How Does The Secret Service Transport The Presidential Motorcade Overseas? In A Giant Transport Craft

It’s no easy task hauling handfuls of Chevrolet SUVs and stretch Cadillac limousines, but when the president embarks on a foreign trip, the motorcade follows. President Donald Trump recently embarked on a 12-day-long trip to the Asia Pacific region, and the Secret Service tweeted a few neat photos last Saturday.

The photos show how the presidential motorcade travels when the president himself goes abroad. All vehicles are loaded onto a C-17 Globemaster transport aircraft, a gynormous transport plane with room for the entire motorcade. As the photos show, there’s room for everyone and everything in the motorcade.

Speaking of the presidential limo, the new Beast will likely enter service soon. The most recent spy shots showed Cadillac One looking nearly ready after a long delay. Previously, President Trump’s inauguration day was floated for a reveal. The new limo will boast more modern design and elements from the Cadillac CT6 and Escalade. Coincidentally, just as a modern-looking presidential limo heads into service, Cadilac will shift its design ethos drastically. Thus, the new limo may look out of place in just a few years.

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Sean Szymkowski: Former GM Authority staff writer.

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  • You have to admit the world knows Trump is the king with all the power now...Just look at how he is receiving a massive royal welcome in Japan, South Korea, and China next. Check some of the vids on youtube because you wont see all the amazing shots on CNN and the other mainstream media because of their bias.

    • He’s the king of B. S. that’s for sure. They appeal to his narcissism with stupid hats and trinkets but all laugh at him behind the scene. When you fill your mind with garbage, you become garbage…

  • I am an enjoying reading the Drudge Report and Breitbart more these days than auto sites. Much more entertaining to see the fall of some and rise of others.

  • Loading a transport plane with some heavy vehicles is a tricky proposition.

    The US ended up leaving a lot of armor-reinforced Humvees in the Middle East because - once they were retrofitted with IED-resistant armor plating - too heavy to repatriate. So we ended up leaving those behind (!).

    The Beast is very heavy - and I believe they travel with two, in case of breakdown, and one that acts as a decoy. So, good job moving the entire fleet to Hawaii, Japan, S Korea, China, Vietnam and the Phillipines.

    Huge undertaking -

    • Many times when the Hummers are left they are not always in the best shape or were set to be replaced anyways. Seldom are they left new.

      The real mistake is they should destroy them in many places as they get used by ISIS and other bad actors.

      As for the Secret Service they move these cars like a well trained staff of KISS roadies. Generally things are well planned out and trained ahead.

      They have had lost many good agents when a Bush left as they can make more money in private security.

  • And along the way the whole circus had to stop so King Donald could visit Trump International Hotel Waikiki. I'm sure Fox and Breitbart and all that other horse SH*T covered that well, as well as the protesters in Hawaii, and protests over the weekend!!!!

  • Thanks for the image and info!

    The motorcade does not follow, but goes ahead. For trips like thr current with several stopovers, they need either two sets or get the POTUS plane fly several circles to allow the freith planes and others to have arrived at the next stop before the POTUS' landing and have unloaded all gear and armed guards, even after having departed after the POTUS.

    I wondered how they managed that for the short trip from Warsaw (Poland) to Hamburg (Germany) for the G20 meeting there.

    I remember the report of a South African newspaper about a POTUS visit there: the POTUS travelled in a fleet of 12 (in words: twelve) air planes.

    A POTUS visit is one of the worst things which can happen to a city short of a full scale war.

    • Ya - i think George 44's driver filled the limo w diesel (bad idea) - broke down in Israel, but the limo stunt double was there to carry on ... still, a little hairy.

      • That was in 2013 under Obama around the time they also high sided the Beast in England. The car got stuck and the had to make a quick change.

        They had a lot of staff turn over around this time and they had the South America hooker issue too.

        I think they finally got it worked out.

    • Some cases they fly ahead. In other cases they keep vehicles in many cities too. There are more than 2 beast. They also have a number of Armored Suburbans.

      In many large cities like LA, NYC, Chicago etc they keep a fleet of vehicles to deal with visits by the POTUS or even other dignitaries under their care.

      They also on trips like the one to Korea keep two 747 planes. One they fly on and on on call should the need back up.

      They also fly their own fuel in many places if they can not certify it ahead. They will fly fuel truck in,

      It is usually well orchestrated and not difficult if things go as planned.

      The toughest thing is they kept losing good staff in past years as the agents can make more in the private sector.

      In some cases on short stops they will remain airborne till the fleet catches up. Loading to wheels up can be done very fast. I saw it done in person once.

      The vehicles never even cool down.

      • A very tough thing is to find the space to park this fleet of aircrafts at the airport.

        Let me close by stating that those people must live in extreme fear of all of humanity, seeing enemies at every corner. Quite telling about this world we are living in.

      • Rumor has it there are 8 identical Cadillac One limos.

        As for the 747s, actually they are 3. The 2 identical presidential ones & an E4 doomsday plane in case a war breaks off god forbid.

        Yes, transporting the President is a very hard job & puts a lot of pressure on both the SS & the AF. Trump & his frequent flights is burning out a lot of agents who eventually leave for better pay & better hours.

        • This is like burning money taking a traitor who spends half his time on the golf course and the other half tweeting on the shitter.

        • This is like burning money taking a traitor who spends half his time on the golf course and the other half tweeting on his porcelain throne.

  • just shows how obummer is too reliant on technology nowadays. when george washington was president he drove his motorcade by himself across the oceans

  • Bob Harlow, you have freedom of speech but you have no respect for the office of the president. Good men gave you the right to run your mouth. Show some respect for our sacrifices. You sir need to check yourself.

  • I find it incredible that Americans seem to hate each other more than our enemies hate us. As for the person calling himself Bob Harlow, you seem to know everything that happens behind Trump in every foreign location. How? You wouldn’t be BSing us would you or a lying sack of feces? You seem to be a an insignificant little man with a small dirty mind.

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