Malcolm Konner 1969 COPO Camaro At Mecum’s Dallas Auction

Chevy fans know Malcolm Konner is the king of Corvette dealers, but of course they also sell the rest of the Chevrolet lineup. This COPO Camaro was sold there new in 1969, and in 2014 it will be auctioned off at Mecum’s Dallas event from September 3-6. Does the dealer badge help make this Camaro more attractive?

Originally campaigned as the “Blue Mule” by NHRA Pro Stock drag racer Tom Martino, this Camaro is claimed to be one of the highest-optioned COPOs known to exist. The Mecum description doesn’t really say what those options are other than the following:

  • M22 “Rock Crusher” 4-speed transmission
  • Special BE-coded 4.10 rear axle with 3916234 carrier
  • HD ring and pinion
  • 837 dated alternator
  • J52 power disc brakes
  • AM/FM radio
  • Z21 style trim group
  • X11 trim, which includes chrome on the quarter panel “gills” and other highlights
  • Special instrumentation
  • Console
  • Tinted glass

Painted in the ever-popular LeMans Blue with blue interior, this COPO Camaro has a lot going for it for Chevy fans. Of course, being one of the two COPOs available in 1969, it has the L72 427/425 motor (the other being the aluminum, race-inspired ZL1 427/430). COPO Camaros have always been strong in the market, but will this one be stronger because of its racing pedigree and the fact that it was sold from a famous Chevrolet dealership? We shall see.





Diego Rosenberg:

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  • The dealership is there but it's not Malcolm Konner anymore. He was the man for vettes around here back n the day.