Chevrolet Blazer Tops Honda Passport In Comparo

With the new Chevrolet Blazer RS now on sale, publications are pitting the new CUV against others in the crowded, but growing mainstream midsize crossover segment. Just recently, Car and Driver gave the Blazer a win over the Ford Edge, and now Motor Trend is pouring on the accolades in a comparison test against the Honda Passport.

On paper, the two five-passenger crossovers are quite similar. However, all you have to do is look at them side by side to understand they were designed with a different ethos in mind. The Passport is a shortened Honda Pilot with modified front and rear fascias – and it shows. It’s also a smaller Pilot inside and out. Chevy designers, meanwhile, infused the Chevrolet Blazer with some Camaro DNA from the aggressive front fascia to the sculpted sides and a slick rear end. The Camaro inspiration bleeds to the inside, too, for better or worse.

The difference in exterior design also carry over to the vehicles’ performance prowess, according to MT. The Honda Passport is inoffensive in its driving characteristics, providing a comfortable ride and sacrificing styling for utility.

The Chevrolet Blazer handles quite well, providing a better and sportier ride. And though sporty driving characteristics could matter little to actual buyers of utility vehicles like the Blazer and Passport, those who do hustle the Blazer will be pleasantly surprised.

The Honda Passport sports a 3.5-liter V6 engine producing 280 horsepower and 272 pound-feet of torque, making it a worthy competitor against the Blazer’s optional 3.6-liter V6 LGX motor that makes 308 horses and 272 pound-feet of torque. (see more on 2019 Blazer engines). Both offer all-wheel drive and nine-speed automatic gearboxes. However, Honda’s gearbox hinders the Passport’s performance, shifting roughly at low speeds and being unresponsive when one lays into the accelerator.

While the Passport offers more usable space than the Blazer, and the two are comparable in performance, Motor Trend picked the Blazer as the winner, lauding its powerful powertrain, composed driving manners, and head-turning styling as characteristics.

Meanwhile, GM/Chevrolet is hard at work on a three-row Chevrolet Blazer XL. The model is a definite for the Chinese market, but its arrival in North America is uncertain.

Check out the MT’s complete write-up for yourself right here, and subscribe to GM Authority for the latest Chevy Blazer news and ongoing GM news coverage.

Anthony Alaniz: Anthony Alaniz was a GM Authority contributor between from 2018 thru 2019.

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  • ANOTHER RED CHEVY BLAZER RS article on GMA? This is almost comical if it weren't sad. I count way more than 10 red Blazer RS articles in the last few months. It is getting a bit ridiculous especially for a vehicle that doesn't stand out much (maybe that is why you need red!) in a very crowded crossover field.

  • Like many others I wish they would’ve named it something besides Blazer. That said I do think it’s a very attractive vehicle that will sell well.

  • Why are you and your alters constantly posting about the color of the car?

    The tested model in MT was red.

    It’s just a color on what appears to be a very good crossover. Get over it.

    • Obviously you have been on GMA much over the last, oh, 3 months as article after article has the same high-end, high-priced RED CHEVY BLAZER RS model. Pure (and sad) propaganda style push. I, like others on here, don't feel GMA is too confident in the success of this vehicle if it has to push it so much. Or they are just lazy and recycling articles. It is a blog for ads.

      • I've been on and off GMA for almost 5 years. I really don't see a red 2019 Blazer as propaganda, either for GMA or GM.

        So what does a red Blazer mean to you? Tell me how it's propaganda, and propaganda benefiting who?

    • It's a long story.

      About 3 months ago, a troll would endless and feverishly complain that GMA journalist and editorial quality was actually as front to somehow diminish GM and GM manufacturing base as a whole, and by extension Americas manufacturing capacity.

      This came to a head when the troll lost his mind when he noticed that in number of Blazer related posts on GMA, he would see a red Blazer; a photo of a red 2019 Blazer as issued by GM in the press photos.

