New Lawsuit Alleges GM Fit C7 Corvette Grand Sport, Z06 With Faulty Wheels

General Motors has been served a new lawsuit that could soon become a national class-action lawsuit over bad C7 Corvette Grand Sport and Z06 wheels.

CarComplaints.com published the lawsuit information on Wednesday, which details the troubles Corvette Grand Sport and Z06 owners have with the aluminum-alloy wheels. Owners have complained to the NHTSA that the wheels bend, warp, and even crack. A cracked wheel poses a safety risk as it could puncture a tire while driving. To be clear, there is no recall for the Corvette for the complaint, but the NHTSA has documented the issue thus far.

One owner said he leased a 2018 Corvette model and took the vehicle to a shop to have them coated, but the shop took video upon his arrival that two wheels were bent already. The dealership the owner leased the car from said his driving style was the likely cause and both wheels cost $7,500 to replace. Eventually, GM paid the owner $1,200 as part of the out-of-pocket cost. However, the lawsuit argues this is a breach of the car’s 3-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty.

The proposed class-action lawsuit argues GM knew about the wheel defects beforehand or else customers would not have purchased the sports car.

Although multiple customers have filed complaints with the NHTSA, one owner characterized the problem after just 1,000 miles on his new C7 Corvette Grand Sport. The owner said vibration suddenly occurred while driving around 55 mph and a dealership said all four wheels were bent and needed replacing. GM Customer Care told the owner this issue was not covered under warranty.

The faulty wheel lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California with Capstone Law named the firm to represent the plaintiff.

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Source: CarComplaints.com

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  • Sorry guys, bent and cracked rims are an insurance issue. You can also buy a wheel/tire policy to cover all of it with a small deductible. I managed a Lexus shop for 14 years and as soon as the low profile tires came out, we had cracked and bent rims. Same thing still happens today. Just look at other manufacturers issues with racing tires and wheels and runflats. It is a fact of life. So just drive around the potholes and slow down on rough surfaces. We should all know when we hit a pothole. Some cities will actually participate in paying if it is in the lane of traffic where you cant go around them. Do your homework and get the extra insurance policy if this is something you don't want to pay for. I changed to higher profile tires as soon as I got my C7 Z06. It rides much better and chances are less for a damaged wheel. Peace

    • Bill,
      Finally someone who speaks the truth and common sense on this thread. BMW has a much worse problem on several of their models. A friend of mine had 4 damaged rims after less than a year of ownership.

      What size did you go to to give you more sidewall? Previous and new size tire?

  • Hi Gary,

    Join the club. I had to replace all (4) rims and tires due to the faulty wheel and run flat tire combination. GM put me through the hoops and made me have the car inspected. I also called GM customer service. The warranty department denied my claim even though I was still under the 36K, 36 month warranty. They claim it's due to normal wear & tear, poor roads or aggressive driving, all of which are complete B.S. as any world class sports car should be able to handle normal driving conditions. I never hit a major pothole but I have 4 cracks in one rear wheel and 2 in the other. It's simple physics really, the weakness of the "forged" wheels combined with the unforgiveness of the run flat tires causes the energy to transfer directly to the rim which then cracks. GM doesn't want to admit their fault I'm sure due to cost of a recall and potential liability. I say it's just a matter of time that someone has a major accident or gets killed due to their wheels failing at the wrong time. Unfortunately, I don't know that there is a current class action lawsuit or I'd join it too.

    Good luck,

    Chris Payne

  • Hello I have a 2017 GS and I had to replace 4 sets of and tires and rims. I took it to the dealer and it was not covered under warranty and I didn’t buy the warranty for wheels and tires. So I went through insurance.
    How can I join this class action lawsuit.

  • Drove coast to coast in my Z06, no issue. Even around Boston & all that construction, again zero issue. Then spent the last year driving on Oahu's crap roads, still good to go. Two nights ago, during some rain, found a pothole just off the freeway. Bam, two bent wheels (OEM). Found out from my wheel guy, he's replaced bent wheels on at least four C7's (GS & Z06). This is my 3rd Z06, all have been high mileage DD's, all have encountered lousy roads & potholes. But this is the first time any of them have had a wheel issue. I'm certain the design is part of the problem, as are the materials used. Hopefully it's just a fluke, and something that won't continue to the new C8.

