2021 Escalade Offers Three Grille Options

The all-new 2021 Escalade brings a ground-up redesign that massages the luxury icon’s styling from tip to tail. Up front, the new Escalade is offered with three individual grille options, as we’re covering in the following GM Authority Feature Spotlight.

Grille design for the Luxury (base) and Premium Luxury trim levels.

The three distinct grille designs offered on the 2021 Escalade correspond with specific trim levels. Let’s start with the base Luxury and mid-range Premium Luxury, both of which are equipped with the same grille design. It incorporates a polished textured “shield” pattern, which appears to sparkle in the right light, in addition to polished trim bits for the grille surround.

Like the other designs, this one places the Cadillac crest logo high on the grille insert, a conscious design decision on Cadillac’s part, as we covered previously.

Grille design for the Sport and Sport Platinum trim levels.

Next up, we have the grille design equipped on 2021 Escalade Sport and Sport Platinum trim levels. Unlike the shiny pattern on the Luxury and Premium Luxury trims, the two Sport models get a tight black mesh insert, creating a cleaner and more aggressive appearance for the front end. The surround also gets a dark color treatment, a theme which is continued throughout the 2021 Escalade body in various locations, including the window trim and roof bars.

Grille design for the Premium Luxury Platinum.

Finally, Premium Luxury Platinum models stand out with a unique grille treatment that’s all their own. Taking after the Luxury and Premium Luxury grille treatment, the Premium Luxury Platinum also incorporates polished trim bits for the grille surround, but the insert features shiny, horizontally oriented slats that are broad in the corners and slender in the middle, stretching across the grille section and adding extra visual width to the new Escalade front end.

All told, these three 2021 Escalade grille treatments help to differentiate the various trim levels with their own unique style. Which of the three catches your eye? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to subscribe to GM Authority for more Cadillac Escalade news, Cadillac news, and around-the-clock GM news coverage.

Jonathan Lopez: Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  • This is a huge disappointment. The grille on the Navigator is what brought me into the Lincoln dealership and with the redesign, Cadillac had an opportunity to offer something special for the Platinum trims. The Sport and Sport Platinum get the awesome mesh grille in black and the Premium Luxury Platinum should have gotten something similar in chrome but instead they just added more horizontal bars to the current Platinum grille. That is NOT special or visually different enough from years and years of older models with chrome horizontal bars. I will be replacing a 2011 Platinum model and prefer the grille on the Premium Luxury to the recycled Premium Luxury Platinum grille.

    • I’m personally not a fan of the top of the line grill. The black mesh grills have a true Cadillac look all on its own. Also they should have never changed the headlight design from the vertical look. It’s looks to close to the Tahoe headlights now. The previous headlights stood out much nicer with a unique look that didn’t look like all the other headlights out there.

  • Cadillac borrowed from the XT5 a couple of years ago and now borrows from the XT6; it makes you wonder whether there was a debate among the design team to keep the Escalade name or move to XT10.

  • That platinum level grille on the luxury side is horrible. Seen better grilles on a Cadillac Brougham.