2021 GMC Canyon AT4 Debuts All Terrain Replacement

We’ve been waiting for GM to reveal the new 2021 GMC Canyon AT4 for a while now, and that day has finally arrived.

The new Canyon AT4 replaces the Canyon All Terrain, while aiming to deliver capability and various minor updates to the Canyon range. GMC says that the truck is “squarely at premium midsize truck customers who purchase their trucks to venture off-road.”

Standard equipment for the 2021 GMC Canyon AT4 carry over from the Canyon All Terrain, including:

  • 31-inch Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tires fitted to 17-inch aluminum wheels
  • An off-road tuned suspension with an Advanced Hill Descent Control System
  • Four-wheel drive with an Eaton G80 Rear Automatic Locking Differential
  • A transfer case skid plate that aims to deliver additional protection when traveling off the beaten path

Other features include a (slightly) bolder exterior, with a larger grille design, new vertically-positioned lower lamps, red recovery hooks and dark chrome finishes. The interior features some unique details, including model-specific Kalahari stitching and the AT4 logo embroidered on the headrest. Other than that, the rest of the truck seems to be identical to the outgoing Canyon All Terrain.

As GM Authority was first to report, the 2021 GMC Canyon AT4 also foreshadows the minor updates to the Canyon line of midsize pickup trucks. The entire range will get the updated, larger grille, with a few other minor changes – which we will outline later – sprinkled in.

“The new 2021 Canyon AT4 broadens the appeal to midsize truck customers who live an active lifestyle,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of Global Buick and GMC. “Much like the Sierra AT4 has attracted new customers from outside GMC, the Canyon AT4 will attract outdoor enthusiasts looking for a premium midsize truck to GMC with the capability, technology and refinement they’ve come to expect.”

The introduction of the Canyon AT4 “advances the brand’s commitment to offering premium off-road capable vehicles with impressive styling details,” according to a press release. The truck is also “part of GM’s strategy to introduce an AT4 variant of all GMC models (save for the Savana van) by 2021.

With the refreshed 2020 Acadia as well as the all-new Sierra 1500 and Sierra HD already having AT4 models, the only models in the GMC stable missing the AT4 treatment are the Terrain and Yukon.

The 2021 Canyon AT4 is powered by the naturally-aspirated 3.6L V6 LGZ engine delivering 308 horsepower (230 kW) and 275 pound-feet (373 Nm) of torque. It is mated to GM’s eight-speed automatic transmission. The 2.8L I-4 LWN turbo-diesel Duramax engine is available. It makes 181 horsepower (135.0 kW) and 369 pound-feet of torque (500 Nm) and is mated to GM’s six-speed automatic transmission.

“This is a truck created with outdoor adventurers in mind,” added Aldred. “The Canyon AT4 is a perfect complement to the driver’s other passions and appreciation of the details, whether that’s a mountain bike, a snowboard or their truck.”

The 2021 Canyon AT4 will go on sale later this year. Pricing will be announced closer to production. Production will take place at the GM Wentzville plant in Wentzville, Missouri.

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Alex Luft: GM Authority Founder with a passion for global automotive business strategy.

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  • GM should never have stopped producing the 3.8 pushrod V6. It was the best v6 they ever made. It would be a good base engine perhaps. It has legendary reliability and a proven track record, unlike the 3.6 high feature V6.
    I'm not sure about the newest generation 3.6, but the older ones had plenty of concerning issues.

  • I am going to suggest that GM just replace the 3.6V6 with a 4.8L aluminum block LT engine with no AFM or Start/Stop.
    Thanks 🙏😁

  • It looks the same with those ugly dated looking headlights. Come on, if an aftermarket small company can make led headlights. Why can’t GM make some new led headlights for this old looking truck. New headlamps would made this look so good.

  • How can I get an extended cab Canyon with the Denali package or at least SLT upgrade? The are available only on crew cab trucks.

  • I bought a Canyon SLT only because it was available in the coco dune leather interior ...I wanted to buy the Denali....however you can’t get it in the coco dune interior last year?? And I am so tired of seeing black interiors in everything....I am glad they will now offer it again with Denali package

    • I can not understand the Denali not having more interior colors than just black.
      I would not buy one because I hate black as I have had them and don't care for black interior. I also can not understand while more expensive trucks do not have the cardinal red option. Another reason I would not buy a more expensive truck.

      • I believe it was initially because of the vented seats. They put the truck out and only offered the a Jet Black because it sells the most and to be honest GM was not sure how many Denali models they were going to sell.

        When the ZR came out with the Denali it was a significant raise in price and I think GM was testing the waters.

        They must have moved enough to offer the vented seats in CoCo now.

        I wanted the Coco but went for the added options as the Denali was discounted down to the same price as the SLT I was looking at.

        I too would like the red too but they just never offer it. I settled for Granite Red I think it is called.

    • I had a choice of a SLT Coco or Denali with more options at the same price. I took the options.

      I really like the Coco interior as it looks much more expensive than the jet black.

  • It looks nice !

    I hope the Denali also has the nicer seats as the 2021 Sierra Denalis do, or will that also only come with the new one ?

    My only hatred to this vehicle, until the update, is the GM 8 speed junk transmission !
    There is NO WAY I WOULD EVER buy a GM vehicle with the GM junk 8 speed transmission !!!
    With GMs opinion of what is " normal operation " and the FACT that GM has NO customer support, again the GM 8 speed junk, is something I wish on no one !!!

    I guess it was just to much to ask for a 10 speed here, until the new Canyons hit the road !
    GM is just to cheap on not going to the 10 speed as quickly as possible, and the sales will show it !
    I guess you just need the new tech to be able to get the new 10 speed transmission !

