Independent Rear Suspension Coming To Ford F-150 – Should Chevy Respond?

A new report from our sister site, Ford Authority, indicates a new Ford F-150 with independent rear suspension is currently in the works.

It’s not clear when the updated F-150 will arrive, although it’s debut is believed to be just around the corner. This revised F-150 will introduce the alleged independent rear suspension version of the truck. It will only be offered on one or two F-150 variants, according to sources, with the rest of the range retaining the truck’s current leaf spring/solid rear configuration.

Independent rear suspension isn’t as well-suited to towing or driving with heavy loads as a solid rear axle setup, but can offer superior handling and a more refined, comfortable ride. This would make an IRS setup well suited to a high-priced luxury version of the truck, which may not be purchased by customers who do much towing, or a sportier version that demands more agile handling.

With Ford and General Motors always closely monitoring each other’s pickup programs, it’s not far-fetched to think that GM has at least thought of adding IRS to the Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra, or will plan on responding with a similar once it sees the alleged IRS F-150 variant. The Silverado received a heavy update for the 2019 model year, though, so such a radical change may have to wait until the next-generation Silverado arrives.
Toyota may also have an IRS version of the Tundra in the works, with the Japanese automaker having been recently spotted testing a prototype with low-hanging ‘curtains’ to cover up any secrets with regard to the truck’s suspension. The company could have also been hiding some sort of spring or air-suspension setup similar to the Ram 1500’s.

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Source: Ford Authority

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    • Um.... RAM does not have an independent rear suspension set up. They have coils instead of leaf spring on some of their solid rear axle models. If you think the coils are something new and special to RAM, then I'd say take a look at Chevy and GMC trucks from the 60's and 70's to see who is trolling who.

      • As the owner of a 2017 Ram I can attest that the solid axle with coils is awesome. As MRB stated GM really lead the way with this in the 60's. The way most 1/2 tons are used this is a great setup.

      • ALL Ram 1500s since 2009 have a 5-link coil-spring rear suspension - air suspension is optional.

  • If you want a car buy a subaru leave the truck world alone to do manly man stuff like haul heavy objects ie truck bed or tow heavy trailers stop with tge it doesnt ride like my Mercedes crap its a damn truck

  • Shocked the hell out of me to find out these guys hadn’t standardized independent suspension for ALL their products.

  • My guess would be it's destined for the hybrid (which I'm hoping they offer with a V8 and 6'5" bed, and that it somehow gets 25 mpg or better in the city).

  • Earlier today, Ms Barra stayed she was ‘intent on staying ahead of industry disruption’...

    Wasn’t aware she was ahead in the first place, but yes, Tomko - lead, don’t follow, indeed.

    • She is talking about a strong financial setup in the coming years to weather any recession that is looming. She wasn't talking about being the guinea pig to cater to luxury car owners with their trucks. Maybe read the article and know what you are talking about before posting...

      • Oh, I did indeed read the article.

        Ms Barra says her job is to make sure the company doesn’t make the same mistakes they made before.

        Building a financial war chest protects from some forms of disruption. The ability to see trends and react to them before the competition is another.

        Take Cadillac, for instance - years late to the SUV/CUV party. That would be a significant disruption. Buick in the US appears to be going through a disruptive phase. And I would venture that GM’s playing catch-up in the EV arena.

        So if staying ahead of industry disruption is the aim, a financial plan is an important safeguard.

        But surely, not the only safeguard.

        • Cadillac playing catch-up in crossovers is the result of prior mismanagement, specifically a revolving door of presidents that was enabled by the likes or Ed Whitacre and followed by Dan Akerson. Barra and Ammann actually steered the ship in the right direction by reigning in the noobs who had no business running Cadillac (Bob Ferguson et all), and by luring JdN to run it. Cadillac will be brought back to a significant profit driver, one way or another. That's a huge part of the plan Barra is referring to, albeit not explicitly.

          Buick is cherry-picking highly profitable and lucrative segments it can build a future on. It has identified those segments and that's why you will see five or six new Buick crossovers introduced by the 2020/2021 timeframe.

          Your EV-related comments are way off the mark. GM is ahead of the game in EVs and AVs. Significantly ahead. We will only begin to see the EV strategy come to light in roughly a year, but it will be big and it will be bold and disruptive. All of a sudden, people will start asking "where are all these GM EVs coming from?", and it will be from the seeds they planted 24 months ago and that are now coming to light. And most importantly, they will do EVs profitably, something that NOBODY ELSE is doing at the moment, nor will likely do in the next several years. So the ability to see emerging trends and react to them before it's too late is exactly what they have done with EV and AV.

          Meanwhile, they dumped Opel, which enables their financial strategy even further.

          There's a bright future ahead here... one that I doubted for some time, but have started to come around on it as I learned more.

  • Some may recall that there was a rather ungainly looking IRS mule developed for the GMT800.

    But for today, just plug in the IRS from the T1XX SUVs and call it a day.

    Nevertheless, yet another example of GM following and not leading.

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