      Editorially, this is low-hanging fruit for GMA to consider. They have articles about the Blazer to publish, and each article needs a photo; either a representative photo of something or an actual photo of the product. Red, is an eye-catching colour, and it wouldn't matter if it was a psychologist or a marketer telling you how people respond to the colour red. GMA is looking for people to read it's articles, and if a red Blazer can do it, then you can't fault them for using the best photos from GM press photos.

      But this troll insisted on every posted article that the red Blazer from the press photos was some manner of a coordinated conspiracy by GMA's staff. He made a point of complaing about it every time he saw it, and he let us know in the comments.

      Eventually, I think GMA just rolled with it just to egg him on. Meanwhile, the rest of us didn't really care what colour the Blazer was.

      • Grawdaddy,
        Do you have evidence that a few months ago troll you are naming us same as now? People come and go all the time on here. Seriously, produce evidence but please do not incite drama on here with. I have noticed you are a little like Sean Symkowski on here; when someone disagrees with you or holds an opinion maybe different from yours, you get all worked up and some might even say triggered. CHILL. The last thing we need are thought police/ control freaks on here.

        • "I have noticed you are a little like Sean Symkowski "

          That's you trying to scare yourself into a narrative that Sean is a big bad boggy man.

          No, I've never met Mr. Symkowski, and I wouldn't know him if I was walking down the same street as him. Furthermore, my name isn't even Sean.

          Secondly, you're asking me recall evidence of this event from 3 months ago, but in a previous post you tell me to ignore it. Well, I did the latter, as did most of GMA's users, but if you look closely at this very thread, (#comment-808247), there is just a comment.

          Source: http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/03/chevrolet-blazer-tops-honda-passport-in-comparo/#comment-808247

          Whether or not it's from the same troll, I don't know and I don't really care. You can see right before your eyes that some people are bitching about seeing a red 2010 Blazer on GMA. By and large, nobody cares about the colour of a Blazer.

          You, on the other hand, seem strangely worried about triggering people with criticism. I didn't think GMA had any kind of an overlap with the tumblr crowd, but if the demographics show that, then so be it.

          Finally, I really don't care if others on GMA disagree with me. I can defend myself, and I have, but the only reason we have trolls on here at all is because GMA has an voting system which is easy to abuse. Mr. Luft need only remove the voting script and render all of their efforts moot.

          After all, if you can't hyper-inflate your own posts, then you can't give yourself an undeserved sense of self-satisfaction and self-validating opinions.

      • How do you know it is one person if you don't know if it is a girl or guy? Lol. Too be honest, the banning hasn't seemed to work well or maybe it is your readers with different opinions mostly? Who cares........

        Seriously, guys/ girls at GMA, just ignore. You are getting all worked up over nothing. Like a bunch of high school students The Internet is full of trolls and people with different opinions. You have an open board, right? Who cares, let them post as long as it isn't obscene or illegal! Fruitless to try and control it. People can make up their own minds. I am sure if someone is not factual others, at least those with half a brain, will notice. It's not a Communist state where you have to micomanage and control people all the time. Waste of time that could be better spent on good articles.

    • This one poster with various alters seems to have a conspiracy theory of some sort... we're banning him/her as quickly as he/she posts.

      • Grawdaddy, "GMA journalist"? You are kidding write? You do realize this is a BLOG, GMA even calls it a BLOG ("www.GMauthority.com/BLOG"), and the whole site is built on WordPress, a BLOG online editor???? Lol

        Calling them "journalist" is stretching things a bit since they mostly regurgitate industry news and just offer opinion like a BLOGGER. And I am unsure if journalist is even a name anyone would want to be associated these days with all the fake news and media scandals out there.

        Don't attack me for my opinion now.

        • Attack? Are you running scared? Please.

          Anyway, some time long ago, GMA has Mr. Luft's credentials posted, and he made mention of his journalist education. That's all there is to it.

          I can't speak for the nature of journalism as a craft as I am not a journalist, but I can image that journalists (as you and I once knew them) are getting heavily blurred by the world of blogging, in that such are almost impossible to tell apart.