  • This is just terrible this situation with these wheel's. Why isn't nitsa and trans port canada making them do a recall. This is vary dangerous! If any one has found some after market grand sport wheels could you let us know. If you could call me 5197367753 or email me, bjmoerenaud@gmail.com. Thank You. Barry.

  • In August drove to NCM for 25th Museum anniversary event from Texas. Picked up a slight vibration on the way. Road deflection. On the way back it got worse after another encounter with road deflection driving through Tenn. September took it to dealer for alignment check and reported vibration. Report back, all 4 wheels bent. For a mere $3700 they could replace them but could only find 2 because of strike. I paid an option of $1495 when I ordered the car for these wheel. GM not winning friends by not warranting these defective wheels. And I don't want to hear crap about low profile tires and no give, it's a sports car, BS. They weren't thoroughly tested in the field. Now I have to fork out $$$$ for new wheels. They won't be GM wheels either.

    • All this is, is undeniable proof, that roads in the US are deteriorating because the super rich don't pay any taxes and this is the result. Infrastructure in the US is deteriorating and even crumbling in many cases.

      • You are joking right.... So all the roads in USA are in such a state that it is causing this wheel problem.
        I'm in Canada and we Z06 owners are having the SAME issues with Z06 GM wheels.
        GM should be going after the supplier that is building this wheel, purchase better materials, train the techs, and do some testing.... after all, GM sells corvettes in the USA and Canada.
        In Canada New Brunswick to be exact a GM wheel cost from the dealer is $1100.00 go figure. Screwed 2 times... not once.. Corvettes OWNERS need to learn and send a message to GM

      • Its not the roads fault its GM'S for using the chinese or mexican vendors
        Although some areas are worse then others.
        My grand sport wheels bent at 500 miles and i never hit a pot hole or bad bump, at all.

      • Wrong. The forged wheel mustang and camaro boys aren’t having these issues. It’s just embarrassing GM put these on in the first place.

        • BMW has a much worse problem on their wheels with rubber band tires (30 aspect ratio) and run flat tires. Nobody are having those issues in Germany or any country in the free world with proper road surfaces.

          Replace your tires with 40, 50 or even 60 aspect ratios and all will be fine. That's exactly what people in 3rd world countries do. (or those heading there?)

  • Cracked a GS cup wheel that I was using with OEM tires on my z06. These wheels are junk on this car. Rather than risk damaging a fairly expensive OEM wheel I bought a set of forged wheels that I can likely sell off when i sell the car for less of a loss than replacing just one cracked OEM wheel.

  • I’m waiting on my second rear rim to be replaced as it cracked. The first time was my left rear and now it’s my right rear. Luckily I bought a wheel and tire warranty when I purchased the car so both wheels are getting covered thru my extra warranty. This sucks though because I baby my 18’ Z06.

  • I have owned 8 Vettes since 2000 and no major problems until I bought a 2019 GrandSport.The rear end was replaced almost off show room floor.Tire pressure sensor replaced and now have had 2 cracked rims 5 weeks apart on rear .GM doing nothing “sorry we can not do anything but thank you for being a loyal customer.What a crock.I have been calling and emailing everyday.CEO Mary Barra phone number is 313-667-3492.Email Mary.t.barra@gm.com .

  • low profile tires and wide wheels are very prone to bending, cracking if you hit a pothole, curb or railroad track the wrong way. ALL manufacturers deal with it. Pay attention when you are driving. Slow down and avoid these things and you won't have the problem.

    • what a bunch of crap! GM should replace damage wheels no question. GM seems to think that we all drive of corvettes on nasty road. If the roads are nasty then build a better wheel, steel wheels are not forgiving. Build the wheels in USA or Canada and see the difference. The Z07 WHEELS are made in Mexico, cheap wages, lack of training, and who knows where the material is purchased. Just to fair it not the Mexican worker fault here, it is GM all the way.
      I have to replace 2 wheels in Canada $1100.00 each why? The wheel is not worth $1100.00 maybe $500.00 it is not a multi-piece wheel. Just another way GM rips us off.
      Yes I too am going to purchase aftermarket wheels, they are a better, stronger and liter wheel.

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