Check Out Those Red Seat Belts On The Mid Engine Corvette C8

Just yesterday, we shared with you a new set of mid engine Corvette C8 spy photos that gave us our best look yet at the front fascia of the upcoming sports car. One small but relatively cool detail that we noticed is the red seatbelt, which we can clearly see extended from the B-pillar and wrapping around the driver, giving us as good a confirmation as any that the future Corvette will continue to offer red seat belts.

To note, the current Corvette C7 offers a red seat belt option across the board as an alternative to the standard black seat belts. On the C7, the read seat belt option is assigned GM RPO code 3F9 and costs $395 on all Corvette C7 models, including the Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR1. On the ZR1, however, the red belts are not available in conjunction with the Sebring Orange Design Package on the up-level 3ZR trim level.

Red seatbelts in 2019 Corvette C7 Z06

Overall, contrasting belts provide a unique touch and make the component feel special, especially given that the belt is one of the few parts that the driver and passengers (hopefully) come into contact with every time they drive (or ride in) the car. That small detail, in turn, can create a feeling that the entire car is special.

The mid engine Corvette C8 is coming. Though it has been slightly delayed due to technical issues, we hear that the development team is working hard to bring the vehicle to market. Expect the next-gen sports car to go into production in December 2019, with the base variant continuing to use the Stingray name, much like the the current Corvette C7.

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  • The so called C8 has sure been good for 'click' bait.

    I wonder how much interest will remain when Vette enthusiasts find out that they will never own one because of the 6-figure cost of ownership entry.

  • Following Porsche footsteps not only in testing, but in options too. Be ready to pay $600 for red seatbelt.

    • I know right, you're probably already eating extra fiber and ex-lax so you can be ready to sh*t all over it when it comes out......