          The rule of thumb I use is as follows:

          - If their posts are frenetic ranting with vague connections to real world events, it's a blog.
          - If their posts are organized articles with outside links to verifiable INDEPENDENT sources that can be found on at least 5 or more other sites, it's news as wrought from a journalist.
          - If their post is a listicle, it's trash.

          You can come to whatever conclusion you like. If Mr. Luft likes, he may be able to provide his credentials; I cannot force him.

  • The success of the Blazer will be limited by its price, imo. It seems to be a decent vehicle to please the Japanese-suckers MT and CaD. Maybe I should take a look when I return to USA.

    • With the market contracting sale volume wise everyone will have to make more on less volume to survive.

      Now that China growth is slowing few markets will increase.

      GM for once is ahead of the curve and that is why stock prices are 3 times what Ford is.

    • And therein lies the rub. GM is no longer interested in playing the game where sales volume is the sole determining factor of success. They are perfectly happy moving less metal at higher prices with fewer incentives, while making a higher profit. They seem to have figured out how to do it, and are doing relatively well. And this Blazer seems have been built with that strategy in mind.

  • This is really a very good vehicle no matter what the trolls try to spew about it.

    The reality is no one is going to pay sticker unless they are idiots. The Dealers will have very good and competitive prices on this so that argument about sticker price is pointless. No matter what the XT5 is going to be $8 to $10 k more than the price paid for the Blazer. You will not pay sticker for the Cadillac either and the Audi will be a base model with many less features.

    As for red yes GM marketing is using red to market the vehicle. Why because it gets noticed in a field of metallic burgundy red SUVs that all look the same.

    Also not red look good and sporty on about anything be it a Camaro, Corvette or even a ZR2.

    GM is going to move a lot of these and it will do well.

    No a V8 will it be added for all the rational reasons like higher mpg and emissions issues. Also the last thing it needs is a transverse V8 driving the FWD.

    The 3.6 is enough to get you upside down in a top heavy vehicle that really is a family hauler. Also if they want more power stick in the Camaro V6 but still do not call it an SS.

    • And how do you know it is such a great vehicle when they aren't even on car lots yet? Have you driven? How about for a year in real-world conditions? Did you have a recall? Service appts to fix the typical GM quality issues these days? Learned how much it depreciated after 2 years? Easy when you don't spend a dime, right?

      Or are you talking about the GMA bloggers/ trolls/ used car salespeople who try to hard-sell this vehicles by posting the same red Chevy Blazer.

      We will see what the sales are without incentives and fleet dumps. Remember how that Buick Envision was going to be a runaway sales success according to GMA? Ha ha

      • Ok smart guy.

        #1 they are at dealers.

        #2 I own an Acadia that is built on the same chassis and with the same driveline. Same 5 link suspension and nearly the same engine.

        #3 I have owned it for a year and guess what no issues or recalls.

        Resale after 2 years is not an issue as when you buy it rightvand resale has been good. I got @ 50% back on on what I paid for my last GM suv that is on part with the best in the market after 10 years. My other was more than 50% back after 8 years.

        Yes this vehicle should be a success much like the Equinox that has been selling very well and @ 250,000 last year and expected to see 300,000 this year not counting Terrain sales with that. And not fire sale prices or fleet sales.

        If you have a legitimate point make it but cut the BS.

        Are there things I don’t like here yes.

        The auto stop is a major issue to me and I am not a big fan of the Camaro like interior but if it helps sales.more power to em.

        The bottom line any of the SUzv models built on this platform with the V6 is a very good riding and handling package much like a good touring sedan when sport mode. It is not like the FWD SUV you expect.

      • It is easy to assess the how good the Blazer will be based on numerous positive recent reviews, as well the numerous positive reviews of it's platform mates. Maybe the public hasn't gotten a chance to see how good or bad it is, but auto reviewers spend a significant amount of time behind the wheel of each vehicle they test and are able to convey a positive/negative message to their readers. These reviews, just might make someone who never considered a Chevy walk into a showroom to check it out for themselves. That's a good thing for Chevrolet and possible future products.