    I cant wait until the Canyon AT4 and Canyon Denali hit the road and off road with the 2.7T and the 10 speed, it will be a GREAT truck, and GM will not be able to keep up selling those either !!

      • C8.R,
        I bet the GM 8 speed junk transmission, net search, has the now 40 fake votes here !

        You know how that works, right ?

        You can see how many comments and thumbs are on those old GM 8 speed junk transmission articles here, right ?

        You do see how many people STILL did NOT and do NOT get the GM 8 speed junk transmission working, like you did when GM replaced your whole transmission as they should do for most who still have troubles, right ?

        • If you actually spent time reading on the Colorado forum you would note the vast majority of the transmissions have been resolved with the new fluid. In fact the topic that used to be several topics on the front page is not seen very often anymore. Most times if there is a post it is a follow up on how the new fluid resolved the issue.

          Mine is running sweet and I could not be happier.

          Many that have had continued issues often are dealing with poor dealers that don't address the converter clutch if it has been glazed over due to not changing the fluid in time. The solution is there but not all dealers are equal. You know CUSTOMER SERVICE!

          You need to vote up 38 more pluses here. What is the matter you out of time? Funny how it stopped when I pointed it out LOL!

          You are such a fraud.

          • C8.R,

            I spend quit a bit of my time reading on GM truck sites !
            And just like your lack of understanding of fake thumbs, or whatever you blame the thumbs on today.
            It is the same thing with your lack of understanding with the GM 8 speed junk transmission !

            Again, if GM would have replaced EVERY junk GM 8 peed transmission,
            ---------------------LIKE THEY DID YOURS --------------------------------
            There would NOT be an issue here !!
            But the GM horrible customer support, is taking the same view as you.
            AND AGAIN, quit telling GM $hit that is not true !!!! How do you expect GM to be better then " Good Enough " if you and people like you keep telling them lies !

            When I read on the truck and others, as the GM junk 8 speed transmission is in ALOT of GM vehicles, I DO see that the fluid HAS worked in SOME, and MAYBE even MOST ! But we are talking ALOT, ALOT, ALOT, of GM junk 8 speed transmissions here !!!

            So you take your opinion of fake votes in the middle of the night,( who reads here in the middle of the night to vote, do you know how ridiculous you sound ? ) C8.R can't figure out why the thumbs voting has slowed down in the middle of the night, yeah that sure proves a lot !

            There are ALOT of GM customers who HAVE NOT gotten their GM 8 speed junk transmission working as a transmission should !
            And if you and the rest of the GM dealerships and GM customer service reps want to know how a transmission should shift:
            ------------ drive your very own 10 speed ---------------------

            Do you know how ridiculous you GM people are sounding in the marketplace ?
            GM is telling the customer that the GM 8 speed junk transmission that shifts like JUNK, is a transmissions " normal operation "
            While at the SAME time making the smooth as silk 10 speed !
            Which is it ? A transmission should shift like the GM 8 speed junk transmission, or the GM smooth as silk 10 speed transmission.
            YOU CANT SAY BOTH, they are like night and day !!

            Like I said C8.R, you are a hoot !

          • 63 Fake votes again?

            You really are sad!

            Why no 70 fake votes. Did you not have time to run up the numbers on your delusional post?

            You really have no clue and nothing to do in the cold SD winter do you?

          • I'm like Columbo, just one more thing !

            Here is what I find most interesting. You have to either be a trainer of the GM customer support reps, or the trainer is just your type of person. Like I have said here before, you always quoting the GM canned statement, and just what your opinion on what to believe is strange and sad to say the least !

            For instance, you call people liars who still have troubles with their GM 8 speed junk transmission, after having your entire, GM 8 speed junk transmission replaced ( for what reason again ? you never did say, Ha, Ha, ), but know for some reason want others here to believe the rating system is a lie. Yet at the same time believe I live in SD and the winters hare are cold ? Why would you believe I live in SD where the winters are cold, choose not to believe the thousands of customers who are having troubles with their GM 8 speed junk transmissions, or that the rating system here is now somehow fake ?

            Like I have said here before, the world today is like a game of who is the better liar. But for the old GM arrogant boys club and bean counters, like yourself, how and why do you choose who and what you believe ?

            Quit telling GM their products are " Good Enough " !!
            Quit telling GM their 8 speed junk transmission troubles are over !!

            For you your fake Denali plastic Canyon, is " Good Enough "
            For you , now that you had your entire GM 8 speed junk transmission replaced, your GM 8 speed junk transmission is " Good Enough "

            But for the rest of us, the FAKE Denali, was not " Good Enough "
            But for those thousands of GM 8 speed junk transmission owners, who did NOT have their entire transmission replaced, the GM 8 speed junk transmission is NOT " Good Enough "

            And that is again why I think you are a hoot !
            Just what you choose to believe !!
            And you did see what GM is doing with the Denali now in the Yukon, right !
            NOT listening to you and your FAKE plastic Denali " Good Enough "
            And I also point out that you CAN NOT get the GM 8 speed junk transmission !!

            Again why is that ?
            You weren't wrong again were you ?
            Your opinions ruined Cadillac, I'm glad SOMEONE stepped in and did not allow you and the arrogant bean counters to also ruin Denali !

            Now all that's left to fix is GMs horrible customer support system !
            But a better vehicle out of the gate will lessen the burden there also !

            One more time, your a hoot !

          • Like I said C8.R,

            Blind to the GM 8 speed junk transmission troubles !

            And you have nothing to say about it other than a GM canned statement

            Or calling the customer a liar !!!

            When you are wrong and have nothing constructive to add, its to the personal attacks, and for some reason now, something about fake votes !

            Its sad really !

            But your still a hoot !

            You try to make it through the day now , without this bothering you too much - OK !

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