chevrolet” embossed into the metal as a replacement for the previous model’s Chevy Bow Tie badge.

The rest of the vehicle is identical between the 2020 and 2021 model years. The front fascia once comes with an exclusive “flow-through” grille bar (another variant of the “flow tie“) with the Chevrolet lettering, as well as a unique front bumper from AEV equipped with dual fog lamps. Buyers can also option in an AEV air snorkel to feed the engine, if desired.

2021 Colorado ZR2 Bison

In the sides, the 2021 Colorado ZR2 Bison rides high with a two-inch suspension lift, offering 8.6 inches of suspension travel in front, and a full 10 inches of suspension travel in the rear. Multimatic’s integrated spool-valve dampers (DSSV dampers) are in place to keep it all shiny side up, while 17-inch wheels wrapped in Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain tires provide the traction.

Finally, the rear end completes the look with a new bumper, once again provided by AEV. Providing the go is either the standard naturally aspirated 3.6L V6 LGZ gas engine, or the optional 2.8L I4 LWN turbodiesel Duramax.

2020 Colorado ZR2 Bison

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Jonathan Lopez: Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  • Trim differences between 20 and 21 doesn't make a better truck, it just looks different. What it needs to really run with the big dogs is a V8! The suspension is first rate already.

  • You would think if they were to compare ZR2 Bison's that at least the rear shots would be a Bison, not a ZR2. Not even the correct bumper or side decals. I own one so I know the difference.

  • Previous owner of ZR-2 Diesel. Great vehicle. Only weakness was the awful center console bucket. Premium model needs premium amenities, or options. Otherwise, was great.

      • My God C8.R,
        Do you read what you write sometimes ?

        It has the Denali interior, without having the Denali interior, WHAT !

        The larger question there is, what is a Denali interior in these trucks ?

        A plastic looking wood trim piece !

        You funny guy.