        Generally GM vehicles, especially the SUV's get hit hard in reviews and to see the Blazer take on and defeat the two direct rivals by two opposing magazines in less than a week is impressive. It's not often you read C&D say anything glowing about a Chevrolet or GM product.

        I imagine the new Blazer will hold its own in the market place and to compare it to the Envision is apples to oranges. The Blazer has a sharp design built to allure the American market in a crowded segment . The Envision is just a place holder and hardly anyone thought it would be anything but that. Just most people didn't think it would be the failure it is. I do chalk that up to the boring design for foreign markets and the fact the buying public does pay attention to the "Made in China" tag.

      • Zach B.

        I remember GM deciding to build the Envision in China because they don’t expect high U.S. demand.

        • Did you see the sales numbers in China? Hint: it sucks.

          The Chinese-made Envision sales have been a disaster in the U.S. Obviously GM thought it could farm out car production for America to China since it tried hard to sell it here. Didn't turn out that way. Now the Chinese auto market is down huge and getting worse, so tepid demand there too.

          A complete all-around failure for GM's grand China scheme as all other car makers seem to be rushing back to the U.S. now. Wake up, GM!

      • The Blazer seems to be a good vehicle to anyone that has actually read the the articles.

        It’s embarrassed a brand new Honda product.

        It also curb stomped a Ford, but everyone expected that to happen.

  • A basic RS with AWD is 48K An AWD Passport with leather is only 38K. I'll take the US built Passport with the higher tech engine and more interior room and keep 10 grand in my pocket. Let's watch and see which has better sales and better resale value.

    • You can always opt for the mid-tier Blazer LT without the RS goodies, which is more affordable... while still getting the hot design of the Blazer instead of the afterthought design delivered by the Honda.

      I'd also question the notion that the Passport's engine is "higher-tech".

      Depreciation/residual values have a lot to do with the interplay between brand equity, demand, and the brand's prior incentive-related behavior. Since crossovers is one thing that Chevy is known for doing well, I would not bet on the Honda coming out on top here... much like the Pilot has not been able to sell more than the Traverse, despite offering higher incentives.

  • Chevrolet is marketing their new Blazer as being a sport CUV which means it shouldn't be too early for Chevy engineers to consider making the GM 6.2 Liter V8 EcoTec3 L86 (which makes 420 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque) available as an option for the Blazer especially as a Blazer SS model.

    • I was considering purchasing this new Blazer, with a 6 cylinder engine, until I read they will have cylinder deactivation(AFM). When I buy a new vehicle, I want it to run on all 8 or 6 cylinders, all of the time. I made the mistake of buying a big V-8 Hemi a few years ago that turned-into a 4 banger when it wanted to. I kept that Ram less than a year. I'm not going to make that mistake again.

      • I have a 2018 Silverado and you can not tell 4 from 8 cylinders unless you check the display on DIC.

    • A boosted V6 in the range of power the 3.5 ecoboost delivers in the Explorer would be better. A V8 hanging over the front axle in this FWD platform would be a miserable proposition. As much as I love a small block Chevy V8, there are some instances where it isn't the right answer to the performance question.

      • Given there seems to be a love it-hate it response on here, I predict sales will be average at best. And, yes, incentives will be needed so why buy in the beginning unless you like overpaying?

  • If you REALLY have to have this vehicle, especially the way over-the-counter red RS model GMA seems to be obsessed with, WAIT until rebates start hitting the dealers. Talked to a Chevy-Cadillac dealer general manager the other day about this crossover and he said he didn't have high hopes for it with rebates. Too many good competitors out there that will hold their value more. And he did say they are feeling the blowback from GM firing thousands recently and closing plants. Probably would have your Blazer door kicked in by some rightfully angry union guys and gals too. Don't blame them much.