Chevrolet FNR-CarryAll Concept Gives The Blazer A Third Row

Chevrolet FNR-CarryAll Concept

Meet the Chevrolet FNR-CarryAll concept. Making its debut at the 2018 Guangzhou Motor Show as expected, it’s essentially the 2019 Blazer, but with a modified roof that allows for the inclusion of a third row.

Specifically, the model in question has a length of 5,000 mm (196 inches) on a wheelbase of 2,867 mm (112.87 inches), a width of 2,258 mm (88.9 inches) and height of 1,693 mm (66.65 inches). These dimensions support the model’s independent six-seat layout and impressive carrying capacity.

Notably, we don’t have specifications for the two-row Chevrolet Blazer that will go on sale in the next couple of months, but we assume that the wheelbase is identical, while the overall length has increased.


Chevrolet says that the FNR-CarryAll concept is “inspired by the legendary Camaro sports car” that “offers a reinterpretation of Chevrolet’s lean muscular styling and features the brand’s new-generation SUV design language, which contains both contemporary and expressive elements.” It’s also the third Chevy concept to receive the FNR designation.

On that note, Chevy also states that the concept “fully embodies the future development trend of Chevrolet SUVs, including their powerful capability, all-around comfort and advanced connectivity technology.”

The FNR-CarryAll is coated in a Pearl Black exterior with a bold front face and a “boomerang” D-pillar design. There’s also an air extractor integrated within the engine cover (hood).

The entire ensemble rides on 22-inch aluminum alloy wheels. Concept-level exterior elements include red Brembo brake calipers, carbon ceramic rotors and a carbon fiber roof.


The black interior has a 12-inch full-LCD dashboard, along with a 10-inch touchscreen center console and a touchscreen for second-row passengers.

The model also comes with premium amenities that include cantilever-type two-tone black leather sports seats with red suede accents, heating and air-conditioning controls for rear passengers, red backlit accent lighting, Camaro-inspired circular air vents with satin chrome and red accents, as well as illuminated sill plates on the doors and trunk opening.

The concept also features a panoramic sunroof with an integrated parametric pattern.


The FNR-CarryAll name of this concept model harkens back to Chevrolet’s first SUV in 1935 – the Suburban Carryall.

Chevrolet FNR-CarryAll Concept Photos
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  • Since China loves EVs, where's the PHEV or BEV version?

    I know this platform wasn't developed as an EV, so it'd be a shoehorn.

    GM needs a 3 row dedicated platform EV for China and eventually (2021?) in the USA too.

  • Gotta say having seen it in person a few times and having sat in one, they are pretty cool. Think GM dropped the ball here coming out with a “typical” SUV instead of a retro Blazer. It looks like a Lexus copy which is already played out (yawn )...

  • How many CUV/SUVs does Chevy really need?
    Wouldn't a third row optioned Blazer just self-compete against the Traverse?



  • Development of a 3rd row variant of the Chevrolet Blazer suggests that General Motors is confident that the new Chevrolet CUV will be a winner; but if that is the situation then GM should really be willing take the jump by moving the new Chevrolet Blazer to borrow parts from the Buick Enspire concept and make the Blazer an electric vehicle which would offer breathtaking performance.

  • GMC needs an Acadia replacement. I'm sure GM would love to get another model into Mexico to increase profits.

    • No need for a replacment as it just needs updated and it is coming.

      As for builds they make them in TN already in a plant with no room for the Blazer as they are exporting the Holden from TN now.

      • Some spy photos for the 2020 Acadia look to have the same style of headlights. Since they are the same platform, no reason not to move Acadia to Mexico. A LHD Holden could easily be built there also, probably ljust a few thound units a year.

  • It looks nice! But why for the life of me is GM ignoring calls for a K5 Blazer? They have the frame and drivetrain, why not build a body and sell the darn thing?
    Men still buy vehicles too and most men like body on frame 4x4 utility vehicles. And if Ford thinks it will sell in today's market (and let's be real here, they are pretty good at the truck market) why does GM think it's not a good idea?

    • I agree. I really like the picture above but to me it just looks like a sporty Traverse. It's what I'd imagine a Traverse RS/SS to be if one existed.

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