2019 GMC Sierra Spied With Minimal Camouflage And Great Design Differences Over Silverado

The 2019 GMC Sierra prototypes continue to lose camouflage and that normally means one thing in the industry: a reveal approaches. For the first time, following skimpier shots of the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado, the 2019 Sierra features only a thin wrapping of camouflage and we can make out a lot of exterior details.

The big story is the design, which hardly mimics the Silverado, based on previous spy shots. While the 2019 Silverado wears angular LED headlight accents, a long grille, and round wheel well arches, the Sierra boasts what looks like a more traditional GMC grille and completely different headlight units. While the large square wheel wells are gone, the rear ones on this Sierra re actually slightly squared off. The Silverado’s are round this time around.

However, things look similar at the rear, but that’s to be expected. We can only make out LED lights that look similar to the Silverado’s. However, the bed design looks different compared to the Silverado as well.

GM’s next-generation full-size pickups have dropped camo pretty quickly, and we know from previous comments the automaker is banking on the trucks for a banner sales year in 2018. We’ll likely see the pickups sooner rather than later.

Spy shots: Autoblog

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Sean Szymkowski: Former GM Authority staff writer.

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  • Loving the new headlight design. It looks to be following a similar shape as the Terrain, which is a good thing. One thing that looks interesting to me is the bed of the truck and rear window. In the profile shots it looks like the bed comes up higher than the current gen and there appears to be a small spoiler coming off the roof, making for a shorter rear window. This should help with fuel economy. Also, the profile appears to be getting some crisp character lines along the door panels. Looking good all around.

  • The new truck takes cues from the Canyon and Terrain.

    The roof and rear window are just like on my Canyon. the lip on the roof is to provide better air over the bed. The rear door windows curve up like my canyon.

    the nose is a mix of my Denali grill with the head lamps of the Terrain.

    The wheel wells are like the Canyon vs. the Colorado one round one square.

    I note this truck has a very large bumper area and it comes down low.

    Note too there are small flaps on the wheel wells like factory flaps?

    While not evolutionary it is changed much more than the last refresh. Few will confuse this for the present truck.

  • Personally, either go with round wheel wells or square, not one edge rounded and the other square. I've never like that look on the Taco, nor here.

    I do think they need to differentiate the two trucks more, like they do in the Colorado/Canyon. Make the Sierra more classy and the Silverado more sporty. No doubt top end trims will get GM's new D-Optic Bi-Functional headlamps.

    The large tailgate 'bump' they refer to likely is the new tailgate step system that GM filed a patent on in Dec 2016. Unfortunately it looks complicated (and therefore too many moving parts that will need upkeep). The 'bump' continues all the way up to the top edge of the tailgate.


  • If the Chevy actually ends up with round wheel wells and the GMC with square ones I might become a GMC owner. Time will tell.

  • They might be gearing the GMC towards traditional GM buyers while the Silverado will become more "generic" to sway people who are used to ford and dodge styling as a way of increasing sales. I love the square fenders, but many for guys i know make fun of them. Now they cant. Ive always liked the Silverado more, but i might be looking at GMCs. I'm also a fan of the large grill.

  • I just hope for two different interiors this time around for Chevy and GMC. Also, soft touch materials all throughout the cabin. Especially the upper part of the dash. GM is really lacking in that area (specifically Chevrolet vehicles, all are hard plastic upper dash) with nice upmarket looks and stitching.

    • The interiors will be shared, perhaps with just slight differences like the backlighting (red in GMC and Crystal Blue in Chevy), or perhaps chrome plastic trim in GMC and brushed aluminum plastic in Chevy, etc, but they will share dash design and parts. It would cost way too much to have two separate interiors.

      As for soft touch upper dash, there is nothing harder to clean dust or grime off than a soft touch upper dash pad. There is a reason why most SUV's and trucks have hard plastic or semi-hard rubberized plastic dash covers. These are still trucks and used as trucks by most owners. Plus many owners throw things up on their dash (as it is a mobile office for some) and soft touch materials scuff and mark a lot easier. I am OK with the rubberized plastic (slight softness) like some of Chevy Cars have (Impala and Malibu) but please, no cloth or leather covers for the dash as those materials fade in UV and nothing gets more UV light than the top of dash.

      • The GMC Canyon already takes the Chevy dash and interior and upgrades it with a soft stitched dash pad. It is not hard to clean.

        The trim is real aluminum not plastic.

        They use wood trim to a varing degree of quality out side the All Terrain.

        They offer ventilated seats and more standard equipment

        Stitched arm rest an console.

        I expect more of the same.

        Note my Denali ditched the red dash and I expect more GMC models will do the same.

  • I will comment once I see both finished products. I'm encouraged that GMC and Chevy are further distancing themselves in looks.

  • Are there images that accompany this article? I don't see any. None on Chrome browser on PC or Safari on iOS. I don't see any images on a lot of the articles you post (although some I do), even when the articles reference photos. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, if your advertising is blocking them, or if I need to sign up and sign in?