GM Shows Cadillac CT5 In Wave Metallic In China: Photos

GM held the global premiere for the 2020 Cadillac CT5 at the 2019 New York International Auto Show this past April, giving the world its first look at the upcoming BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class fighter. Arguably the most prominent feature of the CT5 is the exterior styling, which follows in the design direction set out by the Cadillac Escala concept. When the CT5 debuted in New York, the car was shown in silver hue (on the Sport model) as well as a burgundy color called Garnet Metallic (on the Premium Luxury model). Meanwhile, the CT5 just had its Chinese debut at the Chengdu Motor Show, where GM presented it in the Wave Metallic hue, which we haven’t seen before.

The eye-catching Wave Metallic color appears to be identical to the Wave Metallic hue previously offered on the now-discontinued CTS-V and ATS-V. In fact, this marks the first time we’ve seen the CT5 in Wave Metallic. Combined with the dark accents unique to the Sport trim, the hue looks fantastic on the CT5.

Compared to the Luxury (base) and Premium Luxury models, the CT5 Sport trim level is differentiated with sportier accents, including:

  • Black mesh grille (as opposed to the bright grilles on the other models)
  • Black trim around the window (otherwise known as the daylight opening, or DLO trim, which is bright on the Luxury models)
  • Body-color rocker moldings with black extensions (absent on the Luxury models)
  • Neutral-density (clear) gray-tinted transparent outer tail light lenses with red crystal inner elements (as opposed to the red lenses seen on the Luxury and Premium Luxury trim levels)
  • Trunk lid spoiler (not available on Luxury)
  • Glossy rear lower fascia (non-glossy on Luxury)

The CT5 Sport also features standard Brembo brakes, as opposed to regular brakes on the Luxury models. The particular model seen here features blue-painted brake calipers, but they can also be finished in red or black on the CT5 Sport.

Also, take note of the wheels – they are the 19-inch premium-painted alloy units with Satin Graphite finish (RPO code 57M). The standard wheels on the CT5 Sport are the 19-inch premium painted alloys with Pearl Nickel finish, which are more silver than black.

The Cadillac CT5 will be available in China in the fourth quarter of this year. Meanwhile, buyers in the U.S. will get a chance to order one in the fall, with deliveries starting shortly thereafter. This catchy Wave Metallic paint will be available when the new D-segment sedan launches in both markets.

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Alex Luft: GM Authority Executive Editor with a passion for business strategy and fast cars.

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  • Wish I knew when they will be shipped to dealers. I would rather not order one sight unseen. Saw it at the NY Auto Show and was impressed other than the C format rear window.

  • Everyone is being suuppperr dramatic about that c-pillar. I barely notice the damn thing isn’t glass and it makes no difference especially from the interior. Some people just desperately search for ANYTHING to be unhappy and complain about.

    Anyway, this configuration looks absolutely stunning and sexy. That blue is gorgeous. At first I thought the design was too conservative, but this CT5 looks really aggressive with the black mesh grille, blacked trim pieces, and tinted taillight lenses.

    That stance is definitely eye-catching!! I can’t wait to see it in person and then to test drive the V-lite model with the twin-turbocharged V6. I got enough tickets with my 4-cylinder Chevrolet, the Blackwing CT5 would be like suicide to my drivers license and I already know this. The V6 will be MORE than enough power and fun for me to handle on a daily basis. I could imagine going from a 2.5L to a twin-turbocharged V6 will require a serious adjustment as is.

    I’m very curious as to how powerful the 2.7L will feel in the smaller CT4-V which I think also looks really good. I’m completely stuck between this and the CT4-V. Once they begin rolling out to dealerships I’ll be able to get a better look and understanding of what they offer. Once reviews begin going up I may be able to get closer to my decision. Cadillac did a great job here. As a Cadillac fan, i am very excited for the brand.

    Thank you for keeping American luxury sedans alive, GM.

  • Yeah that c pillar is pretty bad. Lots of manufacturers are doing that lately. Makes it look like a hatchback. Wave metallic is good looking. I have it on my 2019 ats v coupe.